Love Letter To My Beloved

Grumpy Old ManThis is the sign on our front door…you’d be surprised how it deflects both door-to-door salesman and rogue missionaries! And it’s only partly true. My Sweetheart Albert is a joy-filled, young-at-heart, playful, funny, delightful man who does not suffer fools well. He is mostly patient, tolerant, compassionate, and kind…BUT, if you’re mean-spirited, gossipy, arrogant, self-centered, or any way bigoted, you’d best NOT knock on our door!

After discovering that some of the life-partners I picked early in my life were lacking in the various virtues I admired most (intelligence, kindness, good humor, compassion), I felt like the luckiest woman in the world when Albert Albert & Lasagne and I found each other on an archaeology project in 2000. I joke that he saw me at my worst and my best–four feet under ground in a 3 foot by 3 foot excavation unit, grubby, sweaty, and grinning like crazy at the wonderful adventure of pursuing my passion–archaeology. We share that passion–and so many others (blush, blush!)…Camp CookAnd he’s one of the smartest, kindest, FUNNIEST people I’ve ever known…our life together has been the very best part of my life!

My Dad always said you could tell a lot about a man if he was a good camper or not…that is, could he build a fire, cook over it, keep you warm and dry, be of good cheer even when the weather went bad or someone forgot to pack the matches? And Albert is that guy…he absolutely SHINES camping–the fire gets started even with wet twigs and he’s a great camp cook, stirring up delights as he whistles a happy tune. At home in the wilds, Albert is the original Nature Boy! My Dad would be grinning to know I ended up with a Good Camper! And so am I!Campin' With gusP.S. AND he really knows how to RELAX–a virtue I have only begun to cultivate! He can sit in a lawn chair with a good book, our happy dog Gus beside him,  with a big ol’ grin on his face, and NOT feel guilty about all the things on his “to do” list! He has sooooo much to teach me! And I’m an eager and enthusiastic student–Kaitlin A'Bloom Autumn EquinoxLife is beautiful and I AM the luckiest woman in the world because I have the love, respect, and affection of one smart, sweet, silly, sexy “grumpy old man!”

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Can You Dig It!

Everyone has a passion–some people have a couple of them–I seem to be blessed with dozens & dozens of them! I love making art and teaching creativity classes, I love playing in my garden, I love hiking and camping, I love writing and reading, I love traveling and exploring, I love my Beloved Albert, I love working with my wonderful tribe of young women, and I LOVE  LOVE  LOVE archaeology! We Are All Family I was hooked the moment  I first read about folks who traveled the world digging up evidence of the ancient ones, trying to learn who they were and how they lived. There weren’t many examples of women who did archaeology back then–but I’ve always been blessed with a very  vivid imagination and I could dream myself in Peru or Greece or the heart of Africa on a magical expedition to discover the secret lives of people who lived thousands of years ago…I got a degree in nursing because that was the right thing to do–but I also got a degree in archaeology because that was my real passion! For many years I spent every vacation on “digs” around the world. Dirty, sweaty, grubby, hard work…digging, screening, cataloguing…???????????????poring over the tiniest  artifacts with absolute AWE!… ?????????????Archaeo Tech????????????????teaching kids to think about the people of the past and the lives they lived…

???????????????? even meeting my Sweetheart Albert out on an archaeological dig!… ??????????????

and now spending many passionate hours studying the earliest inhabitants of the desert Southwest as an Arizona State Archaeological Site StewardEarth DanceI LOVE archaeology!!!!?????????????????can you dig it?

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Happy Happy Holidaze!

“Tis the season…of changing weather, way too many things on the endless “To Do” list, and lots of extra tasty food groups to sample (why the heck do my jeans keep shrinking this season–must be the dryer!)

I’m POOPED and it isn’t even officially winter yet! After decorating the tree…Hand wiping up delicious treats in the kitchen…Holiday Kitchenand playing with my huge snow people collection (it’s an addiction!) Snow Man Collectionthere is way too little time to do all of the thousands of things that need doing…but, around the edges, I have been:

Bookshelvesre-organizing the oodles of fantastic art and creativity books I keep at The Cottage to lend…and researching petroglyphs and pictographs of the Southwest (archaeology is my passion!)…Mand making a new garden area at my little home in beautiful Picture Rocks

Kait's New Gardenplus playing with my dog Gus (rescued from the animal shelter!)G

But, around the edges, I DID get my January 2013 (can you believe 2013! Yikes) Creative Cottage class schedule up (see the Creative Cottage tab above)…full of fun, creative play day opportunities for you just in case the Mayan claendar is wrong and we all get to celebrate the holidays and emerge in the Nw Year ready to arouse and nourish our creative souls to new adventutres in art makng and friendship! I hope so…please come join me for a wonderful New Year at The Ceative Cottage and THANKS for all your love and support in 2013!!!

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