Crazy times. Scary times. Unpredictable times.

Times that will try our very souls.

Are we up to it?

Can we brave it?

Will we stay kind and decent and honorable under the stress of it?

Will we allow this crisis to bring out the best in us–or the worst?

Will we be more compassionate or less?

Will we tally our few deprivations or our many blessings?

Will we work together, pray together, build a new world together

or dissolve into chaos?


This is a global crisis.

It’s getting more complicated by the second.

The worst is coming, probably in waves.

There is much to fear and there will be much loss ahead.

 Life, in all of its aspects, will change drastically for all of us for many months to come.

There will be much distress, on many levels.

We are at a tipping point.

No going back.

If we hope to survive this

we must not feed the wicked imps of fear and panic.


The virus is a mere symptom of a much larger disease. It is here to get our attention, to humble us, and to remind us we are all one human species. It is here to remind us just how fragile we are and how delicate our hold on health is.

We are in this together. Brown & White, Chinese & Italian, young & old.

We rise or fall together.

Movie star or single working mother sales clerk at Walmart. 

One by one.

Each of us a part of both the problem

AND the solution.

So, do what you can.


Buckle up.

Hold on tight.

Prepare yourself,

this is going to be a bumpy ride.


If we make it through this

it will be because we worked together,

we took care of each other,

we were willing to “do the right thing” even if we thought we were



If we survive this

it will be because we honored science and history and experience and the people who selflessly work on the front lines.

That gives me hope.

I am watching carefully, fingers crossed.

Praying like mad.

Investing in hope not defeat.

Trying with all my heart to trust.

And, meanwhile,

I am trying to live.



Finishing up the work at WildHeart, Albert curled up safely by the fire in Julian.


Life is an amazing adventure. Cherish it.



Keep your heart above the high water mark.

Take each and every precaution.

Wash your hands every chance you get.

Give everyone enough personal space.

Be thoughtful and patient. Emotions will be high. (Sometimes a good cry helps.)

Check on your friends and neighbors via phone & e-mail–better yet, send a card!

Get out your cookbooks and make something comforting–share it with someone who needs it. Read. Write. Watch documentaries. Knit. Sew. Whittle. Work in the garden. Play board games with your family. Sort your photos. Clean out your sock drawer. Stay busy and rest deeply.

Clean your house–top to bottom, shelf by shelf, room by room.

Breathe. Gratefully. Breathe.



Don’t watch endless news-casts and constantly troll cyberspace for news of panic and calamity. Don’t feed the dragon of despair!

Get things right-sized.


This is what we’ve been honing our soul’s for.

This is the moment we will rise or fall as human beings on this planet.


Just do the best you can.

That’s all.

Be fully human.

Be concerned.

Be informed.

Be scared.

Be brave.

Be good to yourself and

be kind to others.

Know that


Be gentle with yourself and others.


Take my hand.

Hold on tight.

We’re in this together.

Love Kait

© Copyright, Kaitlin Meadows. All Rights Reserved, 2020.



By Kaitlin Meadows

16 comments on “HOLD ON TIGHT!

  1. Damn I’ve missed your wisdom… I’ve missed you too.. thank you for these words—they’ve come at a really good time. Much love & prayers that you will get finished soon and back to Albert. xoxox

    Sent from my iPad


    • Dearest Gogi–May you know how much you and your family are loved and cherished by our little creative tribe! May you know how very much I miss you and love you and include you and the extended family in my prayers. Please be well and send my greetings to your family. May we see each other again soon! Love Love Love Kaitie

  2. Thank you for posting! Your words and quotes brought comfort tonight. Frightening times. Stay safe with Albert in Julian, and continue to ride over this wave in safety. May we all do so! May we triumph on the other side with a newly heightened love and respect for our Universe and for humanity. May we achieve the peace we seek. Please stay in touch, Monica

    Sent from my iPhone


    • Thank you dear Monica for reminding us all that this is the moment we get to decide what is important, what is real, what we can do to make things better and how not to fall into despair. You have been such an important, compassionate advocate for many years in that effort. Thank you and blessings, Love Kait

  3. Dear Kaitie, thank you for the encouraging words at this time. This is going to be a tough one. But I do trust in God to get us thru this one. Peter and I are both doing ok with our respective challenges and so grateful for our little house in the boonies. Social isolation is very hard to do especially when some people just don’t get it. Pray you and Albert do well in Julian and have good days ahead. Love you Berta

    Sent from my iPhone


  4. So good to hear from you, Kaitlin 💝
    Your words and sayings are always uplifting and help me to focus on the positive of any situation. I hope that you and Albert are feeling well and are enjoying your new surroundings. Much love 😊💖

  5. Kaitlin, ❤ Thanks for your caring thoughtful words. staying home and being safe……hope the rest of your move ( cleaning up and selling Wildheart ) goes smooth. follow your own words. Be gentle with yourself. You are a good woman and loved by many….hope to see you when this crisis is over for hugs & laughter over a cocktail…Ski & Snadi

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