The Church of Creatology

Where does a woman who gives dozens of art and creativity classes, shepherds dozens of pre-teen girlz, care takes a small rural ranch with dozens of critters and plants go to relax and get replenished, you ask? Well, every Sunday morning I join my friend Marnie for our own sort of “church.” We call it the Church of Creatology and we are very devout members.

It’s a clay class and we are the crazy mud women having fun together under the gentle supervision of local artist and potter Gerri Young.  There’s something about having your hands in mudMarnie Hands that brings out the primitive child and it’s very freeing to work in a medium that’s not the one in which we try to make a living! My work is just one step up from the lopsided ceramic ashtray made for Dad in the third grade. Projects 2But I don’t care. I mean really. The always present “critic” gets to take a day off in clay class. The practical, prudent, always busy, highly achieving, gotta make ART woman gets to be the “just for fun” little girl for one morning a week and I love it!

Here are some of my play mates at the clay studio

Happy Students (2)

And Gerri Young, our patient, talented, FUN teacher…Gerri Young

I make all sorts of stuff…from mirrorsStarz!

and plates…Kait PlatterKait Plate& bowls…Kait Effigy Bowl

And other things for which I have no earthly use! Kait Pouch but, well, it’s my therapy and my respite…and my church!

Is it Sunday yet…I’m ready to go play in the mud with my friends!Kelly & marnie

Hope you have some place magical to go and play and create and have fun…why not make it my Creative Cottage where that’s the whole idea!

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What I Learned…Friends Are Awesome!

Well, last week I poured my heart out to you…about the anniversary of my Dad’s passing, my Sweetheart’s health issues, and my own rather muddled heart. ?????????This is a piece of my art that represents how I was feeling. I had sort of lost my way…but the good news is that I left a few bread crumbs here and elsewhere and my wonderful friends found me and brought me back…Marnie and I went to our Sunday morning clay class (we refer to it as our Church of Creatology!) and had a long, luscious Sunday afternoon buffet with various chocolate elixirs (which are known healing agents!)

Wonderful cards began to appear in my mailbox and were tucked under my windshield wipers…a whole gaggle of flowers arrived and a couple of yummy casseroles found their way to the fridge. And, wonder of wonders,Albert in BisbeeAlbert felt ever so much better! He even took some time to teach some kids Albert With Tortsabout the wonderous desert tortoises that share WildHeart Ranch with us.Breakfast TreatsSummer MagicAnd our Ceres cacti blossomed! And peace returned to my realm!Buddha BisbeeAnd it is you, my dear and constant friends, that I have to thank for pulling me out of the mire, dusting me off, cheering me up, and reminding me just how very lucky I am to be loved and cared for. What you taught me is that there is a certain grace in accepting attention, kindness, and care…just as there is grace in giving it! THANK YOU ALL For your Grace…I’m learning to accept it with gratitude and wonder!

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Raven Hearts Fly!

We had such a great day yesterday making a fabulous group of magical ravens!

Ravens are proud, smart, sassy, curious birds (does that sound like the women who come to The Cottage, or what!?) and it was great fun to see how each woman created her very own unigue Raven Heart. It was a beautiful, almost Spring day and we left the Cottage door open so we could hear the birds singing and feel the cool breeze. While we played and sewed, we had a wonderful chance to catch-up with each other’s lives…half the fun of sharing these classes is how much we love and support each other through life’s ups and downs! Dolores has an adorable new doggie named Zoey, Lucy pulled off an awesome birthday party for her 6 year old son (no easy feat!), Mary  shared her always sage advice, and Theresa took a great class from amazing artist Jill Berry (see a picture of her work at: ) through our fantastic local group PaperWorks–The Sonoran Collective For Paper and Book Artists (check it out at: We’re ALL enthusiastic members and look forward to our monthly meetings which always feature a great artist sharing insight about their creative process! We rock!

Here are the ravens in progress…Maven In ProgressRebbie In ProgressLucy Raven ProgressAnd here are the girls in all their glory!!!  Meet Dolores’s Zelda–she’s bold, daring, and doesn’t give a hoot what anybody thinks! She’s working on patience (aren’t we all!)Dolores' ZeldaHere’s Lucy’s Petunia… who is guiding understanding, harmony & gratitude…

Lucy's Petunia

Here’s Mary’s raven called Maven Raven…and she’s a poet…

Maven the Raven
Setting out one fine day,
Gathering treasures along her way,
She swooped over to Kaitlin’s Haven
Where she shared some love
With her sisters-in-raven.

Mary's Maven

And check out Theresa’s Ms. Rebbie who’s name is a combination of rebel and rebound…sooooo Theresa–check out those high heels!!!

Theresa's RebbieEveryone added stuffing and ribbons to hang them and they happily flew off into our lives to add joy and love…we’re soooo lucky to have eachother and The Cottage to play in!

Whooooohooooo–here comes Spring!

Come on over to the Creative Cottage to play–check out my classes by clicking on the Creative Cottage Classes button above and

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Wonderful Winter Fun At The Cottage!

Woooweeeee! What a great winter of fun we’ve been having at the Creative Cottage! When lively, sassy, FUN, creative women get together to play and share…magical things happen. We talk and laugh and inspire each other. We cry and commiserate and counsel each other. We celebrate each other’s triumphs and mourn each other’s losses. In short, we have a wonderful circle of caring and creative women who know how to leave the cares of the world behind for a couple of hours and just ENJOY life! Not to mention, we make fabulous “stuff”!!!! Take a look…this week we made these amazing Muses to inspire our creativity and make us giggle…Here is Ann with Margie who we all decided should be the new Pope (Margie that is–not Ann!)

Ann's MuseAnd here is Lucy with Joanie who holds love and creativityLucy's MuseAnd Gogi’s Muse Artemis who radiates openness and acceptance…Gogi's MuseAnd finally, just to shake things up a bit, is Janice’s Muse Valdeezie who’s a bit of a wild woman rogue responsible for safe travels…Janet's MuseLook at the whole tribe of powerful MusesMuses VillageAnn's Muse 2Gogi's Muse 2Janet's Muse 2Lucy's Muse 2  Aren’t they amazing!!!!! Come on, take a look at the new list of col classes I’ve posted for March–click on the banner above that says Creative Cottage Classes–and sign up to join us! We have sooo much fun…isn’t it about time you did too????

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Happy, Happy Creative New Year!

Greetings Funsters! Happy New Year!

Hope you had a really lovely holiday and are looking forward to an amazing year of fun and friendship!

The Creative Cottage is the place to leave the cares of the world behind while you play and exercise your creative spirit. I’m excited about offering some wonderful new classes this New Year–mask making, papermaking, and a once a month, on-going Wake Up Your Muse play club designed to recharge your creative spirit, re-enchant your creative muses, and get you jazzed about making art again. The first session is Saturday, January 19th from 10 to 12:30 and I have a few seats left–call me to sign up! Give yourself the gift of some “you” time this New Year!

Exterior Thea BagInside Thea Bag

And speaking of gifts…I just have to share with you this beautiful gift from my friend Thea Russell.

Thea is an incredible soul who blends many talents–artist, musician, singer, yoga teacher, humanitarian–and has shared so many wonderful gifts with The Creative Cottage and the Girlz With HeART program I sponsor. This magical pouch now holds some of my creative intentions for 2013  with my heartfelt THANKS to Thea and all my generous friends who have brought everything from spare paints and art supplies, little space heaters, and  delicious cookies to share at The Creative Cottage. I LOVE this little village of creative souls who have kept my wild dream of a safe and nourishing place for women to explore and express their creativity alive & thriving for two years now!

I am soooo greateful to each and every one of you, near and far, who have believed in me and The Cottage!

THANK YOU! And a Very Happy, Happy Creative New Year to all!

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Happy Happy Holidaze!

“Tis the season…of changing weather, way too many things on the endless “To Do” list, and lots of extra tasty food groups to sample (why the heck do my jeans keep shrinking this season–must be the dryer!)

I’m POOPED and it isn’t even officially winter yet! After decorating the tree…Hand wiping up delicious treats in the kitchen…Holiday Kitchenand playing with my huge snow people collection (it’s an addiction!) Snow Man Collectionthere is way too little time to do all of the thousands of things that need doing…but, around the edges, I have been:

Bookshelvesre-organizing the oodles of fantastic art and creativity books I keep at The Cottage to lend…and researching petroglyphs and pictographs of the Southwest (archaeology is my passion!)…Mand making a new garden area at my little home in beautiful Picture Rocks

Kait's New Gardenplus playing with my dog Gus (rescued from the animal shelter!)G

But, around the edges, I DID get my January 2013 (can you believe 2013! Yikes) Creative Cottage class schedule up (see the Creative Cottage tab above)…full of fun, creative play day opportunities for you just in case the Mayan claendar is wrong and we all get to celebrate the holidays and emerge in the Nw Year ready to arouse and nourish our creative souls to new adventutres in art makng and friendship! I hope so…please come join me for a wonderful New Year at The Ceative Cottage and THANKS for all your love and support in 2013!!!

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Happy Autumn At Last!!!!

I don’t know about you, but I’m sooooo happy to see Summer gone and Autumn come to play!

It’s been a long, furiously hot, and amazingly monsoonal Summer…now I’m ready for cool mornings filled with darting hummingbirds and sweet, soft evenings infused with the dazzling sunset glow that Arizona is famous for! How about you? What’s your favorite season? Autumn is mine–maybe because I’m in the autumn of my own life…

It’s time to enjoy the bounty and beauty of our gardens…

Autumnal Equinox 2012 in Kaitlin’s Garden

and languish in the beautiful glow of sunsets

Saguaro Sunset

It’s time to gather our little creative tribe of playful women at The Creative Cottage for fun classes, deepening friendships, and dark chocolate!

Come on out and play!

And Happy, Happy Autumn At Last!

Love To You My Merry Pranksters

From Kaitlin

Mistress of Merriment

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