Love Love Love Blooms!


Open yourself to the sun and the moon and the stars and the bees and the magic of life…saguaro bloom

The Sonoran Desert is an amazing place…challenging, prickly, HOT–but amazing nonetheless!

This week I’ve been surrounded by bees in an rapture of delight as they dart from saguaro bloom to cacti flower. pink blooomcactus bloomAnd  if, as Diane Ackerman suggests, “The heart is a museum filled with the exhibits of a lifetime’s loves,” I am particularly blessed lately as I have a million of them–archaeology, poetry, gardening, working in clay, practicing Tai Chi, my friend Karen Z. who continually amazes me by opening her heart to others (even when it hurts!), and the daily joy of MAKING ART!!!! Here is my latest little painted canvas book…Kt's Rag booK–devoted to honoring the Muses in my life…Kt's Rag book 2And we had such fun the other day at The Cottage making hearts for those we love–aren’t they cute?hearts 4hearts 3hearts 2A whole tribe of hearts to celebrate all we cherish and love! hearts 1And our little rescued kitty Punkin’ is thriving…the sweetest Cat In A Hatcat in a hatpunkin daddySo, I am one happy, grateful, inspired woman…living out in Picture Rocks, Arizonacelebrating love, making art, enjoying my life, and full of gratitude.

The life you live is the lesson you teach…..if I can teach you anything at all, it is to embrace this and all moments with joy and awe and infinite wonder!

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Happy Summer Monsoon!

Our Hearts Are In Our Art!

It’s been a long, hot, crazy summer–and now we have the gully-washin’, lightning and thunder bangin’ monsoon season…the good news is the desert is abloom with new flowers and autumn is almost in sight! Come on out and play at The Creative Cottage and give yourself the gift of some relaxing, fun time with some very cool woman who enjoy making amazing art together!

This is where it all happens–a beautiful little arts cottage tucked in the wonderful historic Dunbar Spring neighborhood in central Tucson…AND there’s free parking right out front!






Here are a couple of the fun projects we’ve been up to lately from the Heartfelt Hearts class…come on down and have some fun with us…check out my class schedule under the banner above for “Creative Cottage Classes” and call me to reserve your seat in our intimate, welcoming little playhouse!







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