Peace In The Realm



Green Buddha“People travel to wonder at the height of mountains,

at he huge waves of the sea,

at the long course of rivers,

and they pass by themselves

without wondering.”

St. Augustine

Everyone seems to be “on holiday” but me! Thea went to Santa Fe, Polly has been in San Diego, Jenna is in Paris, Lucy off  to Texas, Gogi camping in the cool mountains…Alice is doing Wild West shows in the Midwest,  Miranda is at a writer’s residency in New England. But I’m here, in Tucson, for another sizzling summer! Taking care of our beloved WildHeart Ranch is a full time job in the heat. Stewarding and celebrating WildHeart is at the center of what my heart is called to do. Our tiny piece of the diverse and magical Sonoran Desert is home to so much LIFE! redWe have coyotes, roadrunners, tortoises, cardinals, jack rabbits,jackand sometimes, diamondback rattlers to make it interesting! Western Diamondback_1There are gardens to tend…garden flowersjune garden 5and art to make, books to read, movies to watch, naps to take, and the wonderful peace that comes to our realm in the heat of summer.

Creation of anything…a poem, a healthy plant, a happy critter, a safe place for Great Horned owls to roost..Great Horned Owl_1is my heart’s true calling…so WildHeart is the place I vacation in summer…eager for monsoon, the drench and downpour, the thunder and lightning andlooking forward to the new green gush that will come!

wildheart flagThis is my plan:

Begin here.

Then move forward.

Keep going.

Rest frequently.

Look around.

Celebrate along the way.

Ask questions.

Listen to the answers.

Talk to people.

Be quiet.

Laugh a lot.

Try not to be scared.

Be grateful.

Spread joy.

Keep going.

Enjoy the trip.


The journey

Is the adventure.


Happy Summer my friends–wherever you are–BE THERE–fully, happily, and with gratitude!

© Copyright, Kaitlin Meadows, 2014. All Rights Reserved.