About Enjoying My Blog

Kait With Freda

Hi, I’m Kaitlin Meadows, Mistress of Merriment at Kaitlin’s Creative Cottage. I have a funky little art studio space in a quiet courtyard in the historic Dunbar Spring Neighborhood of Tucson, Arizona.  It looks like the little “Enchanted Cottage” that I always dreamed about as a kid where I could invite all my friends to come play.

The Creative Cottage is a magical place to discover art classes, creative writing, spiritual solace, and JOY!!!  It is a warm, inviting place to come spend relaxing time with a wonderful circle of new friends!

On the main home page I add a blog post now & again (you know how time flies!) and photographs of things that touch my soul. PLEASE add your comments by clicking on the little white cloud on the top right side of each post…I LOVE hearing from you and I’d really like to make this this a big, happy, tea party of friends laughing, sharing, and chatter-boxing together!

Watch this blog for news of my evolution and come join the fun by attending a class, adding a personal note to a post, or just wishing me well on my journey!

Viva La Vida!

© Kaitlin Meadows, 2015. All Rights Reserved.


17 comments on “About Enjoying My Blog

    • Hi Pam~Come join us in January for a fresh start and a wonderful time of creative writing and amazingingly supportive women who will boost your spirits and encourage your writing..Friday, January 4th and 18th, 1 to 3 pm. Love to see you! Kaitlin

  1. Hi Katilin. What a magical sharing we had today. I feel rich with promise as you nurture us, giving permission where there may have been doubt. You are “The Art Goddess”.

  2. Kaitlin — you have so beautifully shared the journey you and Albert are on. It is filled with the tender most loving moments and insights about love and life. Our hearts are with you on this journey. We have learned as well to appreciate the things that often go unnoticed or are not fully appreciated. The struggles can sometimes be seen as blessings
    in disguise…such a difficult concept to embrace.
    Feel our love and hugs around you as you travel this path…Kathy

  3. Kaitlin my own Dear Goddess ~ Please accept my wonder at all you are creating and sharing with so many in Tucson. You have been my boon companion on some of the mot brilliant moments of my own journey and I hold you dear, attached forever to all those times. I do hope you find some way to support and let yourself sing, storytell and drum with the rest of us in September at the Crones Counsel.
    Forever yours,

    • Thank You Dear Spirit–You started me on this journey in many ways so many years ago and I keep on, always evolving, forever grateful, so happy to be a part of the golden wheel of wimmin who create their destinies. Thank you for your hand as we travel the wide road together, forever. Your Sister in Spirit, Kaitlin

  4. By the way what a singularly brilliant, beautiful, eternally flowing website you have created and maintain.
    Life is good,

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