Amigas Make Art Dolls!

What a great class we had using bits of fabric and stuffing, buttons and trims, imagination and laughter to make some amazing art dolls. Check these out:Zena ShamanThis is Cissie‘s beautiful “Shaman Singer Zena” Frida Doll lily doll Tabby doll These are (top to bottom) Joyces “Frida,”  Kellie‘s “Lily,” and Tracy & Libby‘s “Tabby”Joyce, Kellie, Tracy, & AbbyHere are some of the amigas at play: from left to right, Joyce, Kellie, Tracy, Libby, and Gogi…Celeste and Cissie were busy working on their creations! Here is Celeste‘s “Fancy SanCe” Fancy SanCeWhat a wonderful day–celebrating Libby’s tenth birthday!

Three amigasFriends rock! Come bring yours or meet new ones at The Creative Cottage…we know how to have FUN!!!

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