no & yes


Lately I’ve been a little overwhelmed. I’m juggling the usual three dozen projects in mid air; I’m reading four library books at once, I have a whole flat of vegetable seedlings ready to go into the garden, the sewing machine is on my desk piled high with colorful fabric scraps, and I have a muse doll (named Sassy Pants!) just ready to come to life. But I have a trillion other pressing obligations: important meetings and conferences, administrative duties in a half dozen great organizations, the energetic Girlz, my wonderful counseling clients, dear friends needing special loving care, and a Sweetheart who’s been ill. But still…as I reported last week, I’m happy. Deep down. Happy. But at a sort of crossroads. I just can’t keep saying “yes” to everything and still have enough energy left for my creative life. Daaaaa!bed meditation

Where is the time to savor a delicious cuppa chi with some almond butter toast and just journal & dream for an hour?

Where is the time for just playing and being goofy?enjoy!

Where is the time to spend laughing with friends?

old friends


Where is the time to just get wonderfully messy making art! yourcreativityisagift

It’s complicated.

I have to learn to make the time for ME by whittling time away from all the other “stuff” I so over-fill my life with.  My friend May-Bella is a wonderful mentor in this learning process. She determinedly says “no thank you” to things that interfere with her spiritual and creative life. I want to learn how to do that!

First of all, I have to slow down ( as befits my advanced age!) and honor my shortened stay on the planet. Then, I have to heed this wisdom from Kelly Rae Roberts


you matter


It’s not easy! As I was writing this post, I got an email from my delightful friend Stephanie Bowman who is doing amazing work with the Biodiversity Group, asking me to help out with a tremendously worthwhile project…check out her work here: but I know I’m just stretched toooooo thin right now to help out without short changing the other responsibilities I have, but it makes me feel guilty and I’m beating myself up for feeling so selfish about my time…

I’m trying soooo hard to remember the quote (at the top of this post)  by Paulo Coehlo (The Alchemist)  but, just as I talked myself into stealing a little time to get my Sassy Pants muse doll out and make her a little cape from of a piece of repurposed velvet, the phone rings…”Kaitlin, could you take a group of avocational archaeologists out on a hike tomorrow?”…Sigh.

“It’s complicated,” I say to my friend…”I can’t this week, I’m trying to save some time for myself.” Silence. Long silence. And then, “Good for you! Nobody deserves it more!” she assures me.

I think I learned something very important. The world will get along just fine without me…and nobody but me can guard and cherish my precious time.

Try it! Try saying, “No, thank you, I have other plans…I want to spend time with my family, I have some art projects I’m eager to get to, or, I just need some ME time!”

Make your own time for magic, fun, friendship, and CREATIVITY!!  

And let’s compare notes on how to do it! First step: Make a date to come play at The Creative Cottage where time races by and we leave all the other “stuff” behind and  simply ENJOY LIFE!

Love and Hugs from the Time Bandit Kait