??????????????I’ve had the most amazing life! I was blessed to come of age, graduate from college, and leap headlong into the magical energy and creativity of the California Bay Area culture of Peace and Love in the late 60’s. I lived on a commune, cultivated acres of organic vegetables, made costumes & festival clothing for Renaissance Fairs, made music & love & babies & joy in an incredibly nourishing environment with people who cared passionately about the planet, peace, and each other. I was saturated in an  atmosphere of constant creation!??????????? Those years shaped who I am and what I stand for. Last week I turned 68 and I feel I am on the cusp of another huge growth spurt in my life…Life continues to delight, absorb, and enchant me!

Working with the Girlz With HeART Project Girlz With HeART(providing leadership, creativity, and esteem building classes for “at risk” girlz 7 to 12 years of age) has given me renewed energy and enthusiasm for life! These precious, fragile, resilient young women who have faced abuse, neglect, abandonment, and emotional chaos, constantly inspire me with their determination to make the world a better place and share their gifts without reserve. They have been so incredibly excited about the Global Warming Awareness March this week–read about it:

climate marchThere were 400.000 participants!  And we were there in spirit!climate changeThe Girlz have each pledged to do their part to protect and preserve the planet. They are the ones who will be inheriting the world we have made for them–please join me in helping to make it a more beautiful and sustainable place!

In light of the many recent local & global horror stories of child abuse, I read them our beloved Arizona Daily Star columnist Fitzsimmons’ column this week:

When I was done they had tears in their eyes, “I love that someone cares about all those who have been hurt by hatred and violence enough to write stories that might change people’s hearts!” said eight-year-old Katta from Nigeria.

And I have such a beautiful circle of wimmin who call my Creative Cottage their second home–making art and taking wing,pockets 5creating and evolving, Debris journal 2 and sharing their deep stories and open hearts with each other!pockets 7

I am blessed beyond measure…I am renewed and enlarged and excited about life! I am a happy old hippie–still working for peace and social justice, still growing organic vegetables and making compost, still making music and dance and love and laughter the center of my life!

Thank you for being a part of my life and The Creative Cottage! Happy Autumn! Love and Joy to You!

Kaitlin, Mistress of Merriment

Welcome to Kaitlin's Creative Cottage

Welcome to Kaitlin’s Creative Cottage

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