House of Heart

These long, hot, sultry summer days offer great opportunities for me to fill my heart with all my favorite things…reading a great book (I’m soooo enjoying the writings from the Dark Mountain Project ), going out to hear our amazing local music (this week the incredible “I Hear Voices” with special guests Sabra Faulk & Heather Hardy–contact Kathy to see if there are any seats left: Kathleen Harris: knharris82@gmail.com), and seeing inspiring movies (“A Little Chaos” about a revolutionary landscape designer commissioned to construct King Louis XIV’s sumptuous garden at Versailles this week at our local art film theater treasure The Loft).

That’s about all I can manage with all the long hours it takes to keep my beloved critters and gardens at WildHeart Ranch thriving through the summer. 

june garden 3

That and doing Summer Creativity Camp with the Girlz With HeART Program that I mentor. These sassy, spunky 7 to 12 year-old little dervishes inspire, delight, and utterly exhaust me (in a good way!)…AND, offering classes at The Creative Cottage for cool wimmin like you to come play, laugh and make art together!!!

My heart’s on fire with joy and gratitude!

heart fire

And, Saturday will be our Fifth Annual Frida Kahlo Birthday Party and Open House at The Cottage…Come on over and enjoy the festivities! (feel free to bring your friends who might enjoy a glimpse at The Cottage!)


Frida’s Birthday Party Open House: Saturday, July 11, 10 am to Noon: Our annual celebration of our patron saint Frida. We’ll have a little art making adventure and share another wonderful opportunity to celebrate Frida together! Please come join me for a few hours of free fun, frolic, and yummy summer fruit & cake!

frida 2

Meanwhile, remember to stoke your heart full of summer delights, stay cool, pray for rain, and get your red ladybug bubber boots out–just time to play in the monsoon puddles!

red bubber boots

Love & Merriment,


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