The Origins Of Kaitlin’s Creative Cottage








On Valentine’s Day 2011, I trook an enormous leap of faith and rented a small, funky, courtyard studio space in the vibrant, historic Dunbar Spring neighborhood of Tucson. Excitedly, I began to refurbish it, adding all the arty debris of my life. I filled it with oodles of art supplies, inspiring books, colorful fabrics, and covered the walls with art made by my friends…and so, Kaitlin’s Creative Cottage was born! 

I began offering art and creativity classes, counseling women through various life transitions, forming a creative writing circle, mentoring young “at risk”  girls, and watching with pure delight as a vibrant, expanding circle of creative dames became regular vistors to The Cottage. The desire to build a beautiful, nourishing nest for women to share art making, friendship building. and the healing power of creativity culminated in Kaitlin’s Creative Cottage.

Come on in and set a cool women, make cool projects, enjoy good talk and share warm laughter!

Come on in and set a spell…meet cool women, make cool projects, enjoy good talk and share warm laughter!

This magical Cottage has encouraged me to recognize all the blessings in my own life and pay them forward to the community of beautiful women who have supported, encouraged, mentored, and loved me.

By continuing to offer solace and inspiration to young girls & seasoned crones, giving counsel and respite for women in emotional & spiritual transition, and offering affordable classes designed to recharge and re-enthuse personal creativity,  The Creative Cottage has become a community oasis for the creative arts.

 I stepped into this adventure with love, gratitude, and a deep commitment to inspiring and nurturing women. I have grown and transformed, planted and harvested, and continue to be blessed by the courage to risk, stretch, and trust that inventing The Creative Cottage asked of me. 

Please come join me on the adventure! Blessed Be.

© Kaitlin Meadows, 2015. All Rights Reserved.





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