Up, Up, and Away!


Today’s the day…the day I’ve been dreaming about for months & months…

this is the day that begins a grand adventure with my sister Kim in the Sierras! sisters 2

After so many long, long, difficult , HOT months of worry & stress & chores & cancer treatments for my darlin’ Albert, I’m taking ten days off to refresh and refill! 


I almost talked myself out of it as too selfish.

I almost couldn’t allow myself the joy of it.

As recently as yesterday, I was sure I couldn’t go cuz of all the responsibilities and chores and plain old “good girl guilt.”

But I’m going! 

she decided

I’m going because you have given me the best send off, the most wonderful encouragement, and because I must. Really. I must. The tanks are drained empty. The head is just too full. The chores are never ending. I need nature. I need my sister. I need a break.

oct 2 3

And, aren’t you proud of me?

I’m going–despite all the challenges, despite all the fears and woes and worries. I’m going!

And I’m going to have so much fun! 

tree autumn

I’m going to go camping, make art, dabble my toes in the river, and  stand in utter awe of the colors of Yosemite in Autumn.


I’m going to be away from computers and email and cyber news and EVERYTHING for ten whole, glorious, soul-quenching days!

in the moment

I’m going! Because we need white space in our lives.

Because we need calm and quiet and peace.

Because we deserve it.

Because we are worthy.

Because unless we remind ourselves of the glorious world of nature and joy and REST we are lost.

sisters dancin'

I’m going to remind myself how to play and laugh and enjoy!

Thanks for all your love and well wishes. Thanks for supporting the Cottage in my absence. Thanks for sending me off with such love! See ya on the other side–full of news and photos, rested and restored! Much love and appreciation From KaitieBug

© Copyright, Kaitlin Meadows, 2017. All Rights Reserved.

Thanks to Pinterest for many beautiful pictures.


By thundermoonstudios

Never Give Up!

no give 1


it just seems too hard.

Too much.

Too sad.

Too overwhelming.


I get so angry

I’m surprised I don’t burst into flames.


I get so sad

I’m sure my battered old heart will shatter.


I feel so hopeless

I just want to give up.

I mean it.

Just give up.

But mostly,

I’m just deeply,



In my country.

In our leaders.

In all of us.

But I see this

as our clarion call…

we either wake up

or we die


our beautiful,


forgiving universe

down with us!)

I choose to wake up!

no give 10

I’m made of sturdy stock.

Irish & Swede.

Poor but proud.

Tain’t ever been easy for my kind…

but we don’t go down easy.

We stand our ground,

we speak up,

we strike,

we march,

we show up,

we lend a hand,

we share a meal,

we care.

no give 12

I have had a wonderful, difficult, challenging life.

I have lots of good reasons

to sit this one out…

my husband has terminal cancer,

I have Lyme Disease

and last year at this time

I had a heart attack.

I am weary,

my bones ache,

my nerves twitch,

my gait falters a wee bit…

but I’m IN IT

and I’m gonna stay


even as my mind unspools

and my heart stutters to a stop.

I will NOT give up.


no give 5

I am determined. I am focused. I am woman. I will persist.

How about you?

Can I count on you?

This image from Dorothea Lange, 

from the dust bowl era, has haunted me all my life.

no give 16

It inspired me to want to help co-create a world

where hunger and fear, war and hatred,

no longer existed.

I’ve worked all my life to help build that world.

It was good work. Solid work. Meaningful work.

It was work that mattered and made a difference.

I’m still at that work 50-plus years after I started.

This is no time to

give up.

Our world has gone mad…

no give 17

it is a world bathed in blood,

no give 15

a world where children are not safe,

no give 18

a world where hatred abounds,

no give 19

a world where Mother Earth

has to rage and spew,

shake and rumble,

flood and catch fire

to  humble us

and remind us who’s REALLY in charge!

no give 9

We are in the eye of a cataclysmic soul storm.

It is our time.

no give 14

Step up.

Speak out.

Stand strong.

We are the Earth Healers, the Soul Menders,

the wild, beating heart of Hope.

It is our time…

rise up

time to figure out what we stand for…

what we’re made of,

how we can best use

our gifts, our graces, and our fierce gentleness.

It is time for us to tighten our tribe,

batten down the hatches,

buckle up,

and unleash our wild woman powers.

This is my plan…

no give 6

What’s yours?

Let’s compare notes, make plans, build bridges not walls, and open the borders of our minds and hearts.

Let’s keep at the good work of peace, equality, compassion, and civility.

Don’t stop now.

Don’t lose heart.

No rest for the weary.

The world is counting on us!

Stand up! Speak out!

Reach deep and keep on being wild and wise and willing to hold up your corner of the universe with unflinching love and unwavering commitment.

Take my hand, hold up this banner, lift your eyes, begin to sing in a strong and loud and uncompromising voice…

“WE shall overcome, we SHALL overcome, We shall OVERCOME!”

and sing it until it is true!

I am sending you love and strength and HOPE!


P. S.

no give 8

© Copyright, Kaitlin Meadows, 2017. All Rights Reserved.




The “New Normal”

alb 18

Especially these days, I remind myself how precious and fleeting life is.

My Beloved, Albert, is bravely navigating a terrible illness and we are creating a new way of life, trying to find little moments of joy in each day, deepening our love, and learning to live totally in the present.

It has been a time of profound new insights.

alb 15

We are reviewing the many high points of our wonderful lives together, hugging our friends and family with more enthusiasm, and trying to celebrate the exquisite moments which used to get lost in the bustle of our too busy days.

alb 19

We are trying to make these days especially dear and sweet.

But there are challenges…chemo ain’t no picnic and pain ain’t no joke!

alb 11

We are trying to create a “new normal” that accommodates our new circumstances. This cancer is incurable and inoperable. Albert can no longer drive or work outdoors. We can’t manage camping or travel to somewhere other than chemo & doctor appointments.  The battle to stay alive takes every ounce of Albert’s energy and focus. So we try to make the best of what we can. Ice cream everyday! More naps! Words of love and gratitude spoken out loud more often!

alb 6

We have been swathed in love and caring…so many thoughtful cards and magical gifts! So many beautiful gestures of help and support! So many reasons to be thankful!

alb 7

The amazing women of our Creative Cottage tribe have been incredibly supportive and kind–helping me keep the Cottage rent paid and lavishing their love on us. They know…

alb 1

and when I am weary and scared and feeling extra vulnerable they hold me tight and whisper reassurances. Thank you! More than you can ever know, you help keep me afloat.

Here are some philosophies I am embracing with new gusto…

alb 20


alb 14

I am trying very hard to believe I can handle all this…

alb 3

and I am trying to remember to take better care of myself so I can take better care of Albert.

alb 2

Because my Sweetheart is being so brave, so loving, so much the  “New York street fighter” who has gotten through lots and lots of hard times in the past with sheer gumption and true grit…

and because I love him with all my heart and soul…

alb 16

Thank you for your love & support & for coming to play at The Creative Cottage so we can continue to share our stories, our tears, and, most especially, our laughter and joy!

Blessed Am I By You!

With Much Love and Appreciation From Kaitlin

© Copyright, Kaitlin Meadows, 2017. All Rights Reserved.

Images with thanks to Pinterest

This Changes Everything

“When we least expect it, life sets us a challenge to test our courage and willingness to change; at such a moment, there is no point in pretending that nothing has happened or in saying that we are not ready. The challenge will not wait. Life does not look back. A week is more than enough time for us to decide whether or not to accept our destiny.” Paulo Coelho


(above image: RobinMeadDesigns at Etsy)

That has always been my philosophy.

I’ve tried to live by it.

I know how fragile and precious life is.

I know how tentatively we are all here.

But, sometimes,

out of the blue,

everything you thought you knew


and it’s hard to remember

all your fine philosophies.

You get one of those,

“this changes everything” surprises.


Side-swiped by fate.

Blind-sided by bad news.

Real life.

Can’t ignore it.

Can’t wish it away.

Life-changing moments.


My Sweetheart has cancer.

It’s not good.

The prognosis is poor.

The treatment options are awful.

His pain is constant and overwhelming.




It’s easy to get swept up in denial and grief.

It’s hard to stay positive.

But we must face it.

We must puzzle out how best to go forward.

courage love

Life and death.

Not a theoretical discussion anymore.

Not a philosophical inquiry.

What to do–

fight for your life

or make peace with your morality?

At the moment, we’re in the scary netherworld

between diagnosis and game plan.



Prone to sudden fits of tears.

Exhausted by the process.

courage 2

We’re weighing options and hunkering down.

It’s hard to project too far in front of us…

 one day at a time,

one day at a time.

We’re in a very fragile state right now.

It consumes our every waking thought.

We’re navigating through the treacherous gauntlet

of tests and scans and blood work and specialists.

We’re praying and hoping and trying not to get pulled under.

We’re “processing” and trying to find our way.

We’re looking for tiny spangles of joy in each day.

We’re loving each other tenderly and fiercely.


Sorry that I’ve not been able to form words for it

or use this blog to keep you informed

while I’ve been floundering in the dark.

Don’t think I don’t love you

or that I’m not thinking about you,

my crazy wonderful tribe.

Don’t think I’ve fallen off the edge of the planet

(though sometimes it feels as if I have!)

I’ve just been swept away by big, gully-washin’


cuz this fella is sooooo dear to me

and I love him so much.

I tell him

love longer

But I am infinitely grateful

for all the wonderful years we have shared

and I’m committed

to spending every spare moment I can with this remarkable man

who has filled my life with such love.

We’ll travel this path together,

hand in hand,

buoyed by allies and friends

(which includes you!)

who have already swaddled us in compassion and thoughtfulness.

We’re gonna put all our juice into making this process another opportunity for learning and growing and sharing and trusting.

Please understand, it’s hard right now…

we don’t have much energy left for anything else…


You can support me best by continuing to sign up for Cottage classes (check them out under the Classes tab) and joining me there for our wonderful brew of creative play and tribal wisdom sharing.

Please support kind teachers like Anne, Judy, and Marnie who have agreed to step up and help me with teaching.

And please send little prayers that Albert manages this transit with his usual wit, courage, and consciousness. 

light tunnel

We are entering the long tunnel

with the fondest hope that we can find the radiant light at the end.

Please stay with me on the journey,

I need you

cuz, in the end,

ram das

Much Love and Gratitude From Kaitlin

cacti bloom

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What a wonderful, amazing adventure!

011 (2)

I spent a whole week with my beautiful sister Kim in the Sierra Nevada Mountains of California.

(Made all the sweeter for the nearly 25 years we lost track of one another!)

This sweet Lisi Martin painting always reminds me of Kim and I…

lisi martin

Each time I see her it’s as if a new part of my heart opens and blossoms. We leap into each other’s presence (no matter the time apart!) as if we’d just had tea together yesterday. We finish each other’s sentences. We find we like (and dislike) so many of the same (random) things. We nearly laugh ourselves into fits and almost jabber ourselves hoarse.


sisters 2

We had sooooo much fun this last week together; excitedly sharing news of our lives, comparing our fondest dreams, conjuring collaborative projects, giggling like kids, & always up to some sort of mischief or other.


It was such a pleasure to join my sister for her Spirit Doll class…


at the beautiful Intermountain Nursery! It’s a gorgeous nursery, operated by very dear people who have dedicated their lives to plant ecology and restoration projects.


The class was a pure delight!

The participants were lively and full of creative spark (like my beloved Cottage tribe!)


Here is Kim’s Crow Woman…


and my Sierra Autumn Crone


Everyone adores my sister (ALMOST as much as I do!)


and she is the most encouraging of teachers.

100 (2)


We spent another whole day roaming the gorgeous green, spring Sierras, dabbling in the roaring creeks, picnicking and napping, exploring and rejoicing!


We even discovered a rare Harlequin Lupine…067

And on my last day, Kim treated me to the most amazing surprise! A full day in my beloved Yosemite…


at the very height of spring!

We took a watercolor class through the Yosemite Conservancy from the delightful Sonja Hamilton who taught us so much


as we sat around her on the path to the majestic gush of Yosemite Falls.


We had such an amazing day that we decided to gift each other a week long nature sketchbook journaling class in October at Yosemite with Janet Takahashi. We’re going to stay in the historic tent camps! We’re both incredibly excited!

vernal falls

The water! The green! The cool! The trees! The flowers!


I will hold all those memories so dear as we enter our scorching Sonoran summer.


I feel Kim and I are two magical fairy sisters (like these delightful felted ones from chopoli) who have so much joy and love to share!


It is my great good fortune to have darling Albert to hold-down-the-fort, keep the critters and the gardens afloat, and send me off with such a happy heart to be with my sister. I am so lucky that the Creative Cottage tribe sent me off with such love. I was so blessed that Kim’s husband Bro was such a wonderful naturalist guide and bemused encourager of all of our crazy fun.


It was such a beautiful time shared and it will long live in my heart as one the most glorious weeks of my life!

Thanks to Kim & Bro, to dearest Albert, and to all my amazing friends who sent me on my way with such a heart full of love to share!

sister birthday

Happy Summer & Happy Birthday Dear Sister Kim!

P. S. Please check out my June class schedule by clicking on the Cottage Classes tab and have a gander at our new Art Gifters Anonymous, Random Acts of Art, project by clicking on the Art Gifters tab.

Thanks to Pinterest for images mixed with many of my own photos.

Let love guide and keep you,


Mistress of Much Merriment

© Copyright, Kaitlin Meadows. All Rights Reserved, 2017.



In A World Of Color & Light


Sisters, we must be the healing light

in these dark and perilous times.

We must keep the flame of LOVE

highly stoked

and well tended

in our hearts.


We must be a mosaic of brilliant colors

that lifts broken spirits

and adds joy to our tortured world.


We must keep HOPE alive

and burning bright,

like lightning in a bottle.


We must keep a thousand lanterns lit

in the dark realms

where evil lives.

Each of us

has a color to add.


Each of us has a bit of light to bring.


Each of us must carry an ember in our hearts to share…



We will not be undone, subdued, or subverted

by the evil armies of hate, bigotry, exclusion, or fear.

Try to control us at your peril!


Sometimes we may falter,

sometimes we may feel overwhelmed and alone,

but we will triumph

because we are a tribe of wild-eyed creatives and

wommin power

We are the sensitives,

we are the barometers,

we are the rune readers,

we are the canaries

bravely singing

in your coal mines,

and we know

it is sacred and terrifying task

being women

in this broken world.

Try to silence us at your peril!


We know how to transform ourselves,

shape shift,

cocoon when we need to.

We carry the womb of creation in us,

the wisdom of our ancestors in us,

and the stories of our foremothers in us.

The hearts of all the wise warrior witches,

blue stocking suffragettes,

feminists, anarchists, housewives, mothers,

and just plain believers in a better, kinder, saner world

are beating strong & steady in us.

Underestimate us at your peril!



We aren’t worried what we look like

or what you think of us.

Our bodies,

our minds,

our spirits

are not yours.

We won’t be dismissed,


or disrespected.


We are the seed carriers,

the hearth tenders,

the dancers in the temple of joy.

Ignore us at your peril!


We are every color

rainbow hair

and we are every speck of light.

desert scene 4

You cannot destroy the divine feminine.

It is the vessel of all creation,

the soil in which your seed either sparks to life

or withers in death.

We are your mothers, sisters, lovers, comrades, allies

and we are here to give birth

to a new world

where love wins,

where freedom thrives,

where joy abounds.

Tamper with us at your peril!

aug blog 15

I believe

with all my heart

these words from one of poems…

“our life is resinous

with the kind of sap

that clings and glazes to even

the smallest moments,

a honey catching up our joy,

our love a deep blush

                   in a world of color and light.”

Keep The Faith Sisters!

Be Of Good Heart!

Act Up!


Step Into The Circle Of Color and Light!

Much Love and Gratitude From Kaitlin

© Copyright Kaitlin Meadows, 2017. All Rights Reserved.

Images from Pinterest with great thanks to all artists who so generously share their work.




Nature As Medicine

Nature Heals!

elizabet eiler

(image, with thanks, from Elizabet Eiler)

Nature heals me better than anything else out there.

Give me some time to play in the dirt, dip in the creek, climb the hill, or ride an ocean wave and I’ll be okay.

Nature has always been my haven and my healing balm. I go to her when I’m weary and frayed by the woes of the world. I go to her to re-enchant my sense of wonder and refresh my sanity. I go to her to deepen my faith and rekindle my spirit.

wildwomansisterhood 2

These days I find myself  following this good advice:bigcitybelle.blogspot.com

(image from: http://www.bigcitybelle.blogspot.com)

Not chasing the news or endlessly checking my emails, not allowing myself to be swept up into anyone else’s drama or being drawn into chronic despair, is freeing so much positive energy in my life! I find myself creating more, caring more, sleeping better, loving more deeply, and being profoundly grateful for all the tiny joys in my life.


I start my days in the garden, marveling at the bees and birds and budding flowers. I find every opportunity to be outside playing. I love our camping adventures and time spent by the campfire under the dazzling stars. I love quiet. And stillness. And breathing deep.


I’m an old hippie girl…barefoot and sun-dappled…a wreath of wildflowers in my hair…who has become an earth elder…an aged and seasoned gray haired crone devoted to taking care of Mother Earth.

medicine woman

I join the ranks of my heroines…

rachel carson

Rachel Carson

tasha tudor

Tasha Tudor

georgia o'keeffe

Georgia O’Keeffe

dian fossey

Dian Fossey

temple grandin

Temple Grandin

jane goodall

Jane Goodall

alice walker

Alice Walker

joy harjo

Joy Harjo

buffy saint-marie

Buffy Saint-Marie

and, most especially,


Wangari Maathai

in caring about the planet and putting my energy out there to uplift and celebrate others who join me in this work.

There are so many important causes to throw our energy into…and I am so pleased that our Creative Cottage tribe is actively participating in a huge variety of good works and consciousness raising activities about health care, children’s rights, immigration, and gun control. 

wommin power

I care deeply about all of these issues as well but, as an elder tribeswoman, one of my most important passions is being a nature steward, an earth tender, a voice for Mother Earth. I take this pledge every day…


My work is to help protect and preserve our precious planet, to be an informed citizen, to share my concerns about global warming and the poisoning of our water, food, & air.


My work is to keep my heart healthy so I can continue to  be an earth warrior.

My work is finding common ground, discovering ways we can agree, energizing people to feel they can make a difference, and reminding people they have the right (and responsibility) to raise their voices and insist on common decencies.  


(image from http://www.forumactif.com)

Please find ways you can help…join me (and our Cottage sisters) in the struggle to make a positive, constructive, honest, hard-working, focused difference in our world…cuz…

give a shit

In solidarity,

In the spirit of peace,

In the hope that you will join me,

each of us in our own small way,

turning the prayer wheel

for a better world.

With Love and Commitment,


woman power

© Copyright, Kaitlin Meadows, 2017. All Rights Reserved.




Random Acts of Love (& Art)!


I’ve turned a corner, jumped a fence, run out of the dark alley that’s held me captive for a while as I’ve grappled with health issues and the terrible disappointment of our country’s politics.

But in this beautiful season of rebirth, renewal, and resurrection, I’ve re-emerged, out the other side, into the sunny balm of a new day and new passions.

It’s danged hard to keep me down! I’m determined to do some small good in the world and to keep my faith, my joy, and my heart alive & well. Despite all odds.

My philosophy has always been to…

random 12

And I wanted to include our beautiful little tribe of Creative Cottage sisters in my new passion. Last week we launched an exciting new adventure together. We call ourselves Art Givers Anonymous and we’ve fashioned a creative coven of inspired women artists who make art to give away. Yes! To give away!

I have a long history of random acts of art in my life…my first recollection is a May Day 60 years ago–a little woven basket of painted popsicle sticks and a rag-tag bouquet of flowers left anonymously on the doorknob of an elderly shut-in. 

I’ve always loved paying forward little random acts of kindness. In college I became a Guerrilla Girl, making passionate political art and doing performance art in the streets. Decades later, I became the founder of Tucson’s chapter of Code Pink, the act up/act out group of women determined to be visible in their beliefs, and I staged a very successful Creativity Boot Camp for inspired activists at the Quaker Meeting House.

random 5

And now, it’s come full circle. Our devoted gaggle of Creative Cottage women have joined me in scattering their art to the winds of hope as small acts of love.

It was a wee bit of a risk to venture it. I am, after all, in the business of providing creative technique and how-to classes for women to make artist books, embossed metals, and become empowered to be Girlz with Tools. To ask women to pay to make art to ultimately give away? Well. Crazy, huh?

But you responded with wild enthusiasm–the class filled in minutes of me posting it and now we have a committed group who will make this monthly practice an on-going part of their spiritual and artistic process. I‘m soooo thrilled!

This is what we made this month…



Little mini-canvases to leave around Tucson with uplifting messages of love and hope.  Sarah left hers at Arizona Oncology for patients dealing with chemo.

random sarah

Anne left hers at the Prison Camp Trailhead.

random anne 4 14 17

We have an email account:


so that those who find our art can leave a comment.

We keep a log of what we make, where and when we leave it, and the feedback we receive.

It’s exciting!

Look around–are there little bits of this and that you might be able to repurpose somehow as an ephemeral piece of art released with love into the universe?

It’s a tiny thing.

A little gesture.

A mere moment of pure magic shared.

But it matters.

And it says, “Here, take this little gift, you’re worthy, you’re blessed, and somewhere, someone is sending you love.”

Frankly, that’s about all I can think to do right now in the midst of these revolutionary times.

I gotta do SOMETHING!

And if, in any way what-so-ever, I can spread JOY and generosity and act with the utmost civility and grace, then that is what I can do.

And you can too.

Every day in tiny ways…be kind, be willing to share joy, lift your life up to the light!

Love Love Love From Kaitlin and the Art Givers

May You Be Inspired!

© Copyright, Kaitlin Meadows, 2017. All Rights Reserved.

By thundermoonstudios


magic 10

Life is certainly a fascinating journey!

Just about the time you think you have a handle on it, there’s another freak rain storm and you realize you’ve forgotten your umbrella!

I was pretty danged sure I was almost, not quite, kinda-sorta, practically WELL again, thank you very much!

And then, BAM! knocked off my feet in another of Mr. Toad’s mad tumbles.

new year 14

If this sort of stuff is “character building”–I’m officially now QUITE the character!

Flat on my back, feeling like the universe inexplicably double-crossed me again, I could have chosen to stay down this time. Just give it up. Let it all go.

But there’s a wild Irish warrior woman who lives inside my soul and she’s still, apparently, got a lotta livin’ to do.

She just WOULDN’T allow me to cash it in yet.

Seems she’s got BIG plans for me.

Love to share, friends to enjoy, art to make, LIFE to LIVE.

So, I got back up and I decided to

magic 5

Sure I was scared.

Sure, for a moment there, I was pissed.

Sure I thought

how can this rickety old heart

keep going with soooo many setbacks?

How can I keep bouncing back?

What if, this time, I just can’t?

Well, heck. I gotta.

Too many people have loved and cared and been there for me.

Too many people have told me I could.

Too many people want to keep on hangin’ out at the Creative Cottage with me.

Too many people have been praying for me. 

This is what I realized about myself:

magic 2

There’s still work to be done.

There’s still joy & love & good tidings to share.

So I’m NOT giving up.

I’m NOT quitting.

I’m NOT gonna let this get me down.


So, I have a battered old heart.

So, I’m old and crotchety.

So, my stamina is mostly gone and my focus is a little blurry.

So I ain’t no spring chick.


I can still love and laugh and celebrate joy and make mischief and LIVE!


magic 11

I just gotta “keep on keepin’ on”

one day at a time,

minute by minute,

with as much gratitude and wonder and courage as I can muster.

I gotta keep at the task of being fully human,

immeasurably flawed,

and not a little scared by the way the world is going.

All I can do is hold my corner of it up.

All I can do is to stand for love,

work for peace,

and lavish myself in gratitude for every danged breath I still have.

magic 1

So here I go, back in the swing, up in the air,



ready for the next chapter!

Thanks for keeping me in your hearts,

for trusting that I wouldn’t give up,

and for being there,

on the other side of the dark & scary places,

with your own love & laughter & eagerness to LIVE!

magic 3

Let’s “keep on keepin’ on” TOGETHER!

Holding each other UP,

sharing each other’s tears,

celebrating each other’s victories,

and healing each other’s heart break.

I’m ready,

here is my hand,

let’s go!

With Love and Gratitude,


Mistress of Merriment

© Copyright Kaitlin Meadows, 2017. All Rights Reserved.




By thundermoonstudios

It’s Complicated


It’s complicated.

Life. Love. Family. Politics.

Work. Friends. Responsibilities. Politics.

Health. Sanity. Projects. Politics.

It’s complicated.

Sometimes sublime.

Frequently scary.

Always intense.

One way or the other,

Never a dull moment!


I know you’ve been worried about me.

Calling…e-mailing…wondering what’s up with Kait.

Well, it’s certainly been interesting times….

I think you’ll agree.

The shock & awe takes a daily toll.

It’s hard not to be pulled under.

Some days I manage to stay afloat

only by sheer will & gumption.

Mostly, I’m just hangin’ in here

because I’m determined

NOT to give up…

on peace…on love…on kindness…on miracles!

kind I’ve seriously had to recalibrate my life…

since the heart attack,

since the election,

since I began to understand

that a huge shift 

was happening in my life.

I needed to pull in,

get quiet,

ponder deeply,

and try to figure out

how the heck

to move forward again.

I learned that


So, for the last couple of weeks

I’ve been trying to find my way:

looking for signs,

reading tea leaves,

taking the pulses

of our times.

Like you,

I’ve been confused…





and holding my breath.



That’s been my healing balm.

That is why I haven’t managed to write a blog post

or conjure a March schedule

of Cottage classes and events.

That’s why

I’ve been out of touch.

That’s why

I’m still a little

bruised & battered.

But here’s the good news:

I made it through the strict six month probation period since the heart attack!

There was great concern among the docs that I might not bounce back at all.

But with the loving care of my Beloved Albert

and your beautiful friendship,


I am very gratefully still here!  

Mind you, I’m not a 100%

and I’ve been warned

that I will never be again,

but I’m trying to get used to operating

at about 50% (with naps).

It’s been sooooooo humbling.

And disconcerting.

As you know,

I’m used to running at 150%!

Fully present.

Totally engaged.

Utterly over-committed.

More good news: I’ve gained a whole new respect

for healthy boundaries

and unapologetic self-care.

I’m really learning to prioritize

what really matters!


So, this is just a little note

to let you know

 I’ll be unplugged

for another week please.

I’m gonna stay home with Sweetie

and do some more healing and enjoying.


Talk among yourselves.

Cultivate all the joy you can.

Know that I am sending such love

and gratitude,

(AND a big, goofy KaitieBug grin!)

More soon.



I’ll be back.

Please hold my place in your lives.

Take very good care of yourselves.

Peace Out,


P.S. Such happy memories of my sister Kim’s visit and so glad so many of you got to spend magical, creative time with her. She’s a huge part of my heart! Next blog post full of pictures and stories from our high-jinx together!


© Copyright, Kaitlin Meadows. All Rights Reserved. 2017.


By thundermoonstudios