Cavort: to engage in joyful activity; to have lively, boisterous fun


This what the Tucson Weekly said when they highlighted our storytelling event as one of their coveted “Pics of the Week”:

Local “mischief makers” Kaitlin Meadows and Penelope Starr will put on a literary performance full of inquiry and illumination. Antigone Books, 411 N. Fourth Ave., will host the event on Friday, April 24, from 7 to 8:30 p.m. The theme of the night is balance. The performers will explore how to manage asking, receiving, and learning to love what you have and get in a whimsical style that involves surprises and audience involvement. Both Meadows and Starr have extensive experience as storytellers and should engage the community in a fun and thought-provoking performance.

K&P-1 And, YIKES! did we have fun! Thanks to all our fabulous peeps who showed up to share the evening of cavorting with us…


I’m was thrilled how many old friends came to laugh along with us!



This is our fourth year of sharing these storytelling ventures at Antigone…and I love my side-kick–

Penelope Starr K&P-15

is the amazing creator of Odyssey Storytelling . She was one of the first wonderfully creative souls I met when I arrived in Tucson a dozen years ago–and before I knew what was happening, she had me performing as an Odyssey storyteller…it’s been a crazy, wonderful ride since then!

Every year we find a way to take our dog & pony show (more like a Thelma & Louise movie actually!) to Antigone.

Have I raved about Antigone in these posts lately?…Antigone is one of only a handful of independent bookstores left in America–woman owned, a landmark off Tucson’s famous Fourth Avenue, and the most magical place to find the books, periodicals, journals, cards, and just plain “cool stuff” in Tucson.

I LOVE their kids section and the “Staff Picks” are always engaging and inspiring. Any book you hear about on NPR (or anywhere else) they’ll order for you. And if they don’t have it, they are gracious enough to send folks right down the street to my OTHER favorite bookstore, The Book Stop, also woman owned and in business for 48 years–AGAINST ALL THE ODDS!

you can do this

PLEASE support these fabulous Tucson bookstores–please don’t buy all your books from Amazon or other syndicates! These are our LOCAL businesses–with real,  hardworking, LOCAL employees who care–who live and breathe books–and who encourage local characters like Penelope and I to speak freely and share joyously.

Here is Antigone’s Debbie Cross introducing us…(thanks Debbie!)


We had a fabulous time telling our stories! Thanks to those of you who joined us…and thanks for supporting Antigone (and The Book Stop)…

CAVORT every danged chance you get! It’s soooo much fun!

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Happy Cavorting!

Love From Your Mistress of Merriment,


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WHOOOOOSH! What A Great Week!

Hello Funsters~

I’ve just had the most amazing week! Don’tcha just love when you discover that someone you thought you knew  surprises you with a hobby or a talent or a special interest that knocks your sox off? Well…I hope I can be that someone for you this week!

Most people know me as a mild mannered Mistress of Merriment at The Creative Cottage–teaching creativity classes and making art. Others know that my background includes hospice nursing, archaeology, dry land gardening, wildlife tracking, creative writing, and being a mom, grandma, and wife. Some know that I’m President of StoryArts Group, Inc., the fine local folks who bring the monthly Odyssey Storytelling series to Tucson, and that I’ve told stories to adults and kids for years.

story close 13On Friday night, I joined my wonderful friend and amazing sidekick Penelope Starr Penelope 11-13at Antigone Bookstore for a wonderful evening of fun and entertainment telling stories. Antigone is our very own independent, solar powered, groovy bookstore on our famous, funky Fourth Avenue and they have provided us an opportunity to do these shows every autumn for the last four years–it’s become a wonderful tradition for us!story sign 13We called it Imaginary Stories (That Just Could Be True): an entertaining evening of mirth and mischief telling fanciful stories, tall tales, and outright lies! Thanks to all of you who came out to support us! There was an over-flow crowd and people really seemed to have as much fun as we were having! 

story crowd 13We told stories from our own lives–some true and some “not so” and the audience got to guess which were which…of the dozens and dozens of folks there not one single person guessed all of them correctly–which either means we’re GREAT storytellers or horrible liars! But we had a blast and thanks again to Antigone for the pleasure of another wonderful evening!story ooo 13So, you’d think, that was all the fun one dame could handle in a week huh? Wrongo, Wrongo.

Last Saturday, I was able to fulfill a “bucket list” dream thanks to my beloved Albert’s surprise gift. I got to drive a real Nascar race car! race car 1I LOVE fast cars and have always been a “gear head”–my Dad was the sort of guy who could fix anything and he taught me all about cars & engines. He taught me that knowing how an internal combustion engine worked was cool–and looooong before “women’s lib,” he insisted I know how to change my own oil & spark plugs. He taught me to love tools and respect their use, to play fair and work hard, and to be an honorable but fierce competitor. I’ve been eternally grateful to him for this legacy of empowerment and couldn’t help but believe he was my co-pilot on this adventure, even though he passed away over a year ago now.

In the early days of my “racing career” I drove an old, beat up,  souped-up Chevelle Super Sport at the Imperial Raceway in El Centro, California. It was a rough and tumble dirt track and loads of fun but I’ve always dreamed of driving a high-powered Nascar style race car…so I DID!!!! race signI got suited up… Race suitGot my helmet and wriggled into the car…car windowin carAnd then I put my foot to the floor and raced around the track like I was a Nascar super star! It was an absolute blast! I didn’t crash–I didn’t pee my pants–and I had sooooo much fun!car waveWhat a week!!!!!! I’m still in such a happy mood!

P. S.

For those of you who think Nascar is just plain hill-billy crazy–in today’s prestigious New York Times, there was an article about the great American poet Billy Collins, who has graced our own Tucson Festival of Books  to the delight of his legions of fans, and HE admitted to being a rabid Nascar fan. ( New York Times/ 11/17/2013: an article by Kate Murphy: Billy Collins)  I rest my case.

Vroooooom Vrooooom Beep Beep!

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