Is It Spring Yet????

Greetings From Beautiful Tucson!

We’re having the first wonderful taste of Spring today and I’m out playing in my herb, flower, and vegetable garden! It’s time to dust off your Winter Blues and get ready for Spring Fever!HummersThe hummingbirds are buzzing in my back yard!Mother Mesquite GardenSpring In The DesertAnd soon it will be time for cactus blossoms! My desert tortoises will be emerging from their winter burrows looking for tasty morsels Tortle Feeding Frenzy and the cardinals will be setting up their nests in the mesquite bower. Can’t wait for the warming weather, the hours spent out in the garden, the first flowers, and the excitement of the baby birds chortling in all their rag-tag nests! We’ve had loads of fun at The Cottage already this year…here’s Polly with her tea bag artPolly's Tea Artand Kathy with her’s…Kathy's Tea Artand look a what a clever creative Merrill is…she framed her series of fabric cards…Merrill's Pixand isn’t this the cutest art bag you’ve ever seen…Polly made it!Polly's Pouch

Love this season, love my creative friends, and LOVE SPRING!!!!!

Come play at The Creative Cottage!

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Welcome To The Cottage!

Come on in and set a spell…meet cool women, make cool projects, enjoy good talk and share warm laughter!

I’ve discovered that conjuring a quiet, colorful, welcoming space is the best way to jump start creativity…my little magic cottage is just such a space and I LOVE filling it with amazing women who enjoy creating together. Come join me for a special time of shared friendship and artistic FUN!

Kaitlin~Mistress of Merriment!

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Creatives Dames Enjoy Cool Summer Fun!

It never fails to amaze me what beautiful art my creative pals at The Creative Cottage make!  Here, for example, is a little tribe of Earth Angels made at a recent class!










And some fabric and paper collages made by another group of talented wimmin…I feel so lucky to be able to offer a lovely place to play and blessed to have so many cool dames drop by for a day of merriment with me. Come on down and join us…it’s lots of fun and my emphasis is on accessible, affordable play-based classes with an emphasis on fun and friendship.

I offer no-stress classes perfect for women who want to re-awaken their creative souls and re-ignite their playful spirits!

Does this sound like you? Then what are you waiting for…The Creative Cottage is your place to come play!

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