Let Go And Trust

flow 9

That’s what they told me when I learned to ride a bike and when I put on my first set of roller skates.

That’s what they said when I learned to scuba dive and drive a tractor and go up in a hot air balloon.

That’s the advice I got when I did any BIG thing in my life.

So I’m dusting off the phrase and embracing it anew on this eve of my Sweetheart’s carotid artery surgery. That’s all I can do.

flow 17

Cuz, see, I’ve always believed “trust” was best achieved after lots & lots of hard work, much preparation, many kind fates, and much good karma. I’ve never been able to just “trust” without doing everything in my limited powers to assure a positive outcome.

But this cruel cancer, is NOT something you can do the homework for. It’s not something my detailed list making, well articulated planning, or considerable research and experience can help me with. I just gotta “let go and trust.”

flow 18

It’s so hard for me! I want to roll up my sleeves, dive in, do the heavy lifting, make it better. I want, by sheer force of will, to help in a very “hands on, all in, no stone left unturned” way. I firmly believe that…

flow 15

but I want a magic wand. I want a miracle. I want to believe I can

flow 22

Fortunately, I have a wonderful support network.

Albert’s family is amazing!–his son Erik and his sister Karen are so full of love. My sister Kim is holding my hand across the miles. We have a great team of doctors and care professionals. Albert is brave, determined, and ready to get this done. You have all offered your prayers and good tidings. I am deeply connected to my own spiritual core. I have been through much in my life–I can get through this.

flow 7

It seems I’ve been swimming up stream, against the current, all my life. I never take the easy way. I’m forever over-thinking, over-worrying, and under trusting. I have this very busy squirrel cage mind that keeps spinning all day and all night. But I learned this…

flow 3

from my beloved sister Kim who taught me to kayak. The first thing she said, after we cleared the safe shallows, was “just let go and trust…go with the flow!” and I did and I had an amazing experience. I was in cold, deep water. Waaaay over my head. In the middle of a river. With few skills. But the only way to do it was to “just do it” and I did. 

flow 23

Sure, I drifted a little. Went in the wrong direction a lot. Got all wet. And scared my sister when she looked back and I was lollygagging behind.

But I saw nesting eagles in the tops of the pines and deer in the sun-dappled glades and young turkeys in a gaggle. I felt the sun warm my soul and the water glisten with golden light and the kayak was a lovely capsule for me to practice trust in. And I did.


So I’m working today on cultivating trust. And letting go. I’m calling in all my allies for prayers and good thoughts. I’m asking people for help–with the chores, the responsibilities, and the worry. I’m trying to

flow 16

It’s gonna be okay.

I’ve had a complicated, challenging life but I’ve always managed to land on my feet. Albert has had a demanding, contributing, extraordinary life and he is a warrior, a survivor, and a brave soul.

We will be facing this hand in hand, heart to heart, for better or worse, in sickness and in health, forever. We will

flow 2

And I hope you remember, all of you who are facing health, relationship, family, financial, emotional, or other tangles of your own, that

flow 20

Thank you for sending all the light and love and healing you can spare on October 31st at about 7 a.m. Arizona time. I will be holding your hands and resting my head on your shoulders. Together we can get through this. I trust. And let go. 

flow 8

P.S. I have posted classes and made grand plans for the other side of this surgery to give myself a safe harbor to look forward to after tomorrow. They are subject to change, of course, but I trust that my optimism and the prayers of so many will carry us over these scary rapids and into calmer waters…where I will celebrate life with you again soon.

Meanwhile, learn with me to

flow 11

and to

flow 14

Much Love and Many Thanks For All Your Love & Prayers,

Kaitlin of WildHeart

flow 19

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In A World Of Color & Light


Sisters, we must be the healing light

in these dark and perilous times.

We must keep the flame of LOVE

highly stoked

and well tended

in our hearts.


We must be a mosaic of brilliant colors

that lifts broken spirits

and adds joy to our tortured world.


We must keep HOPE alive

and burning bright,

like lightning in a bottle.


We must keep a thousand lanterns lit

in the dark realms

where evil lives.

Each of us

has a color to add.


Each of us has a bit of light to bring.


Each of us must carry an ember in our hearts to share…



We will not be undone, subdued, or subverted

by the evil armies of hate, bigotry, exclusion, or fear.

Try to control us at your peril!


Sometimes we may falter,

sometimes we may feel overwhelmed and alone,

but we will triumph

because we are a tribe of wild-eyed creatives and

wommin power

We are the sensitives,

we are the barometers,

we are the rune readers,

we are the canaries

bravely singing

in your coal mines,

and we know

it is sacred and terrifying task

being women

in this broken world.

Try to silence us at your peril!


We know how to transform ourselves,

shape shift,

cocoon when we need to.

We carry the womb of creation in us,

the wisdom of our ancestors in us,

and the stories of our foremothers in us.

The hearts of all the wise warrior witches,

blue stocking suffragettes,

feminists, anarchists, housewives, mothers,

and just plain believers in a better, kinder, saner world

are beating strong & steady in us.

Underestimate us at your peril!



We aren’t worried what we look like

or what you think of us.

Our bodies,

our minds,

our spirits

are not yours.

We won’t be dismissed,


or disrespected.


We are the seed carriers,

the hearth tenders,

the dancers in the temple of joy.

Ignore us at your peril!


We are every color

rainbow hair

and we are every speck of light.

desert scene 4

You cannot destroy the divine feminine.

It is the vessel of all creation,

the soil in which your seed either sparks to life

or withers in death.

We are your mothers, sisters, lovers, comrades, allies

and we are here to give birth

to a new world

where love wins,

where freedom thrives,

where joy abounds.

Tamper with us at your peril!

aug blog 15

I believe

with all my heart

these words from one of poems…

“our life is resinous

with the kind of sap

that clings and glazes to even

the smallest moments,

a honey catching up our joy,

our love a deep blush

                   in a world of color and light.”

Keep The Faith Sisters!

Be Of Good Heart!

Act Up!


Step Into The Circle Of Color and Light!

Much Love and Gratitude From Kaitlin

© Copyright Kaitlin Meadows, 2017. All Rights Reserved.

Images from Pinterest with great thanks to all artists who so generously share their work.






It was remarkable! It was amazing! It rocked my hippie soul!

The Tucson Women’s March

(in solidarity with demonstrations all over the world!)

drew 15,000 men, women, and children

of every race and creed, every age and orientation,

AND there wasn’t a single arrest or act of violence!

I am convinced…


Some of us have been “hibernating” since the election…

talking, drumming, sitting in circle, conjuring,

and preparing ourselves…

but on January 21, 2017 we came out of hibernation

ROARING with new energy and passion!


 Saturday people came together…

thousands and thousands and thousands of them in Tucson!


because we must…


I am pleased that young wimmin and male allies, who have different life experiences than I do, different needs, different worries, came to join us in this struggle.


Like many women my age…


but I have grandchildren and the Girlz With HeART and


willing to do what I have to make sure we


I am no fool,

I know this is going to be a fevered battle

but I feel energized and enthused about continuing to be a part

of a movement I first joined in 1966.


We’re baaaaaaaack!


We had a poster making potluck at The Cottage…


a sisterhood of untamed wimmin who know…


who have been through many trails and setbacks in their own lives 

but continue to say…


because we have become the wise elders

who thoughtfully carry the history of many social justice causes

and the experience of much hard work in the trenches,

over many decades,

into the future…


Each in our own way…pulling together…

speaking up for children, the earth, the homeless,

the rejected, and, especially,

those who have experienced violence and hate.


We gathered at The Cottage,


car-pooled to Armory Park,

and joined  thousands  already assembling on a rainy, windy day!


It was exhilarating to share the positive energy

and to see so many of us willing to take to the streets

to protect basic social, economic, and spiritual values.


There were lots of messages,

lots of causes & concerns…

but, most importantly,

I think women proclaimed loud and clear…


For some of us, this struggle is very personal…

we have been working for decades

to insure that women have every opportunity

to honor themselves and their bodies

and to make informed, supported choices.


Many of us remember the brave, relentless suffragettes

who risked imprisonment and death

to assure women have the right to vote.


Saturday we proved we are ready for and willing to

stand up, speak up, and act up

to continue to focus attention on those who are most vulnerable…


Never under-estimate a group pf empowered women!

We refuse or to comply,

to be silent,

to think we are powerless,

to allow hatred to win…

and we’re NOT going away,

we’re in it for the long haul…

we’re in it to win!


Are you in? Will you join us? Can we count on you to help out?


Stay tuned…

we have lots of wonderful plans and much hard work to do…


We’re a powerful, passionate, creative tribe and we’re up to the challenge!
We’re ready to RISE UP!




With peace and love and solidarity,


P. S. Check out new classes and let me know QUICK which you’d like to attend!

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2 happy 6

Have you noticed:

life has been impossibly challenging

in light of recent murders, on-going wars, continuing bigotry, and intensifying world violence?

Some of you, responding to my last blog post about choosing to be happy,

have asked how that’s possible given the state of the world and the depth of its problems?

This is what I think:

life is a beautiful, glorious, magical thing and (whatever happens)

it’s our responsibility to live it fully, to live it with purpose and passion,

and to work tirelessly to make it better.

Yes, life is full of challenges, setbacks, and senseless acts of utter incomprehension,

but our job is to weather what brings us grief

and to celebrate what makes us happy.

I struggle every day with news of more bloodshed and cruelty.

As an empath, as an intensely sensitive human being,

the plight of the Earth and her people

touches me deeply.

Frequently, I feel discouraged and powerless.

Sometimes, I even lose my way a little and get really scared.

What saves me is this observation by the Dali Lama:

2 happy 11

So it’s my job to choose happy, to choose joy, to work for peace, to vigil for justice,

racism kills

to raise my voice and open my heart

with all those of you who are,

in your own small, steady ways,

lifting up the light and holding the love too.

As an over-thinker, an over-feeler,

easily swept away by emotions that almost make me shut down completely,

I have to remind myself to :

2 happy 7

I have to remember that

2 happy 5

When the world gets particularly crazy, bloody, scary, and sad,

2 happy 9

I have to remember

2 happy 3

and that


So, this is what I do…

2 happy 2

I just keep on truckin’…

keep on loving, keep on teaching, keep on sharing, keep on believing…

How dare I look for happy in a world of chaos and bloodshed?

2 happy 8

I trust.

I trust the good. I trust the love.

I trust the great capacity of humankind to correct our course.

And when that doesn’t work, I pray.

In my own way. In no temple, at no alter, to no god. I pray.

“Divine Universe, please add my love to the cauldron,

my sweat to the struggle,

and my commitment to the cause

of peace.”

I know…


so I prevail–even when it’s soooo hard,

even when it seems hopeless,

even when I doubt we can do it.

I prevail.

In my home,

in my Creative Cottage,

in my LIFE,

this is what I stand for:

july 2 blog 2

I am learning to trust

that if we all do what we can,

with what we have,

where we are,

things will get better.


and do the hard work.


and spread the love.


and say your prayers.

Love From Kaitlin

The She-Bear

© Copyright, Kaitlin Meadows, 2016. All Rights Reserved.

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smile again


Oh My!

Holy Minerva!

You gotta laugh!

It’s just such a lively circus, this life!

I’ve been on an adventure of the exhausting, challenging, difficult sort…

caring for my dear friend Allan in San Diego as he recovers from major surgery…

with so many unexpected blessings along the way.

Such a humbling experience.

How vulnerable we are.

How quickly our independence is lost.

How fragile life itself is!

How important joy and friendship and merriment are.

mask 2

I had to leave Tucson rather suddenly…

with a very full plate

and an over-booked day-planner.

Full classes at the Cottage,

long anticipated workshops scheduled,

meetings, appointments,

& the usual busy muddle.

So many responsibilities

at home, with the Girlz, and  in my life.

But being at my friend’s bedside

was where I had to be!


My stay in San Diego was extended

as a result of Allan’s health setbacks…

but my loving circle jumped in:

Albert took on all the watering and critter tasks at home. (He’s such a thoughtful steward of our little nest!)

Anne fueled the merriment at the Fractured Saints class…

minerva 6 fs

minerva ss lucy

minerva 4 fs

Nancy G created a magical Soul Sisters circle!

minerva 10 ss

minirva 4 ss

Nancy S gifted the Girlz with such a glory of gifts–clothes & books & hand knitted caps!

Sister Kim has a whole new batch of baby goats

Kim & baby goat

and is creating a new art space in North Fork, California.

Karen Z is planning an adventure with her daughter Emily this summer in Iceland.

Mabel is tenderly caring for her Beloved Ed with all of our prayers & good tidings.

Beautiful niece Michelle is graduating from college and marrying in the fall.


Cissie is rebuilding her life.

Jayne & Dolores are struggling with some health issues.

Ann is mending a broken heart.

Marnie is taking some time to be with her Mom in California after her Mom’s stroke…

we are sending our love with her.

All of us seem to be going through “stuff & bother” as my friend Claire says.

But through it all, our magical tribe always pulls together!

party 3

So I’m happily back home…

(but I may have to dash off a gain

when Allan get’s released from the acute care facility)

and I’m regrouping

and refining

and plotting ideas for keeping The Cottage afloat in the coming torrid summer

when I’ll need to crawl into my sweet, dark, cool cave for the duration.

P. S.

My Beloved wanted us to have matching talismans

to carry with us while we were apart…

with our passion for archaeology we “unearthed” this:

Found last year in Denmark, Minerva’s Owl is about 2000 years old, a Roman Empire artifact.

The owl signifies wisdom and knowledge.

Minerva Danish Owl

After a careful scan of Etsy ( I LOVE Etsy!)

Albert found Lynn, aka Dragonzwench,



in Coffs Harbour, Australia.

She said she could create a replica for us.

Lynn did a remarkable job recreating the owl and, in our exchanges,

we feel we have found a new friend.

minerva my owl

I swear, there was some powerful mojo attached

cuz I managed to get through a very rough week

with the distinct feeling I’d been called on a spiritual odyssey–

full of unexpected moments of pure light

where my soul grew, even as my heart ached.

Through all of this,

I’ve had the great pleasure of deepening my love for Allan’s amazing family,

been blessed by the love & caring of the Cottage tribe,

and been reminded very vividly to heed my good advice:

slow down.



drink in the joy.

tea in bed

learn to let go and let be.

And, though it was a great adventure and I learned much,

I am so happy to be home!

I’m borrowing the gifts of Minerva to help me as I return to my life…

In Roman mythology, Minerva was the god­dess of wisdom.

In case of attack she was a war­like goddess,

but she had no desire for foreign conquest,

no sympathy with war, violence, and bloodshed.

She presided over agriculture and household arts—spinning, weaving, and embroidery.

She gave mortals the olive and taught them how to cultivate it.

Minerva was the Roman goddess of wisdom, medicine, handicrafts,

poetry, and the arts in general. She is symbolized by an owl.

becoming (This beautiful image is from http://www.jessicasporn.blogspot.com)

Minerva’s Archetypes

The Teacher/ Inventor:

The Teacher and Inventor communicates knowledge, experience and wisdom.

The Warrior:

Archetype represents physical strength, and the ability to protect and fight for your rights and those of others.

Minerva is one cool lady!

Holy Minerva!

Watch for new classes,

some fun adventures for us to share,

and more opportunities for creative merriment.


I send you my gratitude and love.


Mistress of Merriment

© Copyright, Kaitlin Meadows, 2016. All Rights Reserved.

My Crazy, Messy, Wonderful Life!

march blog 2

(Image from the delightful Mary Engelbreit)

O My Gosh! I’m in the middle of a HUGE tizzy of creative activity!

march blog 6

(from www.inspirationde.com)

My big, juicy art journal and basket of paints are spread out on the dining room table in a joyous riot.

My sewing machine is piled high with projects, including a whole new batch of art dolls I’m calling “Whimsies.”

(I LOVE this picture of the Cotton Monster  (aka Jennifer Strungle) in her studio–(check her out at  https://www.etsy.com/shop/cottonmonster)

march blog 3

I have several clay projects in the kiln dripping yummy glazes.

The window sill is crowded with tomato seedlings.

From the oven, there are wonderful aromas of a delectable new dessert.

It’s my version of SPRING FEVER!

march blog

(Beautiful image from Maria Pace-Wynters)

So please forgive that the March classes are a little late…

and there is paint in my hair and the house could do with a good sprucing up.

Forgive that there are a million “grown up” tasks to do

and grave responsibilities to handle 

that I can’t quite get to at the moment.

Please be patient with me

while I play in the garden,

read under the covers, watch old movies until midnight,

and cavort in my own magical realm.

march blog 1

(Beautiful image “A Cozy Night” from Kim Parkhurst )

I’m giving myself some white space…some quiet space…some absolutely my own space.

It’s a time of regrouping for me.

A time of rest.

A time of dreaming up new adventures.

As artist Jamie Ridler reminds, “resting is part of the work.”

march blog 4Quote by Kurt Vonnegut

So I am taking two weeks off…

Next week my Beloved Albert and my happy dog Gus

will trek to a tiny cabin in Portal

to be dazzled by the migrating hummingbirds.

We’ll hike and have campfires and read and play and be recharged.

It’s all part of my quest to “leave room for the unimaginable,” as my favorite poet Mary Oliver says.

blog 2-12-1

(Image from the Crones Corner)

I LOVE my crazy, messy, wonderful life!

I hope I have inspired you

to make some time for yourself

(in this brief, fragile season of desert Spring)

to play and dream and read and be in nature.

We have such a tiny moment on Earth–

don’t waste it

being overwhelmed or afraid!

Kindle your inner flame–shine brightly–

open your heart to love and miracles…

AND come play at the Creative Cottage

with other amazing women who endlessly

inspire, delight, and enchant me!

march blog 5

(From www.ForEveryMom.com)

Much Love and Happy Spring Fever from Kaitlin

(A lady of perpetual astonishment! )

© Copyright, Kaitlin Meadows, 2016. All Rights Reserved.

Love the Gush!

pixie dust

WOW! You came through with such a wonderful gush of pure love!

Such kindness and encouragement!

You volunteered to help–you brought supplies–you called and wrote and enveloped me in love!

feb 2-5

(picture by the wonderful Mary Engelbreit)

I feel as if a great weight is slipping off my shoulders…

a major happy shift is underfoot…

and I have a renewed zest & eagerness for adventures still to come!

feb 16 4

(This beautiful piece of art was created by Kerry Darlington)

It all started when my dear friend PIMM suggested I might be ready for a new spirit totem.

At first I was, like, “Golly gee, no.”

I’ve been a member of the Badger Clan for two decades–

“solitary, low to the ground, not easily aroused but fierce when agitated.”

PIMM suggested I check out the Zuni Bear totem.


I resisted–“I’m no big, bad bear!” I growled.

But here’s what it says…

feb 2 113 susan seddon boulet

(“Bear Dance” by Susan Seddon Boulet)

Direction of the Home of Waters (I crave the western sea, the wide blue Pacific, with my every fiber!)

Introspection: Healing (My career as a nurse, counselor, care-giver)

Solitude (I love living way out in the country!)

Change (I’ve had a lifetime of interesting transitions!)

Strength in the face of adversity (Yep–got this one!)

Introversion  (Poet, artist, hermit)

Management of transitions (Life counsel-giver, end-of-life wisdom keeper)

Communications between humans and spirit (My life work!)

Color: Blue (Have you SEEN my cobalt glass collection!)

Yikes! It’s ME!

she bear

(Art by Dark Natasha: darknatasha.deviantart.com)

The bear spirit animal is strength and confidence standing against adversity; taking action and leadership.

The spirit of the the bear indicates it’s time for healing or using healing abilities to help self or others.

Bear medicine emphasizes the importance of solitude, quiet time, rest.

The spirit of the bear provides strong grounding forces.

When I visualized how BEAR might look for me; a gray-haired, nearly 70-year-old, hippie gypsy crone,

I saw: a scruffy, seasoned, lamed, fur-thinning grandmother she-bear,

a comfortable old, “lived in” she-bear,

a story-holder, peace-maker, spirit-nurturer she-bear.

And, easy as that, she stepped right into my life to guide me through these last chapters.

It feels so right!

And the old she-bear needs her solitude, her lolling in the sun, her meditations that turn into great voluptuous naps.

feb 2-1

She needs paints and paper and fabric and clay.

She needs her jolly band of friends, her dear tribe of renegade mermaids.

mermaids 3

(These bathing beauties by Cory McCrory)

And she needs the on-going courage to ask for help when she needs it!

Thanks for the big, fat, juicy, warm, delightful gush of love!

And reminding me to…

feb 2-7 afsaeh tajvidi

(by Afsaeh Tajvidi, a Canadian artist who has the JooJoo Art Blog)

I am warmed by your love, overwhelmed by your generosity,

and sooooooo touched my your love.

Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!

The Creative Cottage is alive and well

and the Mistress of Merriment is full of joy & gratitude!

feb 2 11 linda apple

 (Wise Woman’s Stone by Linda Apple at http://www.globallightminds.com)

P. S.

Thanks for sold out classes all month long!

Please note the addition of a second class in art journaling.

If you’ve wanted to start art journaling, sign-up quick, quick, quick at Paloma@dakotacom.net

It will be a great crash course and lots of “getting art-fully started” inspirations!

Arty Tarts: Get Started: Friday, February 19, 10 am to 1 pm: Come get started on the wonderful adventure of art journaling! I’ll help you dive into art journaling with inspirations & techniques. I’ll get you started on a new journal or light a fire under your old journal. You bring your journal and I’ll supply paint and collage materials. $20—some supplies included.

See ya soon at The Cottage!

Love From The She-Bear

© copyright, Kaitlin Meadows, 2016. All Rights Reserved.


feb 16 1

I’m going to level with you. I’ve been in a quandary. A real quandary.

Spring 13

The Creative Cottage is five years old this month! WoooooHooooooo!

Five years ago I dared dream I could create a magical place for women to come play, make art and share stories.

I had no business plan–no capital–no investors–no experience–

but I had a big juicy vision and a huge beautiful dream

and I went for it!

feb 16 13

And you helped make it fly.

You came to my classes and celebrated at my potlucks and we became such good friends!

Playing At The Cottage!

I have felt so completely blessed by The Creative Cottage and the tribe of magical women who have made it their second home!

You have enriched my life with your friendship, enthusiasm, and loving support of the Creative Cottage and the Girlz With HeART.

It has been an amazing rollercoaster of mostly pure joy…

do the impossible

but, frankly,  I’m wearing out…falling apart…losing momentum.

feb 16 6

(Spider Woman By Susan Seddon Boulet)

I’ll be 70 this year.

My chronic, acute Lyme Disease is taking a toll.

Rent & art supplies are going up.

My Sweetheart is officially retired now and wants a side kick for day trips and adventures.

I have a million other dreams urgent to fly.

The needs of the Girlz I mentor are endless and heart challenging.

There are two dozen art projects–including a new collection of poetry–languishing

because I just can’t seem to make enough time in my life for them.


I need your help.

Please give me a little grace period.

I need a one week monthly sabbatical.

One week off from The Cottage every month

(starting in March)

to do my own thing, refill my own tanks, and make my own art.

feb 16 9

Here’s my plan.

You’ll step up and offer to teach something you know or are passionate about at The Cottage.

(Remember: Part of my mission has been to empower YOU to share your creativity!)

You’ll design a class, a workshop, a gathering suitable for sharing at The Cottage

to help me out…you’ll make sure you show up & pay for classes you signed up for…

AND you’ll continue to share your overflow of art supplies, paper towels, and JOY

with me.

My old, beat-up, prickly heart is so full of love for you…

please help me keep going!

prickle heart

Much Love From Kaitlin

Mistress of Muddle, Magic, and MERRIMENT!

© Copyright, Kaitlin Meadows, 2016. All Rights Reserved.



Where The Heck Is Kait?

happy face

Have you been wondering?

Off the map for almost a month…lost in space…full of mischief…gone to Botswana?

No, just drifting along in my own magical world…

trying to recharge after the tizzy of the holidays, hoping to rekindle my creative spark,

taking a workshop from my dear mentor Catherine Nash, and just muddling about in my own happy fog.

And, did I mention,

having a fabulous, glorious reunion visit with my beloved sister Kim

who brought me the most amazingly embellished new overalls?

Kim w Kait's New Overalls

We were like this wonderful Inge Look image below…

two silly sisters up all night talking and laughing and sharing stories!

jan16 1

And I’ve been enjoying all the things that come with this lovely pre-production, spring-feeling weather!

jan 16 2


The music of wonderful local musicians Sabra Faulk and Mitzi Cowell at the treasure that is La Cocina downtown

(one of our favrorite places for great food & local music)…

The sweet, joyous Italian family Zoppe Circus.


The incredible performance of Bogue of Cats at the world-class Rogue Theater!

And fun classes & potlucks at the Cottage with the beautiful women who make our tribe such a delight!

The picture below says it all–

Creative Cottage wimmin want to be in the front row (NOT the third row!)

front row

So what else have I been up to?

Doing the things I love…


Reading “H is For Hawk” and “The Forgotten Garden”

seeing the beautifully crafted “The Danish Girl”

singing along to all the David Bowie songs I know while the whole world mourned the loss of such an elegant soul.

And taking a new series of clay classes,

clay sculpture

writing a whole new batch of poems,

and sharing little adventures with my Beloved Albert.

The time just raced by and I lost track.

Sorry if you worried about me.

Just having too much fun I guess…

because this is what I have recently learned…we have to

trust the journey

and be willing to do what it takes to replenish our hearts, fill up our souls, and overflow with joy!

So don’t give up on me…

I’ll post some very fun February classes in a day or two and I hope you’ll want to come and play…


john irving

Life is as beautiful as we chose to make it…

when all else fails, hug your sister

Kim sisters

and make art–especially at The Creative Cottage!!

Paint Smears

Love Love Love  from Kaitlin

Mistress of Merriment



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Ruby sign

I’m trying to learn to take my own advice to “Slow Down, have more FUN, and go on little mini-adventures” in the middle of my busy life!

Soooooo, my Sweetheart and I took a lovely autumnal day trip this week to explore the mining ghost town of Ruby, Arizona.

First mined in the 1870’s, Ruby is 50 miles southwest of Tucson and 4 miles north of the Mexico border, surrounded by the Coronado National Forest in an area of very rugged mountains covered with mesquite, walnut and oak trees. The road into Ruby is very rough and often impassable in monsoon and rainy seasons.

Ruby rust

There’s lots of old, rusty metal–(which you know I LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!)

Ruby rust 2

And even an old wreck of a truck–which thrilled me no end–(don’t know why I love rusty stuff so much!)

Ruby truck 1

And there is an evocative beauty in the dissolving adobes that whisper stories of the miners and their families who called this rugged place their home.

Ruby adobe 1

Empty windows…

Ruby window 3

and broken doorways…

Ruby wreck 2

In its heyday, Ruby employed 300 miners (working round-the-clock shifts) and there were an estimated 1,200 people living in the town–mostly in tents and shacks cobbled together on the hillsides. There was a post office, school, cemetery, jail, saloons, stores, and even a hospital. 

But Ruby was most proud of their school…

Ruby school chalkboard

with its 3 stall privy,

Ruby school privy

its heated classrooms,

Ruby school stove

and it fabulous home-made (and death defying!) slide out back

Ruby school slide

The mine closed in 1940 after producing over $10,000,000 in lead, zinc, and copper (and lesser amounts of gold & silver.)

There is a sad, haunting quality in ruins–forgotten stories and lost history–but, in so many ways, it’s fun to wander through the past, glimpsing new vistas through old windows…

Ruby truck window

and stepping through forgotten doorways into new realms…  

Ruby door within door

We had a wonderful day in Ruby, wandering around, stepping back in time.

The ride out was glorious–recent rains had greened the hillsides and sent little creeks dashed along merrily…

Ruby creek

Please take time to go replenish your spirit and refill your soul in your own special way!

Don’t forget to enjoy the amazing things that surround us; the infinite beauty of nature, the gentle welcome of the season, and the pleasure of just “getting away from it all!”

Ruby doorway 1

Your life is waiting! Go grab it up with joy!


It’s too precious and fleeting to waste another second!  Go enjoy it!

 Autumnal Love to You From Kaitlin,

Mistress of Merriment

© Copyright, Kaitlin Meadows, 2015. All Rights Reserved.