Desert BarrelAnd, pretty much beats all the other options, dontcha think? Don’t know about you, but this summer was particularly long and hot and fraught for me and mine. There was the usual–HEAT, HUMIDITY, and (did I mention?) HEAT! Though I love it, Tucson is just noooo place for us verdant Irish types who prefer your basic green, lush, water-drenched, mossy, cool climes. I flat out drool with envy when my amazing friend James talks about his place in Searsport, Maine and his lovely GREEN world…minutes from the sea. But I made it through another summer in Tucson…AND, as a reward, I’m on the verge of a wonderful girlz road trip with my dear friend Marnie to Ocean Beach in San Diego…I’ve always wanted to be a mermaid! Mermaid DreamWe’ll wander the shoreline at dawn, lay in the warm sand dozing (pretending to read War & Peace),  saunter out to the very tip of the pier (the longest on the West coast!) where we’ll have breakfast with all the salty old fishermen, play in the amazing Pacific waves, shop at all the fun tacky shell shops, eat a scrumptious cheeseburger at Hodads, drag back all sorts of driftwood & sea debris to our funky hotel (the Ocean Beach Hotel, across the street from the ocean!) We’ll have our morning coffee & cream cheese smeared sesame bagels on the eclectic patio of  Jungle Java, eat the amazing basil pesto & gorgonzola ravioli at Ciao Bella for lunch,  and watch luscious sunsets every night with cool intoxicants in our hands! Yiiippppiiiieeee!

Meanwhile, here’s a tiny recap of August classes and a little bit of this from The Creative Cottage to hold you while I pack my beach bag and get ready for my escape! These are some beautiful papers made by my talented playmates at the Creative Cottage in the Paper Mania class…PaperMania1PaperMania2Here are some pages from Gogi & Sarah’s Copper Books…the class was sooooo fun! Gogi's CopperCopper Insides 3Sarah's CopperCopper Insides 2Copper Insides

So…go check out the September schedule and sign up for some very fun classes so I’ll have something to come back to Tucson for!

Love Love Love Dear Hearts

P.S. It was a very busy summer! The Creatology Camp for my at risk girlz (7 to 12 years of age) went great! It was loads of fun and the Girlz With HeART really inspired all of us with their creativity, leadership building, and just plain gumption (dontcha just love that word?)!  With the generous support of you, my friends, and the resourcefulness of the Girlz (and their monthly flea market sales!) we managed to get them all new outfits, back packs, shoes, and school supplies…they’re so excited about going back to school. They worked hard all summer to get their skills above grade level and each of them is working hard to get on the honor roll. I’m so proud of them!

Thank you all for your love and encouragement of this wonderful project–I couldn’t do it without you!

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