Coasting On Empty


Happy Holidays!

Just sittin’ down here “fer a spell” to catch you up on all my adventures amidst the hectic preparations for our BIG move from Tucson, Arizona to Julian, California. Whoooosh–what a process!

Everybody warned me about all the possible setbacks, delays, unexpected problems, and impossible deadlines I was likely to experience…but (Suzie Sunshine that I am!) I was waaaaay too excited to take heed. Trust me, over the last several weeks, we’ve experienced them all. And then some! Workmen, suppliers, unexpected but vitally important necessary repairs to the house. Snow! Mismatched paint. Electrical issues. Yikes!

But I’m learning (well, I’m trying to learn!) to


I had this totally unrealistic idea (daaaaaa!) that we could spend Christmas in our new home. Poooof–what was I thinking? Our new timeline is that we’ll be able to move the first week of February and celebrate Valentine’s Day together, all tucked in and settled, in Julian. (And that’s IF every danged thing stays on track.)

I hadn’t figured on all the stress and heartache involved…I hadn’t properly factored in that I’m an old, broken-down crone with a smaller pool of energy and stamina than I once had. For sure, I hadn’t really thought about the zillions of flooring options out there. I hadn’t realized that everything about trying to get into a new house involves money, money, money, and time, time, time!

But, finally, I’ve begun to understand that


I’ve been soooo blessed to have dear friends Allan, Arnie, and Mark doing most of the carpentry and painting. I’ve had many flashes of good fortune in the midst of terrible setbacks. The progress has been very slow but steady and strong. Our families have been amazingly enthusiastic and financially generous. There have been far more blessings than defeats.

We are determined, despite all the fears and fatigue, all the worries and setbacks, to bravely keep going, to realize our dream, and to make this HUGE leap of faith work!


I’ll admit, several times, along the way, I’ve wondered what the heck I was thinking when I thought I could do this. Several times I’ve nearly given up hope that I could. A few times I’ve thought, “well maybe, we should just stay put here and not venture there” but always, at the end of the day, after a bath, when I’m in my p.j.s dreaming what it will be like to kayak on the lake or climb the piney woods trail, my spirits lift and my dreams come back into focus, and I forge on.


Because our new home is smaller and cozier and I won’t have my own land around me to stretch out on, I’ve begun the very painful process of sifting through decades of “collections” (a nicer word than hoards!) and letting go of a thousand “things” (a kinder word than “stuff”)…but it’s tougher than I thought. Memories, stories, remembrances about each thing…”what if I might need this?”…maybe in my new home I’ll be able to finish this old project that I started years ago or read these zillion books I’ve collected…and how about all these rusty treasures that I LOVE?…these ponderings make “letting things go” even harder.*

But I just have to…


(* P. S. I’ll be having a few BIG jumble sales at the Cottage in late January to help pass lots of my cool things forward to others who can use them and it makes me happy to think that many of my “treasures” will find happy new homes!)

I must admit, sometimes I get really, really scared. This is a HUGE life change! I’m going to miss all of you and the Cottage so much! I’m going to miss my magical WildHeart Ranch. But I’m learning, slowly, painfully,


This whole experience is teaching me


and reminding me that without risk there cannot be reward.

When I get frustrated that the timeline keeps getting hijacked by unexpected delays, I try to remember that


and I congratulate myself on believing that


(especially if it doesn’t kill you!)

For now, I am wishing you and yours so much love and happiness through what can be a challenging holiday time for many…I wish

sol 6

Albert and I are celebrating a very quiet, modest, private,  no-frills, home-body Christmas, our last at WildHeart, and though we can’t do our traditional parties, gifts, cards, gatherings, and all the usual fa-la-la that we are famous for, we are sending you our love and a small glowing ember of HOPE that you and yours are safe & warm & celebrating in your own merry ways.

More news soon…take good care of each other…be kinder than usual…be grateful…try not to get swept up in any seasonal frenzy, guilt, stress, or sadness… and remember that your friend Kaitlin is sending you love, light, and her heart-felt belief in dreams!

Happy Holidays!

With Love & Gratitude,



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By Kaitlin Meadows



O my friends!

I’m so excited to report that I’ve made a HUGE, wonderful, scary, exciting leap of faith! In the New Year, my Love and I will be resettling our nest in the mountains of Julian, California. In a series of unexpected miracles and miraculous serendipity, we found a cozy little home there and have begun the loving process of fixing it up and making it our own.

This totally unexpected turn of events has completely re-inspired me, rekindled my spirit, and given me so much new hope because…


We have been yearning to return to California to be nearer our families for some time now but, because Sweetheart was committed to his cancer treatments here for several years, we postponed thinking about it, knowing the timing  just wasn’t right.


But when my dear husband Albert decided last month he was ready to stop his grueling chemo treatments, we knew it was time to re-imagine our lives and make some bold new decisions about how best to celebrate & enjoy what time we may still have together.

We found that…


and so we did…dancing around the kitchen, talking (for the first time in years) about new paths, new dreams, new horizons…remembering that


The fates, as they so often do, decided to step in and help us by surprising us with this unexpected opportunity in Julian and we LEAPT, mostly without a net,  because we KNEW this was the right place, the right time, and the right thing for us to do.


The process has been a very exciting whirlwind, with one thing after another falling magically into place, as if destined. We’ve had blessing after blessing befall us as we embraced this new decision…allies and angels have stepped in and little miracles have happened, all of which makes us feel even more strongly that we are doing the right thing and are on a blessed path.


Our families have been so incredibly generous and helpful. Our friends have been so encouraging in expressing their delight for us. An overwhelming sense of joy & hope has replaced the last several years of feeling fear and worry.

We have learned…


This decision was made with pure love. And hope. And infinite faith.

Love for all we have shared & experienced in our over 16 years in Tucson. Love for all the friends we have made, all the wonderful adventures we have had here, and all the joy we have had being the stewards of our beloved WildHeart Ranch.

And, for me, most especially, the gratitude I feel for the amazing gift of sharing the Creative Cottage with you for nine years!

We’ve loved you all, we’ve loved our home, and we’ve loved Tucson but, now, it’s time to go “home” in ways both metaphorical and actual.

Don’t get me wrong, we know this HUGE life change isn’t going to be easy…we know


We know uprooting and transplanting won’t be without significant challenges… but we also know that NOW is our time to do this and we are eager and excited (and scared and happy) to embark on this, perhaps our last, Big Adventure together.


The process is underway in earnest. I have dashed back and forth to California several times so far. Work has begun on several big projects in our new home. Boxes are starting to get packed and new dreams are beginning to hatch.

It will take a couple of months for us to get moved to California and to sell WildHeart in Tucson, but our goal is to be completely settled into our new home together by Valentine’s Day!


That is our goal. It is daunting…but doable.

We are leaping with joy & our full, happy, excited, wide-open hearts believing that


We are so looking forward to being back in the green woods again, in the California mountains, in a tiny village, much nearer the sea, closer to old friends and, especially, to Albert’s beloved son Erik & family and my beloved sister Kim & family.

For me…


and that is where my soul so longs to be.

My fondest hope is that the Creative Cottage will continue on as the amazing artistic clubhouse it has been, the oasis of creativity and friendship it has been, the place of healing and laughter and joy that it has been. I hope to work with those of you who have so graciously stepped forward with a desire to keep the Cottage going and who are  willing to take up the challenge of keeping the space the vibrant and exciting center of creative play that it has been.


So stay tuned, much is in the works, I will keep you informed through this blog and newsy emails about the whole process. There will be several pop-up jumble sales coming up as we pare down our “stuff” to fit into our new, smaller footprint.

I hope there will be news to share about new, re-imagined classes for the New Year at the Cottage soon.

Keep the faith. Be of good cheer. Trust in miracles.


The Creative Cottage will be hibernating for the month of December while I am knee-deep in the evolving process of making these exciting life changes, trying to stay in the moment, and working to make all the transitions graceful and heart-felt.

I am so much looking forward to sharing this magical journey with you!


I send you joy & peace in this intense season of change…and

Love Love Love From Kaitlin

© Copyright, Kaitlin Meadows, 2019. All Rights Reserved.


By Kaitlin Meadows