The Church of Creatology

Where does a woman who gives dozens of art and creativity classes, shepherds dozens of pre-teen girlz, care takes a small rural ranch with dozens of critters and plants go to relax and get replenished, you ask? Well, every Sunday morning I join my friend Marnie for our own sort of “church.” We call it the Church of Creatology and we are very devout members.

It’s a clay class and we are the crazy mud women having fun together under the gentle supervision of local artist and potter Gerri Young.  There’s something about having your hands in mudMarnie Hands that brings out the primitive child and it’s very freeing to work in a medium that’s not the one in which we try to make a living! My work is just one step up from the lopsided ceramic ashtray made for Dad in the third grade. Projects 2But I don’t care. I mean really. The always present “critic” gets to take a day off in clay class. The practical, prudent, always busy, highly achieving, gotta make ART woman gets to be the “just for fun” little girl for one morning a week and I love it!

Here are some of my play mates at the clay studio

Happy Students (2)

And Gerri Young, our patient, talented, FUN teacher…Gerri Young

I make all sorts of stuff…from mirrorsStarz!

and plates…Kait PlatterKait Plate& bowls…Kait Effigy Bowl

And other things for which I have no earthly use! Kait Pouch but, well, it’s my therapy and my respite…and my church!

Is it Sunday yet…I’m ready to go play in the mud with my friends!Kelly & marnie

Hope you have some place magical to go and play and create and have fun…why not make it my Creative Cottage where that’s the whole idea!

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