To practice any art, no matter how well or badly, is a way to make your soul grow. So do it.” Kurt Vonnegut


This is my mantra!

It’s not so much about art-it’s the PROCESS OF MAKING IT, LIVING IT, BEING INSPIRED BY IT!

Creativity in any and all forms stretches the heart, expands the soul, thrills the senses, and nourishes the spirit.


After my recent sudden, humbling illness, I realized life is too short to fritter away doing anything less than LIVING VOLUPTUOUSLY! So…I dragged out my paint box and had soooo much fun painting backgrounds for a new art journal I’m going to work on all summer long.

Inspiration does exist but it must find you working.” Pablo Picasso

I didn’t wait for inspiration, I just jumped in, slathering my favorite colors (purple, aquamarine, cobalt, and lime green) around the pages–layering decorative papers, old maps, and bits of fabric through the journal. More of everything is sooo much better!

 Hours flew by and my heart was overflowing! I felt totally “in the moment” and none of the cares of the world intruded.


The artist’s world is limitless.  It can be found anywhere, far from where he lives or a few feet away.  It is always on his doorstep.” Paul Strand

Everywhere in my life there is color, pattern, texture, and FLOW. I surround myself with all my crazy collections…stuff

and I make every corner of my world shine with my unique personality…


My creativity is not so much about art making as it is about LIFE MAKING!

I want my whole life to radiate juiciness, excitement, JOY! I love that my home reflects my creative soul. New Paint 2

I’m so happy that The Cottage mirrors my creative spirit.

Where The Magic Happens

I am seeking. I am striving. I am in it with all my heart.” Vincent van Gogh


Life is luscious! Go out and celebrate it!

Come to The Creative Cottage to play and laugh and enjoy this wonderful, amazing, creative life with other amazing, joy-filled, luscious women!

Happy Summer–Time to Play at Creativity Camp at The Creative Cottage!!!

Love from Kait

Mistress of Merriment

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(Thanks to the awesome for use of some photos!)

Creative Juice


What we have once enjoyed we can never lose. All that we love deeply becomes a part of us. ~Helen Keller~

Wow! What a beautiful week! I’ve had some of the coolest wimmin in the world playing at The Cottage–making such lovely things, laughing like loons, and being the most supportive of friends. We had such a nice day making raggedy ribbon books–here’s a glimpse…rag book 1rag book 7rag book 8rag book 3rag book 4rag book 6rag book 5And Sharon made an homage to Elvis!

elvisand then on Earth Day we celebrated by recycling some old flea market silverware into fabulous wind chimes embellished with beads, colored wire,  and pure pizazzzzz! windchime 4windchime 2windchime 3windchimeAren’t they awesome?wind chime girlzHope you are having a great time making art, laughing with your friends, and finding amazing moments of joy–life is so short and fragile and beautiful–please enjoy every single moment of it you can!

And come play at The Creative Cottage where we know how to make joy and have fun!

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Happy Birthday Sister Kim!

It’s June already–how can that be?????

I still have stuff on my Spring “To Do” List! Though it’s not officially Summer–it sure feels like it! In beautiful Tucson, Arizona it’s way over a hundred degrees today! Yikes!

But where my sister lives, in the mountains of Central California, it’s barely Spring!  I’m excited today because it’s my Sister Kim’s birthday and I made her a little handmade book to remind her that I love herKim Book CoverKim Book 3Why am I so excitred? Kim and I have only recently found each other again after many, many years apart…it’s bittersweet…all that time lost…but it’s magical to have her back in my life again! I dream of being able to go visit her this Autumn…she’s an amazing woman who ranches with her beloved husband, raising and shearing angora and pygora goats for her Navajo spinning classes. She hand dyes her fibers from flowers and herbs that come from her huge, colorful gardens. See her work at:

Kim Book 1We share an inspiring mother who, way into her 80’s, still practices yoga everyday, maintains a garden of dozens and dozens of beautiful roses, and is endlessly creative. Kim 5We all love to cook and garden and make art…Kim Book 7We’ve all been with challenging partners, raised loving children, and Kim Book 6grown into strong, proud, accomplished women!

Kim Book 4

On this very special day, I want to wish my amazing sister a very, very happy birthday…and my fondest hope that we find our way back to sit again in a beautiful, blooming, hummingbird dazzled garden, laughing and sharing stories…catching up on all the years we missed and never again letting anything get in the way of sharing our lives and loving each other!Kim 8Happy, Happy, Happy Birthday Dear Kim–Your big sister Kait loves you!

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Is It Spring Yet????

Greetings From Beautiful Tucson!

We’re having the first wonderful taste of Spring today and I’m out playing in my herb, flower, and vegetable garden! It’s time to dust off your Winter Blues and get ready for Spring Fever!HummersThe hummingbirds are buzzing in my back yard!Mother Mesquite GardenSpring In The DesertAnd soon it will be time for cactus blossoms! My desert tortoises will be emerging from their winter burrows looking for tasty morsels Tortle Feeding Frenzy and the cardinals will be setting up their nests in the mesquite bower. Can’t wait for the warming weather, the hours spent out in the garden, the first flowers, and the excitement of the baby birds chortling in all their rag-tag nests! We’ve had loads of fun at The Cottage already this year…here’s Polly with her tea bag artPolly's Tea Artand Kathy with her’s…Kathy's Tea Artand look a what a clever creative Merrill is…she framed her series of fabric cards…Merrill's Pixand isn’t this the cutest art bag you’ve ever seen…Polly made it!Polly's Pouch

Love this season, love my creative friends, and LOVE SPRING!!!!!

Come play at The Creative Cottage!

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Wohooo Owl Plushies!

Ooooo… I’m sooo excited to share our latest magical adventure at The Creative Cottage! We had such a blast!!!!–giggled and enjoyed each other’s company soooo much that my fellow courtyard artist, oil painter Jack Bybee, later said that he was jealous of all the chatter and laughter and PURE JOY spilling out of my studio! It was an amazing group of talented women: Karen, Thea, Gogi, Sarah, and Barbara and we had such fun together!

The asignment was to make some very cool, colorful owlsPlushie Workshop 3And this is what came of combining felt, buttons, beads, embroidery floss, and pure imagination!

Gogi showing off her Rocky Raccoon owl…soooo cute!

Plushie WorkshopPlushie 1above is Sarah’s owl Loretta who enjoys dancing at the Maverick…and below is Barbara’s owl Hortencia who is bilingual and enjoys flamenco dancing…

Plushie 2

And Karen’s owl Cecilya who is the long lost sister to Thea’s owl

Plushie Karen

Dealya (don’t ask–it’s the stuff of soap operas!)Plushie Theaand here is the whole group hanging out–with Gogi’s owl Rocky Raccoon on the far left… Plushies Plushie Workshop 3What a HOOOOOOOOT!!!!!!

We had a wonderful time together and the hours just flew by–each owl is so distinctive and unique–just as all the artists are! I love you all–thanks for coming to play at The Creative Cottage…come on back for more fun very sooooon!

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New Year, New Creative You!

I love the surge of creativity every one seems to be experiencing at The Creative Cottage in the New Year (and since the “End of the World As We Know It” didn’t happen–whew!)…we had an amazing time making our New Year’s intention booksGeorgia, Lucy, Deb, Theresa, and Marnie shared a beautiful afternoon painting and designing paper vessels for our New Year’s dreams and hopes. Interior Intentions BookWe folded and painted watercolor paper into pockets and used painted and decorated shipping tags to write our dreams on…

Exterior Intentions Bookand collaged the back side. I love how each of us created a different vessel to match our various intentions…here’s Georgia’s

Georgia intentionsand Lucy’s

Intentions Lucyand Deb’s

Intentions Debit was such fun!  Why don’t you come on down to The Cottage to play one day soon? Check out my classes and call to reserve a seat!Intentions WorkshopIntentions workshop 2Each of us feels we have some wonderful support as friends to encourage eachother toward our dreams! Happy New Year! Happy New Creative You!

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Welcome To The Cottage!

Come on in and set a spell…meet cool women, make cool projects, enjoy good talk and share warm laughter!

I’ve discovered that conjuring a quiet, colorful, welcoming space is the best way to jump start creativity…my little magic cottage is just such a space and I LOVE filling it with amazing women who enjoy creating together. Come join me for a special time of shared friendship and artistic FUN!

Kaitlin~Mistress of Merriment!

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Magpie Magic!

We had such a fun magpie nest making class the other day…lots of beads & bottle caps, berries & buttons, bits of ribbon & yarn…just a little reminder that making art is ‘spozed to be FUN and use materials you have around the house and make you SMILE. We certainly smile a lot at the Creative Cottage and have lots of fun–why don’t you make us part of your summer stay-cation plans! See the list of my classes under the Kaitlin’s Creative Cottage banner above and call me to reserve a seat! Happy Day to all my magpie friends!

Cathy Jo’s Nest

Dinny’s Nest

Mary’s Nest


Aren’t they amazing????

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Creator’s Rock –VS- Creator’s Block

One of my “highs” is this Rock my World Ring!

Being an artist has its highs and lows…. One of the lows comes in the form of creator’s block (like writers block for artists).  I have written a post on my blog addressing this and ways to overcome it.  Please check it out and tell me what you think.  ~Marnie

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New Beginnings for 2012!

Kaitlin is offering a great way to start your year of Artistic Adventures!…. Check out her class:

New Beginnings Artist’s Journal: Saturday, January 7, 10 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. Create a beautiful 2012 artist’s daybook for journaling, quotes, photos, and personal memorabilia. Personalize a journal with collage, rubber stamps, and decorated pages.  $25-journal and all supplies included.

Kaitlin’s New year Artist Book

For more info on this class and others see “Classes at Kaitlin’s Creative Cottage”  above!

I’m going and I’ll hope you’ll join me for the fun!

~posted by Marnie with love

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