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The Art Abandonment Project

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We’re so excited at the Creative Cottage to be a part of the international Art Abandonment Project! It was officially started by artist Michael deMeng with the mission of creating art to be left in random public places for others to find and enjoy.

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Our Creative Cottage group is called Art Gifters Anonymous and we meet once a month specifically to create art to give away.

Before I began this circle at The Creative Cottage, I was part of a rag-tag group of fellow artists who did this kind of “guerilla art” in various forms for years.

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I left my little handmade books

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and tiny canvases in communities where I lived and around the world in my travels. Before this was an official “movement,” we chalked sidewalks, bundled supplies for the homeless wrapped in handmade cards, 

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and left small bits of art in hospitals and schools to be found by others.

Some artists can’t seem to let go of their work…even when they sell it. I LOVE giving my art away!

In my hospice work, I sadly discovered that lots of artists would rather let their art mold in the basement or be lost in the back of a forgotten closet than have it be given to others.

Personally, I love imagining what becomes of my art after it’s left my hands…where it lives, who enjoys it, and what it means to others.

I think it’s important to be able let one’s art live a life beyond its creation. I’ve been trying to practice non-attachment all my life—with varying degrees of success—and this project gives me lots of practice. This is good for the soul! A random act of art!

This is our process at Art Gifters Anonymous:

We make a piece of art with a note explaining that it is a gift and if the finder would like to share info about its fate they can contact us directly at:

The notes we attach to the art say:

“This is a gift!!! It has been secretly placed here for you to discover and enjoy.

We are Art Givers Anonymous and our mission is to make art and give it away.

Please let us know you found it by emailing:”

We try to photograph our work and document where/when we leave it.

And then we leave it,

as secretly as possible,

and let the fates decide what becomes of it!

It’s an awesome process and we’ve been receiving such amazing responses! Here are some of them:

“I found a little birdhouse and it made me cry and smile at the same time. I have been down on my luck for some time and had almost given up all hope things would every turn around for me but the day after I found the birdhouse I found a job after 11 months of looking. thank you for your kindness” DG

“What a FABULOUS idea! You made my day. The mini painting & stand is beautiful. I paid it forward and gave it to my elderly neighbor who just lost her husband. She smiled for the first time in months and now she wants to make some little gifts to spread around too. I think she’s going to be okay now–we were all worried she would just fade away.” Natalie

“Thank you. You can never know what your gift did for me today. Chemo has been so rough. Finding your gift made we want to get better so I can help make other people’s lives better too. Than you so much and God Bless and Keep You. Mrs. Jack Spencer

Some of our members (look for Barbara’s and Honor’s post on April 14th and Gogi’s on May 5th) use Facebook to share the location and photo of their giftings with the rest of the world at

 See more about this fabulous project at: 

and email us at with your own ideas, comments, or random acts of art!

On this page of my blog I will keep you updated about our art-making dates and share some of the responses we have already received.

Please join us in in your own way…the world needs us…

make art,

give it away,

art heals!

Here are some of our latest Random Acts of Art projects!

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birdhouse celeste

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