Muses Go Wild!

What a great adventure it is to bring creativity back into women’s lifes and re-enthuse their desire to play and make new friends and have FUN!

I love opening my little Creative Cottage for classes where women can learn new art techniques, explore their own creativity, and have a chance to just relax and laugh and share stories of their lives together!

Here are pictures of our Re–Enchant Your Muse class last week…we laughed and got messy and learned all kinds of new art techniques and made really cool inspration books…take a look!

Friend MuseGogi & Janice–Two Friends sharing an Artist’s Date at The Cottage!Georgia Muse 2Georgia (above) with her beautiful book…and Gogi with hers (below)

Muse GogiGogi finished her Owl Plushie from our class earlier in the month and brought him to play–ain’t he a HOOOOOT!

Rocky CompleteTheresa MuseTheresa uses doodling, painting, and collage (above)…and Muse Lucy adds her joy to the mix…

Muse LucyJanice MuseJanice shares her beautiful book…

We had such a fun day!…

Come on, check out my new February schedule of classes, call a friend or two, come on down and have some fun too!

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Happy Happy Holidaze!

“Tis the season…of changing weather, way too many things on the endless “To Do” list, and lots of extra tasty food groups to sample (why the heck do my jeans keep shrinking this season–must be the dryer!)

I’m POOPED and it isn’t even officially winter yet! After decorating the tree…Hand wiping up delicious treats in the kitchen…Holiday Kitchenand playing with my huge snow people collection (it’s an addiction!) Snow Man Collectionthere is way too little time to do all of the thousands of things that need doing…but, around the edges, I have been:

Bookshelvesre-organizing the oodles of fantastic art and creativity books I keep at The Cottage to lend…and researching petroglyphs and pictographs of the Southwest (archaeology is my passion!)…Mand making a new garden area at my little home in beautiful Picture Rocks

Kait's New Gardenplus playing with my dog Gus (rescued from the animal shelter!)G

But, around the edges, I DID get my January 2013 (can you believe 2013! Yikes) Creative Cottage class schedule up (see the Creative Cottage tab above)…full of fun, creative play day opportunities for you just in case the Mayan claendar is wrong and we all get to celebrate the holidays and emerge in the Nw Year ready to arouse and nourish our creative souls to new adventutres in art makng and friendship! I hope so…please come join me for a wonderful New Year at The Ceative Cottage and THANKS for all your love and support in 2013!!!

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