Summer in the Southwest is like winter in the East. Time to hibernate.

Summer in the Southwest is a great time to stay indoors, out of the heat, “in the studio,” spending long, happy hours puttering, playing, and creating.

The above picture is not really my studio of course–but the one I dream of. A cute little gypsy wagon, a boho vardo, a magical retreat down a winding green path, snuggled in the deep, cool woods.


It’s a place entirely set aside for JOY!


A place where my books and paints and projects can be left out & messy because


and play is sacred work for an artist. 


Of course, in my dreams, it has fabulous storage options,


and innovative ways to store all my loot.



It would have infinite wall space, a record player (I LOVE records!),


and, definitely, a cozy day bed where I could relax with the kitties between creative outbursts.


In my magical creative space, there would be all the tools I’ve ever dreamed of


and a huge, high wall I could hang big canvases while I worked on them.


While we’re dreaming, my studio would have all the light and air and space I needed to feel inspired…


plus a colorful little lounge where I could sit with my friends, sipping intoxicating beverages and laughing all day.


In my perfect studio, I’d make raw, powerful, evocative work like Freda


because, after all,  it’s all about the ART…


So, picture me in my fantastic imaginary perfect studio, spending the whole long, hot, glaring summer ensconced; dabbling, dancing, reading, & painting in a creative chaos of joy…


because, after all,


But, for now, I find my art making space where I can–sometimes at the Creative Cottage, sometimes in my converted garage studio, The Vortex, and sometimes just on the kitchen table. The important thing I’ve learned is


So, please come join me, in your fancy studio or on the kitchen table,


Because, really, summer in the Southwest is for hibernating!


Love and Happy Creating,



© Copyright, Kaitlin meadows. All Rights Reserved.





By Kaitlin Meadows


  1. Love this! Infinitely expanding wall space, all the tools, great storage, pretty clutter (is that an oxymoron?) Enjoy your respite from the heat and happy creating, wherever it may be! Blessings! Kim ________________________________

  2. Hibernating, creating, dancing, inspired and enjoying every moment….yes please! Let me join you at my creative table in my room upstairs. Love to you and may your world be filled with beautiful fun-time❣️


    • O Dear Sister Rosie, I would the love the two of us to go up to your creative space to play and laugh and eat yummy tidbits and tell each other stories and play our music loud and dance until the moon rises and the stars glitter and our hearts are full of wonder and love! Hugs from sister Ruby

  3. Hello Kaitlin! Found your site thru Pinterest …absolutely love this post about your fantasy studio, it spoke to me and would have the same studio in another life…!! I love playing with my paints, creating and just lovin life!

  4. Like CHERYL i found you through Pinterest… love this post. We are hibernating in a way, in the UK, being in lockdown. Me? I have been in self-isolation along with my darling husband, for six weeks now and really, it’s not a problem for me since I am a bit hermit-like anyway. But so grateful for emails and the internet, the former for chatting with lovely friends, the latter for providing me with inspiration, pleasure, knowledge and a lovely place like yours. Thank you for the visual delights.

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