O my gosh! It’s been such a long while since I’ve had a free moment to write to you and let you know how I am and what’s up with me. Thanks for your patience and love! It was a danged bumpy summer for me, with some big setbacks, unexpected derailments, and serious muddles–but, the good news is…I’m back! I’m a little dented and dinged, exhausted and frayed, but so happy it is finally Autumn! Can I hear an “AMEN”!


I finally feel released from the great oppression that is Tucson’s summer heat! It’s time to reconvene Cottage fun, spread my wings in new creative pursuits, and have some magical adventures. I’ve a big gathering basket full of new classes and artist date ideas for you, I’ve got a handful of exciting art commissions to work on, and, guess what, I’m finally going to have a tiny vacation from all the stresses and woes in my life!

The sunflowers are blooming…


and the nights are cool enough to resume listening to music under the stars again at my favorite venue La Cocina!

I have a load of Fall vegetables and herbs to plant, a new tire for my trusty old red bicycle named Gladys (after my favorite Flavia de Luce series by Alan Bradley), my friend Zizz and I are planning to resume our sunset saunters (and gabfests!), and Pimm and I are going to spend more time hiking and foraging about on Mount Lemmon to get a real taste of autumn weather & color!

But, best of all, it’s finally time for a little trip with my amazing sister in California!


We’re on our way for a week of off-season frolic in a quiet little beach town along the central California coast.


Our bags are packed with art supplies, new journals, twinkle lights and mermaid themed decorations for our room, and seven blissful days of walking the shoreline, romping in the waves, and giggling ourselves crazy! Two sea loving sisters, no waiting!


I’ll take lots of pictures and tell you all about it when I return…meanwhile, please, please, please hurry and sign up for lots of classes, visit the Girlz With HeART tab above to see the very inspiring work of the young women I mentor, and come along on some of the fun Creativity Chix adventures we’ll share this Autumn.



and please do your part to hold grace, love, and kindness in your heart in these crazy times!

Happy Autumn At Last!!!!


Love and good tidings,


Images gratefully shared from Pinterest.

© Copyright, Kaitlin Meadows, 2019. All Rights Reserved



By Kaitlin Meadows

5 comments on “AUTUMN AT LAST!

  1. Yay. (But rather discouraging words considering I’ll be spending my summers there from now on…) My estate sale is this weekend 10/11-12-13 and I’m going with Jim to Mnpls on a horse haul tomorrow till next Monday so it’ll all be over when I get back 🤭 Should be heading to Tucson a week or so after that. Hope somebody at the estate sale gives me a house offer I can’t refu$e ❣️ See you pretty durn soon. With 1 less house to feed! Have fun on your adventures. ❤️McD

    Sent from McD


  2. O Soooo excitin’ Ms. Sharon! Can’t wait to see you and for the merriment to begin! Fingers crossed the sale is a HUGE success and a band of millionaires iz stumblin’ thru the county and snaps up everything–includin’ the house! Can’t wait to have you here so we can cook up some real mischief! Love KaitieBug

  3. Just found your site and info about your Creative Cottage from a Pinterest pin. I just recently opened a Community Art Studio in North Bonneville Washington that sounds a little bit similar to your studio and the classes you offer. I love the pictures in your post this week, so bright and colorful. Look forward to learning more about what you offer. Trying to learn all I can to get my little studio off the ground. Love to learn from those who have gone before me!

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