Sarah’s Angel and Life’s Blessings!



trailer1I need to go campin’–seriously! This is my favorite season in the mountains around Tucson and this little picture by the wonderful artist Violette captures my feelings exactly! I want to wander–I want to GO!–I want to be lost in the immense pleasure of sloth and campfires and reading books under an ancient old sycamore with leaves tinged with gold, and maybe even splashing in a little crick!Kait Up A Creek

I’ve been beeeeeezy–too beeeeezy–waaaaay too beeeezy for good mental health and the life of peace and joy I crave. Soooo, I’m off for a few days of camping in early October!!!

Meanwhile, I am counting my many, many blessings. In a recent cool class at the Cottage, Sarah created this awesome angel that reminds me of the VITAL things in life. Hope. Dance. Be Happy!sarah 1sarah 2Yesterday is gone, Tomorrow has not come. We have only today. Let us begin.

From Mother Teresa (who knew a thing or three!)

sarah 4Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you have imagined.

From Mr. Thoreau (who was no slouch himself!)

sarah 9
So, in this waaaaaay over-committed and under-staffed portion of my life, one of you wildly creative and totally amazing students at The Cottage (Sarah in this case) gave me the courage I need to take a little time off from being all things to all people, the “go to” dame for a dozen organizations, the perpetual Suzie Sunshine (when sometimes I just feel like Grazelda Grump)…..I’m taking a few days off…

When you are in doubt, be still, and wait; when doubt no longer exists for you, then go forward with courage. From Chief White Eagle

G0 check out my new slate of October classes by clicking the Kaitlin’s Creative Cottage Classes tab above…we’re doing a really fun papier mache mask class, Teresa is sharing a fabulous technique for copying your art onto a variety of cool papers and tapes, the book class will teach you lots of cool techniques for adding fun elements to your work (pop-ups!), I’ll teach you how to make beautiful marbleized papers, and a trillion ways to use tissue paper to make amazing textures! We’ll have a great month of massive fun, shared giggles, and oodles of  new creative adventures!

Sign up quick–classes are selling out fast!

And don’t forget, life is full of blessings–go out and get yourself some! I am!

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