Hand Jive, Hand Jive!

Hey There~What a blast we had making our colorful hand booksHand Class 3The idea was to create a book with hands that held messages about what we dream and hope for in our lives!

Sarah HandsBarbara Hands

Dolores Hands   Hands ClassSharing and supporting each other is half the fun! Hands TheresaWhat a wonderful day to play together! I love making The Creative Cottage a magical place for my creative friends to come and play!

Come join us–we have fun!

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Wonderful Winter Fun At The Cottage!

Woooweeeee! What a great winter of fun we’ve been having at the Creative Cottage! When lively, sassy, FUN, creative women get together to play and share…magical things happen. We talk and laugh and inspire each other. We cry and commiserate and counsel each other. We celebrate each other’s triumphs and mourn each other’s losses. In short, we have a wonderful circle of caring and creative women who know how to leave the cares of the world behind for a couple of hours and just ENJOY life! Not to mention, we make fabulous “stuff”!!!! Take a look…this week we made these amazing Muses to inspire our creativity and make us giggle…Here is Ann with Margie who we all decided should be the new Pope (Margie that is–not Ann!)

Ann's MuseAnd here is Lucy with Joanie who holds love and creativityLucy's MuseAnd Gogi’s Muse Artemis who radiates openness and acceptance…Gogi's MuseAnd finally, just to shake things up a bit, is Janice’s Muse Valdeezie who’s a bit of a wild woman rogue responsible for safe travels…Janet's MuseLook at the whole tribe of powerful MusesMuses VillageAnn's Muse 2Gogi's Muse 2Janet's Muse 2Lucy's Muse 2  Aren’t they amazing!!!!! Come on, take a look at the new list of col classes I’ve posted for March–click on the banner above that says Creative Cottage Classes–and sign up to join us! We have sooo much fun…isn’t it about time you did too????

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Muses Go Wild!

What a great adventure it is to bring creativity back into women’s lifes and re-enthuse their desire to play and make new friends and have FUN!

I love opening my little Creative Cottage for classes where women can learn new art techniques, explore their own creativity, and have a chance to just relax and laugh and share stories of their lives together!

Here are pictures of our Re–Enchant Your Muse class last week…we laughed and got messy and learned all kinds of new art techniques and made really cool inspration books…take a look!

Friend MuseGogi & Janice–Two Friends sharing an Artist’s Date at The Cottage!Georgia Muse 2Georgia (above) with her beautiful book…and Gogi with hers (below)

Muse GogiGogi finished her Owl Plushie from our class earlier in the month and brought him to play–ain’t he a HOOOOOT!

Rocky CompleteTheresa MuseTheresa uses doodling, painting, and collage (above)…and Muse Lucy adds her joy to the mix…

Muse LucyJanice MuseJanice shares her beautiful book…

We had such a fun day!…

Come on, check out my new February schedule of classes, call a friend or two, come on down and have some fun too!

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Happy, Happy Creative New Year!

Greetings Funsters! Happy New Year!

Hope you had a really lovely holiday and are looking forward to an amazing year of fun and friendship!

The Creative Cottage is the place to leave the cares of the world behind while you play and exercise your creative spirit. I’m excited about offering some wonderful new classes this New Year–mask making, papermaking, and a once a month, on-going Wake Up Your Muse play club designed to recharge your creative spirit, re-enchant your creative muses, and get you jazzed about making art again. The first session is Saturday, January 19th from 10 to 12:30 and I have a few seats left–call me to sign up! Give yourself the gift of some “you” time this New Year!

Exterior Thea BagInside Thea Bag

And speaking of gifts…I just have to share with you this beautiful gift from my friend Thea Russell.

Thea is an incredible soul who blends many talents–artist, musician, singer, yoga teacher, humanitarian–and has shared so many wonderful gifts with The Creative Cottage and the Girlz With HeART program I sponsor. This magical pouch now holds some of my creative intentions for 2013  with my heartfelt THANKS to Thea and all my generous friends who have brought everything from spare paints and art supplies, little space heaters, and  delicious cookies to share at The Creative Cottage. I LOVE this little village of creative souls who have kept my wild dream of a safe and nourishing place for women to explore and express their creativity alive & thriving for two years now!

I am soooo greateful to each and every one of you, near and far, who have believed in me and The Cottage!

THANK YOU! And a Very Happy, Happy Creative New Year to all!

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Lovely Ladies Making Fabric Books

I love working with simple materials and imaginative women! We had such fun making books from canvas and fabric, paint and paper…

collage & paint

Creating together is such fun!

Come join us some day soon…lots of luscious classes coming in October…check here soon for a full listing and call early to save yourself a seat!

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