I am sick of it! Appalled by it! Outraged by it!

I am angry and sad and furious and heart-broken.

But I will NOT be silenced, shamed, or ignored!

This latest moral affront is an assault on all women. But I am re-ignited. I am re-inspired. I am renewed in my resolve to take down those who collude with the devil. Our tribe of renegades tribe is a force to be reckoned with. We are NOT going down without a fierce fight.

This has GOT TO STOP!

sacred 4

I’m Susie Sunshine, the healer, the muse, the mentor, the teacher, the gardener, the tender of the wounded, the protector of children,  the poet, the artist, the activist, the feminist, the WOMAN that society demonizes, despises, dismisses, marginalizes, and exploits.

But watch out, you got me MAD now! You got me up,  re-invigorated, and full of sacred rage that I will use to wage moral war against the tyrants who demean and dismiss women who speak up, woman who act up, women who DARE hold you accountable for your arrogance, misogyny and pathetic “boys will be boys” assaults!  Fair warning…

sacred 7

It is time to stand in circle by the holy fire of our rage and be heard. It is time for us to convene in sacred counsel and use our gifts, our power, our voices in the clamor for justice!

sacred 9

We welcome the help of all willing to speak out against the abuse of women…

sacred 3

and we are willing to do what we need to do to be heard and respected. We will not fight like men who perjure themselves in the name of their dinky egos and enormous entitlement. We will fight like girls!

sacred 6

Please don’t give up! Please don’t let this latest horrific saga push you down, put a hand over your mouth, laugh at you, and make you feel helpless and alone.

GET BACK THE F UP and out into the streets!

We have a moral and spiritual obligation. We have a holy right. We are amazing, powerful, creative, compassionate, STRONG women and we will not be silenced, battered, and discarded.

sacred 10

I know, I know. We are weary. We are heart-sore, we are mad, we are hurt, we feel betrayed. But that’s what they want. That’s what they think will keep us down and quiet and afraid. But NO! Not me!

How about you? Will you join me and millions of women around the world who raise their voices–ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!

up 7

Every woman who ever made a difference did so because she’d had enough and wasn’t going to take it anymore. Let’s join them, support them, stand beside them, BE THEM!

sacred 14

Let’s get serious. Let’s come together in small circles of power and passion. Let’s stand up together. No time to sit down or hide or give up. It’s time to take my hand and the hand of the sister beside you.

sacred 11

It is time for our Sacred Rage to flare and light and warm and guide us to a higher place. Please join me at the Creative Cottage to stoke our outrage into action, our heartbreak into power, and our tribal wisdom into new ways to resist our oppression.

Let us persist!

sacred 12

I am with you. Millions of women are with you. Get up! Act up! Be brave!

sacred 8

All in the name of love and strength and the power of women!

We are a tribe of wonderful, terrible, divine feminine warriors who will not be shamed or silenced. We will NOT stand idly by while you abuse our sisters.

You have been warned. Cross us at your own peril. We have right on our side.

In Solidarity, Hope, and Resistance,

Kaitlin Mara


By Kaitlin Meadows

7 comments on “SACRED RAGE

  1. Kaitlin,

    I am also enraged. Poor Dr. Ford, going through that interrogation and Kavanaugh still will get voted in. The men on the Senate are cowards and suck ups! Sigh.

    Classes: do you still have room in the October 10 and 29th classes for me? I can actually make those ones. Also, are you still tutoring? Could you use some school supplies—wire notebooks and portfolios?

    Miss you bunches, Nancy


    • Thank you Nancy! It will take us all being angry enough and determined enough to make changes in this world. I am so grateful for our loving, passionate, bad-ass tribe! Yes–please come to classes–I’ve saved you a seat and school supplies are always so welcome in my little rural community of kids learning to write their stories! Love you and see you soon! Kait & The Warrior Women

  2. Hi Kaitlin, I am so outraged I almost can’t see straight. How can these senators be so holding to Trump and make a mockery of our hearings? How can anyone in their right mind vote for Kavanaugh? How can they? I am angry and upset and I doubt that I ever will vote for a Republican candidate in the future.

    You are wonderful! Christa Barbara

    • Keep the faith Christa–hold steady–stand with sisters all over the world who are working for change and enlightenment. Keep at the work, share the rage but use it to make the world a safer more tolerant place. The voting booth is our new battleground–get your sisters to the polls and into the congress. Sisters in Solidarity, Kait

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