be happy 2

It’s been a long, hot summer! The Creative Cottage has been full of wonderful artists working on beautiful projects, the Girlz With HeART Summer Leadership & Creativity Camp served 68 amazing young women, and, somehow, WildHeart Ranch survived severe drought and much less monsoon than we needed!

And through it all, my Sweetheart & I stayed happily in love–just two old sillies!

old folks

But it’s time for a little break–

I haven’t taken any time off this summer and I’m a little frayed…

O–I’m not leavin’ town, going to some fancy resort, jetting off to Venice


or, chasing the sunset in Costa Rica

costa rica sunset

(which, of course, would be my FIRST choice!!!)


I’m just going to stay home and get the garden ready for fall vegetables…

stay home and clean out the closet (where in the world do all those clothes I can’t imagine ever wearing come from?)

Stay home and watch old Turner Classic movies!

I’ll do a lot of Virgo work–cleaning, sorting, organizing–on the theory that…


In short, I’m just going to stay home and BREATHE…

cuz I need to remember to…


I’m solemnly promise not to over-achieve in any way…I may not even get out of my pj’s unless it’s absolutely necessary!

I have a stack of library books, a pile of art supplies, lots of Netflix to watch, and no ambitions what-so-ever!

Which is not to say that I don’t have plenty to do.

The “to do” list is five pages long.

(There are projects en progress from a year ago!)

But what I’m going to do instead…

is make this little art smock

art smock

and a big pile of gelli plate papers for my art journals!


I’ll be “doing stuff”–just NOT the “HAVE TO” stuff!

My mantra this week  is…

more play

Please join me in whatever way you can–

find a few hours for fun, make a few hours for creativity, give yourself permission for a luscious little nap.

Just say,

“the Mistress of Merriment made me do it!!!”





purposeMy goal these days is to deepen and enlarge my personal sense of purpose and passion! My heart is wide open working with the Girlz With HeART and the fabulous wimmin who call the Creative Cottage their inspirational artistic home! I feel incredibly blessed by my life with my Beloved (Albert) on our little hunk of desert sanctuary (WildHeart Ranch) and I am learning, each and every day, new ways to stay grounded in appreciation, to be in constant celebration of the ordinary, and wildly in love with the small moments of utter joy!

So in this very busy season–in this time of changing seasons–in this potentially stressful crunch of holiday festivities (false & true)–take a moment, make a cuppa tea tea timeand watch the hummingbirds outside the kitchen window…look for ways to matter to this fragile world Smilestay rooted in the deep loam of your creative passionopen your heart to creativityyourcreativityisagiftand remember that we are just briefly wayfarers on this lovely blue planet and our most important job is to love one another with all our hearts! marnie's heartMany blessings of the season to you my friends and fellow wayfarers!


Kaitlin, Mistress of Merriment

Passionate Steward to Joy & Wonder

© Copyright, Kaitlin Meadows, 2014. All Rights Reserved.

What I Learned…Friends Are Awesome!

Well, last week I poured my heart out to you…about the anniversary of my Dad’s passing, my Sweetheart’s health issues, and my own rather muddled heart. ?????????This is a piece of my art that represents how I was feeling. I had sort of lost my way…but the good news is that I left a few bread crumbs here and elsewhere and my wonderful friends found me and brought me back…Marnie and I went to our Sunday morning clay class (we refer to it as our Church of Creatology!) and had a long, luscious Sunday afternoon buffet with various chocolate elixirs (which are known healing agents!)

Wonderful cards began to appear in my mailbox and were tucked under my windshield wipers…a whole gaggle of flowers arrived and a couple of yummy casseroles found their way to the fridge. And, wonder of wonders,Albert in BisbeeAlbert felt ever so much better! He even took some time to teach some kids Albert With Tortsabout the wonderous desert tortoises that share WildHeart Ranch with us.Breakfast TreatsSummer MagicAnd our Ceres cacti blossomed! And peace returned to my realm!Buddha BisbeeAnd it is you, my dear and constant friends, that I have to thank for pulling me out of the mire, dusting me off, cheering me up, and reminding me just how very lucky I am to be loved and cared for. What you taught me is that there is a certain grace in accepting attention, kindness, and care…just as there is grace in giving it! THANK YOU ALL For your Grace…I’m learning to accept it with gratitude and wonder!

© Copyright, Kaitlin Meadows, 2013. All Rights Reserved.