today 9

Do you feel it?

The season shifting?

The cooling? The softening? The diffusion of light?

The sweetness of change?


It’s my favorite time of year.

today 10

A time I can hunker down. Slow the pace. Cultivate ease. Get cozy.

today 1

A time to remember that all things change…that we live and die and the world keeps spinning. A time to remind myself that there is beauty in letting go.

today 13

A time to go camping and sit by the fire with my friends, laughing and talking, for hours…

today 18

A time for enjoying, savoring, slowing, sensing, and resetting my compass to inner peacefulness…

today 15

A time to pack up the car and go out into the woods and celebrate!

today 11

Though the wars wage on, though the cruelty, bigotry, and hatefulness seem  amplified at an unprecedented pitch right now, though the heart is continually bruised and battered…

Give yourself a break.

Find a quiet place to hit “pause” and sit quietly.


Refill yourself.





today 12

Let things fall away…let things shift and settle…let yourself have a whole day in your jammies, get out your coloring books, bake something yummy, decorate the kitchen table, and  make a fire in the hearth of your heart and sit by it.

today 7

Celebrate this season.

We have made it through another blazing bloody hot Tucson summer!

We’re making our way over hurdles and obstacles, the sad passage of friends and family, the insanity of our politics, the craziness of our world…but it takes time…and patience…and HOPE. It takes slowing down to feel all the feelings and to get them “right-sized”…it takes building a fire in the small stove of our soul and burning our burdens, releasing our fears, and getting ready to snuggle in and prepare ourselves for the seasons ahead.

today 14

It is time to be grateful for every tiny thing that brings us joy!

today 16

Happy, Happy Autumn My Friends!

May we enjoy it together with love and continuing resolve to be a flicker of golden light in the dark night of our souls.

Kaitlin, Autumn Celebrant

© Copyright, Kaitlin Meadows, 2018. All Rights Reserved.


By Kaitlin Meadows

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