Bisbee Bound!

Summer already!!!????

How can that be. It’s hardly May yet! It’s crazy–I live in Tucson, Arizona, and I HATE the heat! I’m Irish and prefer cool, lush, green forests full of singing creeks and mossy meadows. I LOVE the beach and the sea and all things water. How did I end up in the Sonoran desert? (It’s a long, complicated story–remind me to tell you about it sometime.)

Sooo, you ask, how am I able to navigate 100 degree days for months on end? How do I manage to make art and teach classes and have friends and wrangle the daily chores of life in the HEAT? I escape now and then to a beautiful, historic, mountain town a couple of hours away for a day or two of cooooool weather  and super cool fun! Bisbee is a swell place to take a wee respite.  Garden's GateWe stay at a marvelous B & B called The Gardens…sooo peaceful and each room is a delightful blend of funky and quaint!   Rainbow Shrine I love the mediatitaion area and often have really amazing insights just sitting in the cool, rainbowed light from the glass, listening to the fountains, letting the mind monkeys take a break! Sanctuary

We walk around the narrow streets full of art galleries and interesting shops, thrift stores and bookshops, and historic buildings. The Bisbee Mine and Historical Museum is fabulous and the Queen Mine has exciting tours. We linger at lots of little cafes for delicious coffee, scrumptious pasteries, and, of course–my favorite–people watching!

The great news about The Gardens is that they allow pets and our dog Gus LOVES it and can walk around town with us (on a leash) and have a vacation too!

Gus In Bed

Before you leave Bisbee–you gotta check out Dot’s Diner and the little trailer court next to it! I dream of getting a funky old trailer of my own, fixing it all up in vintage charm, and traveling around to visit friends all over the country…ending up in some mythic old trailer court two blocks from Ocean Beach in California! Hey….a woman can dream! Welcome To Dot's Diner