The “Girlz With HeART” Project:

This is their post about their project. I am soooo proud of them and encouraged by the enthusiasm of these young women who will inherit the planetary mess we are leaving them but who are dedicated to positive actions devoted to making that world a better, greener, more sustainable place! Love, Peace, & Power to Greta’s Girlz!

Kaitlin Meadows

Group Coordinator


We, the young women of  Girlz With HeART, are inspired by the brave, articulate, fierce work of 16 year-old Greta Thurnberg and have decided on a year long project dedicated to ecology, earth science, climate change research, and environmental activism. This is our blog post–keep watching this space for news about us.


As many of you know, the world just held a Climate Summit. It brought together all the world’s most prestigious scientists, biologists, wildlife experts, environmentalists, and one 16 year old girl named Greta Thurnberg.


Our government was the only major  country in the world that was not present for these global discussions because we have a President who denies climate change, hates science, and actively encourages environmental destruction with policies that support coal, fracking, higher carbon emissions, the gutting of the Environmental Protection Agency, and the roll-back of hundreds of regulations established to encourage clean air, water, and power.

In the face of this massive, toxic, destructive force of ignorance and arrogance on the part of our leadership, a young leader stepped forward to speak truth to power. Her name is Greta and she is outspoken and passionate like we are. She is our hero!


We join forces with her to become environmental activists, wildlife protectors, and global citizens dedicated to saving our planet. We intend to educate ourselves on these issues and demonstrate in the streets, write letters to our leaders, challenge polluters, and do educational outreach and activism workshops for our fellow students.

We believe that


and we dare all adults to


Our mission is to “educate, advocate, and be the change we want to see.”

We believe


and that


We are dedicated to spreading the word that our present American leadership is toxic


and that


We believe that


and that


We follow Greta’s lead when she says to world leaders…


We believe with all our hearts that


and we want to change the world–one kid at a time!

We believe



Love & Activism from Greta’s Girlz

Kailee, Venessa, Carolinn, JuneBug, Margo, LizaBeth, Anna, Patti, Natalie, Olivia, Janella, Latisha, Sarah, Bella, and Raney


The History of Girlz With HeART:

In 2011, I was inspired to develop a tiny grassroots arts and leadership program to serve “at risk” girls, ages 7 to 12, called the Girlz With HeART Project.

I am not a non-profit. I am not affiliated with any government, faith-based, or private organization. I do not work for Child Protective Services or any crisis intervention organization, but most of the young women in my program are in foster care, have open CPS cases, live in group homes or are in transitional housing of some sort.

Virtually all of the Girlz I serve have been displaced by broken families, have experienced the complications of bankruptcy, unemployment, incarceration of a parent, child abuse/neglect, or other challenging factors which have damaged their sense of well- being.

My mission is to provide thoughtful mentoring, inspiring art and craft classes, emotional solace, and a safe place to convene. Girlz With HeART 2

I provide on-going creativity, leadership, and self-esteem building workshops at my studio, Kaitlin’s Creative Cottage, in Tucson, Arizona, with a small, compassionate circle of “Grand Mama” volunteers who have helped me guide, encourage, and uplift over 200 young women so far!

I realize that my Girlz with HeART Project is only a tiny “drop in the bucket” program, but I devote myself to it because I came from a very challenging background myself and was helped along the way by many wonderful women with big hearts who took the time to encourage me and lift me up. I promised myself as a kid that I’d “pay it forward” if I ever got a chance to in my life. Now is that time!Girlz With HeART

Allies of my work donate art supplies (paints, paper, canvas, fabric, yarn, sewing notions, etc.) to help these young women develop their creative skills and inspire their dreams.

Thank you to all the wonderful women who have come to my Cottage and have donated art supplies and offered heartfelt encouragement to the Girlz!

These young women constantly inspire, delight, and amaze me with their resourcefulness, hopefulness, and deep sense of gratitude for any kindness shown to them. I am honored to be doing this work and am amply rewarded by their eagerness to become intelligent, caring members of society.

Thank you for your donations, love, & encouragement!

With Gratitude and Kind Regards,

Kaitlin Meadows


© Kaitlin Meadows, 2019. All Rights Reserved.

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