Love From The Mistress of Merriment

blog 2-12-2

Hearts from Belinda Fireman (

I have definitely felt the LOVE lately!

From you, my clients and friends at The Cottage,

from my family and community,

and from my Beloved Albert who is a constant source of joy!

blog 2-12-3(from

I’ve been in a real tizzy of creativity

my art journal is spilling over with inspirations…

I’m starting to get really excited about

exciting new spring classes I have planned for The Creative Cottage…

and I love my Tuesday night clay class

where my inner mud woman can stretch out & play.

Art making is my salvation and my healing…

blog 2-12-5

AND, guess what, we’re going camping this week!

I’m soooo jazzed!

I love camp fires and hiking about and lazing around and reading

and just breathing deep in the beautiful outdoors.

(I’m taking my art journal too and that will keep me busily happy making art!)

blog 2-12-9

So thank you sooo much for the LOVE!

blog 2-12-4

(painting by Jim Dine)

I hope you are in a magnificent creative surge too!

I hope you are dancing in the kitchen,

watching the butterflies dash about your garden,

singing while you play,

and remembering to feed your soul

the great and abiding gift of making ART!

blog 2-12-8

Spreading the LOVE around is my sacred task–

come on over to The Creative Cottage

if you need a little

or if have a little to share.


LOVE (oodles & oodles of it!)

From Kaitlin,

Mistress of Merriment

blog 2-12-6

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Fabulous Fun & Creative Delights!

purple 7Hi There Funsters

Where the heck did February go??? I promised myself I’d blog more, plant the snow peas, finish a sewing project that has grown cobwebs sitting on my sewing table, and generally MAKE MORE ART! And all I succeeded in doing was having a wonderful month at The Creative Cottage with incredibly talented artists, camping with my Beloved, starting tai chi classes, and, YES!-MAKING MORE ART! I’m sooo thrilled to be working on my artists journalsiomh workthey are like a siren call every day…”come on over and play and paint and collage and absorb yourself for a few hours–never mind the laundry and the dishes–eat peanut butter and jelly on English muffins for dinner–just let your Muses run wild!” And I do! Art heals and nourishes and makes the world such a fun place to live!

It all started early this month with my “In Over My Head” groupIOMH Thanks 13–we call ourselves the Altered Art Divas and we meet once a month to make art, share a scrumptious potluck, and catch up on each other’s lives. We met at Dolores’s cozy home this month to make Valentines–check them out! IOMH HeartsDolores is an amazingly prolific artist–aren’t her hand made books beautiful! Dolores Handmade Books  I LOVE these women and all the fun we’ve shared over the years. I LOVE that we keep meeting and sharing our work and encouraging each other, through thick and thin!

All month my classes at The Cottage have been full of happy arty types who’ve been making my life a real joy with their enthusiasm and creativity. My third year anniversary of being the Mistress of Merriment at The Creative Cottage was such fun–two dozen women popped by to eat and drink and be merry! What a marvel it has been to me to be able to rent this little studio in a historic old Tucson courtyard and conjure up classes that have touched so many lives! Thank you all for being such vibrant, sassy, inspired dames and supporting the Creative Cottage!

Last week we shared a fabulous class called Creative Spiralcreative spiral 2creative spiral 13creative spiral 14creative spiral 9creative spiral 1creative spiral 6aren’t the results were amazing? Teresa is off to Australia and made her book particularly to capture all the delights of her journey!

And I have a whole new batch of fun classes scheduled for March & April (check them out and sign up quick–classes have been selling out like crazy!)

Finally, I really needed some new patio furniture and I was really fretting about the cost but my friend Ellie and I went thrift store shopping and guess what? A scruffy set appeared on cue–I painted it (you’ll note my favorite color!) and I think it looks smashing! new patio furnitureI LOVE thrift store shopping and have been so blessed that my friend Allison Allisonhas discovered some lovely finds that she’s donated to my Girlz With HeART Project–THANKS Allison and to all the magical angels who have donated art supplies and wonderful clothes for these “at risk” seven to twelve year olds who are creating  a better place in the world by improving their grades, stretching their hearts, becoming young leaders, and inspiring us all!

And, guess what, The Cottage had a lovely write up in the February 23, 2014 The Arizona Daily Star–thanks to Gabrielle Fimbres!

you can check out the story by clicking on this link–please note the photos! :

I’m incredibly blessed and you are a part of my blessings…Come on over to The Creative Cottage and get paint in your hair, make art, giggle with friends, and get a big hug from me–Kaitie, Mistress of Eternal Merriment! Kait With Freda

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AUTUMN!!!! I Love It!

ButterflyFinally, the sizzle and siren of summer is over and the cool mornings and gorgeous evenings are back–overnight it seems! And I LOVE it!!!! Autumn at last–my favorite season!

The fall classes I have planned for The Cottage are going to be such fun (check out the”Creative Cottage Classes” tab above to see them and sign up quick–Autumn classes fill fast!)

My Sweetheart and I have planned lots of great camping trips and our sleepy summer old pueblo is gearing up for the magical Day of The Dead parade and all the theater and music and outdoor autumnal  festivals I love so much!

What am I up to you ask…? Well…I’m working on  several large scale art projects…three really large canvases, a whimsical little paper mache village of magical creatures, and some big, juicy art journals!

I’m also tidying up my home studio (okay–it’s really just a scruffy old garage that I’ve tried to transform into a cool creative space, which is not so easy to do with a washer, storage boxes, and a boat load of garden & carpentry tools in the same space!)

And, did I tell you, I saved up and bought a funky, old, used table top kiln so I can work on more clay projects…like this heart mirror I made for my sister Kim (don’t tell her–it’s a secret!) Heart Mirrorand this emerald green dish I made just  ‘cuz it’s my favorite color and looks so nice with the water lilies, dontcha think? Pottery Project 2In all this creative fever I’ve not had much time for housework…but I heartily subscribe to the philosophy that…Dull Womenand looking around at the dust bunnies I must be a very interesting woman! (tehe!)

In this beautiful season, I wish you joy and the gentleness of cool mornings and evenings, the tinting of leaves, the bringing in of the harvest, and the deep peace that comes from knowing your friend Kaitlin, Mistress of Wild Merriment and Mirth, is sending you happy thoughts and fond wishes for a big, juicy surge of creative energy! threads of love© Kaitlin Meadows. 2013. All Rights Reserved.

New Beginnings for 2012!

Kaitlin is offering a great way to start your year of Artistic Adventures!…. Check out her class:

New Beginnings Artist’s Journal: Saturday, January 7, 10 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. Create a beautiful 2012 artist’s daybook for journaling, quotes, photos, and personal memorabilia. Personalize a journal with collage, rubber stamps, and decorated pages.  $25-journal and all supplies included.

Kaitlin’s New year Artist Book

For more info on this class and others see “Classes at Kaitlin’s Creative Cottage”  above!

I’m going and I’ll hope you’ll join me for the fun!

~posted by Marnie with love

© Kaitlin Meadows, 2012. All Rights Reserved.