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What we have once enjoyed we can never lose. All that we love deeply becomes a part of us. ~Helen Keller~

Wow! What a beautiful week! I’ve had some of the coolest wimmin in the world playing at The Cottage–making such lovely things, laughing like loons, and being the most supportive of friends. We had such a nice day making raggedy ribbon books–here’s a glimpse…rag book 1rag book 7rag book 8rag book 3rag book 4rag book 6rag book 5And Sharon made an homage to Elvis!

elvisand then on Earth Day we celebrated by recycling some old flea market silverware into fabulous wind chimes embellished with beads, colored wire,  and pure pizazzzzz! windchime 4windchime 2windchime 3windchimeAren’t they awesome?wind chime girlzHope you are having a great time making art, laughing with your friends, and finding amazing moments of joy–life is so short and fragile and beautiful–please enjoy every single moment of it you can!

And come play at The Creative Cottage where we know how to make joy and have fun!

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Happy Spring!

spring 3I love the weather, the blooming flowers, spring 5spring 7the butterflies flitting through my garden…spring 1…I love the stars like crystal jewels in the night sky, the sap rising, andbox 7 fun days shared at The Cottage with wonderfully creative women who love to laugh and talk and get messy with paint and glue! Here’s Marnie’s fanciful book,

box 6and Alice working on her book–which turned out beautifully!…box 2and Sharon celebrated a recent trip to Mexico in her book…box 5Allison, Barbara, and Anne made the most luscious backgrounds for books they are conjuring.

I love spring!~…the citrus blossoms are so intoxicatingly fragrant…spring 2and I even managed to create a blue bottle tree from an old frost blighted grapefruit that we’d given up on–but see on the lower right corner that it’s blooming too?spring 6

So never give up! Keep creating and planting and playing and enjoying your life! Happy Spring my friends–now go bloom!spring 4© Kaitlin Meadows, 2014. All Rights Reserved.

Fabulous Fun & Creative Delights!

purple 7Hi There Funsters

Where the heck did February go??? I promised myself I’d blog more, plant the snow peas, finish a sewing project that has grown cobwebs sitting on my sewing table, and generally MAKE MORE ART! And all I succeeded in doing was having a wonderful month at The Creative Cottage with incredibly talented artists, camping with my Beloved, starting tai chi classes, and, YES!-MAKING MORE ART! I’m sooo thrilled to be working on my artists journalsiomh workthey are like a siren call every day…”come on over and play and paint and collage and absorb yourself for a few hours–never mind the laundry and the dishes–eat peanut butter and jelly on English muffins for dinner–just let your Muses run wild!” And I do! Art heals and nourishes and makes the world such a fun place to live!

It all started early this month with my “In Over My Head” groupIOMH Thanks 13–we call ourselves the Altered Art Divas and we meet once a month to make art, share a scrumptious potluck, and catch up on each other’s lives. We met at Dolores’s cozy home this month to make Valentines–check them out! IOMH HeartsDolores is an amazingly prolific artist–aren’t her hand made books beautiful! Dolores Handmade Books  I LOVE these women and all the fun we’ve shared over the years. I LOVE that we keep meeting and sharing our work and encouraging each other, through thick and thin!

All month my classes at The Cottage have been full of happy arty types who’ve been making my life a real joy with their enthusiasm and creativity. My third year anniversary of being the Mistress of Merriment at The Creative Cottage was such fun–two dozen women popped by to eat and drink and be merry! What a marvel it has been to me to be able to rent this little studio in a historic old Tucson courtyard and conjure up classes that have touched so many lives! Thank you all for being such vibrant, sassy, inspired dames and supporting the Creative Cottage!

Last week we shared a fabulous class called Creative Spiralcreative spiral 2creative spiral 13creative spiral 14creative spiral 9creative spiral 1creative spiral 6aren’t the results were amazing? Teresa is off to Australia and made her book particularly to capture all the delights of her journey!

And I have a whole new batch of fun classes scheduled for March & April (check them out and sign up quick–classes have been selling out like crazy!)

Finally, I really needed some new patio furniture and I was really fretting about the cost but my friend Ellie and I went thrift store shopping and guess what? A scruffy set appeared on cue–I painted it (you’ll note my favorite color!) and I think it looks smashing! new patio furnitureI LOVE thrift store shopping and have been so blessed that my friend Allison Allisonhas discovered some lovely finds that she’s donated to my Girlz With HeART Project–THANKS Allison and to all the magical angels who have donated art supplies and wonderful clothes for these “at risk” seven to twelve year olds who are creating  a better place in the world by improving their grades, stretching their hearts, becoming young leaders, and inspiring us all!

And, guess what, The Cottage had a lovely write up in the February 23, 2014 The Arizona Daily Star–thanks to Gabrielle Fimbres!

you can check out the story by clicking on this link–please note the photos! :

I’m incredibly blessed and you are a part of my blessings…Come on over to The Creative Cottage and get paint in your hair, make art, giggle with friends, and get a big hug from me–Kaitie, Mistress of Eternal Merriment! Kait With Freda

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Happy Birthday Sister Kim!

It’s June already–how can that be?????

I still have stuff on my Spring “To Do” List! Though it’s not officially Summer–it sure feels like it! In beautiful Tucson, Arizona it’s way over a hundred degrees today! Yikes!

But where my sister lives, in the mountains of Central California, it’s barely Spring!  I’m excited today because it’s my Sister Kim’s birthday and I made her a little handmade book to remind her that I love herKim Book CoverKim Book 3Why am I so excitred? Kim and I have only recently found each other again after many, many years apart…it’s bittersweet…all that time lost…but it’s magical to have her back in my life again! I dream of being able to go visit her this Autumn…she’s an amazing woman who ranches with her beloved husband, raising and shearing angora and pygora goats for her Navajo spinning classes. She hand dyes her fibers from flowers and herbs that come from her huge, colorful gardens. See her work at:

Kim Book 1We share an inspiring mother who, way into her 80’s, still practices yoga everyday, maintains a garden of dozens and dozens of beautiful roses, and is endlessly creative. Kim 5We all love to cook and garden and make art…Kim Book 7We’ve all been with challenging partners, raised loving children, and Kim Book 6grown into strong, proud, accomplished women!

Kim Book 4

On this very special day, I want to wish my amazing sister a very, very happy birthday…and my fondest hope that we find our way back to sit again in a beautiful, blooming, hummingbird dazzled garden, laughing and sharing stories…catching up on all the years we missed and never again letting anything get in the way of sharing our lives and loving each other!Kim 8Happy, Happy, Happy Birthday Dear Kim–Your big sister Kait loves you!

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Wonderful Winter Fun At The Cottage!

Woooweeeee! What a great winter of fun we’ve been having at the Creative Cottage! When lively, sassy, FUN, creative women get together to play and share…magical things happen. We talk and laugh and inspire each other. We cry and commiserate and counsel each other. We celebrate each other’s triumphs and mourn each other’s losses. In short, we have a wonderful circle of caring and creative women who know how to leave the cares of the world behind for a couple of hours and just ENJOY life! Not to mention, we make fabulous “stuff”!!!! Take a look…this week we made these amazing Muses to inspire our creativity and make us giggle…Here is Ann with Margie who we all decided should be the new Pope (Margie that is–not Ann!)

Ann's MuseAnd here is Lucy with Joanie who holds love and creativityLucy's MuseAnd Gogi’s Muse Artemis who radiates openness and acceptance…Gogi's MuseAnd finally, just to shake things up a bit, is Janice’s Muse Valdeezie who’s a bit of a wild woman rogue responsible for safe travels…Janet's MuseLook at the whole tribe of powerful MusesMuses VillageAnn's Muse 2Gogi's Muse 2Janet's Muse 2Lucy's Muse 2  Aren’t they amazing!!!!! Come on, take a look at the new list of col classes I’ve posted for March–click on the banner above that says Creative Cottage Classes–and sign up to join us! We have sooo much fun…isn’t it about time you did too????

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