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It was everything I hoped–healing, relaxing, fun, and  restful!!!

The weather was exquisite.

The company was superb.

The sea was endlessly entrancing.

I could feel the sea air expand my lungs and fill my spirit with pure JOY!

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I’ve always been a Beach Babe and known that the sea had a particular, healing hold on my heart.

Ending up living in Tucson (for all its charms!) was a hard bump for me and I found myself craving the beach with every fiber of my being as the summer heat became intolerable.

I started planning my beach trip way back in March and clung to it like a life-raft as the temperatures soared.

back 5

And then (VERY inconveniently!), I got very ill this summer…


In the midst of delirious fevers and great waves of weakness, I almost let go of my beach dream…

but my wonderful friend Karen Zopf

Karen Beach 3

wouldn’t let me!

She insisted it was just what the doctor ordered and that we HAD to go!

So I HAD to, quick, start rebuilding my health and reviving my spirit so I could go.

Because the illness nearly killed me–I knew I had to radically change my life, eliminate all the things that were not life-enhancing, stop “over achieving,” and finally learn to slooooooooooow down!!!

No two ways about it. Not “someday.” It was a very hard lesson but it was also a huge breakthrough!

You all know that I have been TALKING about it for years–but the illness FORCED me to make the changes!

 I am so very grateful for that!

It’s time to embrace a new mantra…

back 3

With your help, that’s my plan!

I’m leaving behind lots of old responsibilities and obligations…

Re-inventing my daily life to include more time for FUN…

Prioritizing much more time for my Beloved, my friends, art making, solitude, and time at the sea.

back 4

You will see some changes at The Cottage–deeper, longer classes and more chances for “artist dates” and “play days.”

(Go check out October’s classes by clicking on the Cottage Classes banner at the top of the page and come join me!)

You will see some changes in me–more willingness to “go to lunch” or come play in your studio with you.

I think you will be pleased.

I am determined to continue to be the Mistress of Merriment in ways that keep me well and happy and full of enthusiasm.

I am going to follow this good advice:

back 2

So, I’m back from the sea…Ocean Beach with all its funky fun and relaxed vibe did its magic!

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Please come celebrate life and enjoy creativity at The Cottage as Tucson welcomes autumn!

Much Love and Mermaid Kisses,


© Copyright, Kaitlin Meadows, 2015. All Rights Reserved.


marnie mermaid

I’m off (at last!!!) on my great beach adventure!

Dear friend Marnie Ehlers captured the feeling so beautifully in her watercolor painting!

I feel like a magical sea creature already!

Some people are desert people (bless & keep them!)–some people are mountain people (a lovely place to be!)–

but me–I’m a Beach Bunny through and through!


And after this long, hot, malaria summer I feel the beach tugging fiercely at my soul and enticing my battered spirit to re-emerge!

The beach is my very best medicine!

mermaid 2

So, off I go…on my summer road trip…

with my boogie board & an ice chest full of yummy snacks…

net bags for collecting beach detritus…

beach bum clothes…

summer reading and no ambitions!

Here is where you’ll find me…


at the seafood cantina…

beach 4

at the end of the pier, marveling at the magic of the sea…

Beach 14-7

And watching every sunset I can!!!!!!

I won’t be completely wild–I will be  following VERY strict beach rules…


and I’ll be with REAL mermaid sidekicks…(like these from Cory McCory!)

mermaids 3

in my own little groovy hippie summer world…

groovy summer

I’ll update you when I get back home…meanwhile…

merma 4id

I’m sailing into the mystic! Bon Voyage!

Love & Salty Sea Kisses,

From Mermaid Kait


art quote

Summer in Tucson, Arizona. Temperatures in the 100’s. Utterly sizzling days that don’t cool off much at night. Glaring light. Shriveled plants.

Too hot to go out and play. Too hot to work in the garden. Too hot. Tooooo HOT!

I HATE summer in Tucson, Arizona. My spirit shrivels with the plants. 

I’m a transplanted California beach and mountain girl. I need green.

creek roar

I need large bodies of water. I need shade and cool and spending my days outside. I need kayaking on the river with my beautiful sister Kim.

Kait Up A Creek

I need playing at Ocean Beach with my pals Marnie and Karen.

Beach 14-13

I need to “Live in the sunshine, swim in the sea, drink the wild air.” Emerson

Beach Sunset 5

I need anything but this sweltering, unrelenting HOT!!!

But I’m here. I live here with my Beloved in a little house that is full of love and laughter and good times. My wonderful Creative Cottage is here where my amazing friends come to create. The Girlz With HeART are here to bless me every day with their optimism and joy.

This is where I am! Here. Tucson, Arizona. And for many months a year it is the most wonderful place in the world to be. But summer makes me forget all that…I dread it coming, I complain when it arrives, and I grouse every day that it goes on.

And then something amazing happens to make me soooo grateful to live in Tucson, Arizona again (even in the summertime!)

It happened last Sunday morning. My Sweetheart and I were out before dawn to get the watering done before it got too hot.

We discovered our ceres cacti were in radiant bloom!


We’d been watching the buds form, checking the status of their plumping every day. But it’s always such a delicate dance–did we get rain at just the right time, are the night temperatures warm enough, will all the elements come together for their amazing bloom?

And that morning, magically, dozens of them burst open to enchant us in the cool morning air, the hour of golden rising light.

ceres 3

We stood in absolute awe. We inhaled deeply their intoxicating fragrance. We watched the bees nuzzle into the pearly petals in an absolute swoon of excited pleasure. We watched the bunnies


and the quail happily bopping around. We marveled at the cardinals, curved bill thrashers, doves, and finches celebrating at the feeders. We delighted at the antics of the young road runner. Roadrunner-1-1-15

It takes two hours every day, working together, to keep our lovely oasis afloat but it is soooo worth it.

All this long, hot summer, I will remember the fragile blossoms and their soft perfume.

ceres 6

It’s all about making peace with what is. Being grateful for what is. Being attentive to what is. Celebrating what is!

We love our small, rural, universe that embraces the natural world and her creatures. We find these moments here so nourishing and we feel so blessed to be able to share them.

The world seems an increasingly dangerous and unpredictable place. Often people seem oblivious & unfeeling–if not downright hostile & unkind. We are getting older and more rickity. We live on a very frayed shoestring that barely covers expenses. Our days of significant travel, summer vacations, or new  possesssions are long gone.

But we are blessed. Beyond measure. We are blessed. By this little island of sanctuary. By our friends and critters. By our love for one another. Blessed!


“And above all watch,

with glittering eyes,

the whole world

around you

because the greatest secrets

are always hidden

in the most unlikely places.

those who don’t believe in magic

will never find it.”

Roald Dahl

Keeping looking for the Magic.

Keep finding moments of Joy.

Love one Another.

Come play at The Creative Cottage.

Happy Summer Solstice

© Copyright Kaitlin Meadows 2015. All Rights Reserved.





The Mermaid Is Home!


mermaid121212Had a beautiful time! LOVE Ocean Beach–the perfect blend of old hippie charm, funky beach town, and fantastic ocean fun! Beach 14-10It’s amazing what just getting away for a day or two can do for your spirits! Beach 14-3As some of you know, I was kinda “runnin’ on empty” before I left. It’s been an extraordinarily busy time with the Girlz With HeART Project getting all the young ladies safely back in school and The Creative Cottage has been rockin’ with classes (I promise pictures and news in the next blog post!)–and I’ve been trying to cram the usual ten tons of fun into my five pound bag!

So getting away was fabulous–I really am a mermaid and I love the sea! Beach 14-14Ocean Beach is full of artsy little places and touches…Beach 14-11there is a fabulous Farmer’s Market every week on Wednesday night–with booths spilling with flowers, veggies, and delicious food…crafts and face paintersBeach 14-9Beach 14-2Beach 14-8…and the dogs!–every person seems to own a funky old bicycle and a very cool dog! I love the fabulous contrast between the lush green and the dazzling ocean.Beach 14-12Beach 14-6…I love being able to walk out on the longest concrete pier on the West coast for a little breakfast in the café suspended over the ocean!…Beach 14-13I love the laid-back, easy, relaxed philosophy of the place…Beach 14-1Beach 14-5

Marnie and I shopped and talked, walked and talked, sat by the beach and talked, sat in the courtyardBeach 14-4 and talked, and generally had a blast (talking all the time)!

It was awesome…we hated to leave…but we’ll be back next year for another girlz road trip!Beach 14-7
Thanks for hangin’ in there with me…thanks for coming to The Cottage for fun classes, and thanks for being my friend!

More news & pictures of recent class projects, more cool pictures of my Tucson Museum of Art adventures, and much more general merriment SOON! (Watch this blog!)

P.S. Please check out my work at the Raices Gallery through October 11th.Raices Sept 14
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Hippie Beach Bunny Returns!

Hostel HippieWhat a wonderful adventure! Our Second Annual Girlz Road Trip to Ocean Beach, California was such FUN!!!   Marnie beach

Marnie and I had a blast and are still sort of on “vacation time” in our heads…there’s still beach sand between my toes! Here’s the view from our patio…the beach was literally right across the street!Beach ViewWe got up early every morning (what’s up with that?–we were on vacation!) because we loved walking along the foggy shoreline searching for treasures…the air was so cool and damp and sweet and healing for us Tucson desert babesthe colors and textures of seaweed were amazingPink SeaweedSeaweed bulbSeaweed Tangle

and we brought lots of sea detritus (isn’t that a groovy word?) back to our hotel room courtyard patio…to dry on our wrought iron table…hoping to use it for lots of cool art projects!Beach crapseaweed We even saw beach crop circlesBeach Crop CircleAnd the colorful hippie throwback street art that we so love about Ocean BeachBeach love 2fishI had a chance to visit with my dear friends Sandi & Ski at their beautiful WindSong Gardens in Santee…Ski N Sandi Nielubowicz taken at Rose N Gene's 50th by Jerry WilliamsSandi is my soul sisterSandi & Kaitlin Autumn 2011 and Ski was instrumental in giving me the wings I needed to find the life of joy I have in Tucson!

What a wonderful, relaxing, quenching time I had on our Girlz Beach Trip!…I had such fun refilling my nearly empty tanks and drinking in the sight and smell and feel of the beautiful Pacific Ocean from the beautiful courtyard of the Ocean Beach Hotel (we LOVE this place!) Hotel Courtyard with it’s window onto the beach where every night we’d watch glorious of sunsets…(while commenting on all the colorful “characters” that make this old hippie beach community so charming!)Sunset Window

It’s going to be very hard to get back into the swing of things!…I still hear the waves in my head and crave the long, cool mornings sipping coffee at Java Jungle, shopping at all the funky beach shops, eating delicious cheeseburgers with icy chocolate milkshakes at Hodads, and just sitting for hours on the beach with Marnie sharing our secrets & stories and giggling like schoolgirls together!

What a beautiful time we had!…we’re already planning out Third Annual Ocean Beach Girlz Road TripMeanwhile, this is what we remember most…beautiful sunsets…and very happy times together!Best sunsetI’ll try to get the October schedule done for fabulous Cottage classes in the next couple of days–please note there are some schedule changes on the September schedule as my Sweetheart is surprising me by whisking me away for a few days on an autumnal camping adventure to celebrate my birthday on the 17th! Yiiiippppiiiiieeee–the “vacation mode” continues!

Love to you and yours from the Happy Hippie Beach Bunny!

© Copyright, Kaitlin Meadows, 2013, All Rights Reserved.