Life is complicated right now. On all fronts.

There are days when I feel the world is spinning too fast, the disasters are coming too often, and the global problems are just too overwhelming.

I’m just one old crone, with few resources, depleted energy, a hitch in my gitty-up, and so little power in the grand scheme of things.

It can be daunting and depressing.

But then my inner child awakens and offers a handful of scraggly daisies and a big grin and says, “please come out and play with me” and I go, often muttering under my breath that I don’t have time, there are too many things on the “to do” list, and there are so many “serious” things to attend to.

But if i spend time comforting my inner child with small gifts of joy and tiny moments of wonder, I am rewarded with delight and a brief respite from despair.


If I turn off all the electronics, unplug the phone & computer, beg out of all the obligations in my day planner, and quietly slip into a day of pure peace, punctuated with creativity, gardening, reading, dancing, and eating a whole basket of strawberries with melted chocolate, I am made whole again.

In short…I’m dedicated to a new life philosophy…

vir 1

and I have a new plan for my life…


You see, living with a loved one who is very ill can either be a heart-breaking, life-devouring, soul-eating chore…or…it can be a great life lesson, learned anew each day, about making whatever life we have left as beautiful as we can. My Sweetheart has taught me that as he struggles to “live” with a life-threatening illness. 


I am a worrier, a planner, an over-committed, under-staffed, highly achieving human being, always driven to do and be and achieve MORE. I’ve never learned to coast…I’m always pumping uphill, often in a gale. But, in order to be present and loving and patient and kind in the face of the threat of losing my amazing life-partner, I have had to slow down, divert energies, adjust expectations, and let some things go. I am learning to re-calibrate.

hot 19

Sometimes it’s danged hard.

I have dreams and wishes and goals that I want to see come to fruition.

I have projects and adventures I still want to experience.

But I have come to know that all I can do is the best I can.


So, if I could pass on a little snippet of what I’ve come to understand it would be this:


Giving yourself permission to just live and love and be grateful can be so rewarding.

Go find your inner child and be prepared to drop everything to rejoice with her.

vir 5

Stop waiting for the sky to open, your problems to vanish, the world to get better…


I’m not saying it’s gonna be easy! I’m not saying it’s gonna be perfect. I’m just saying…


Re-calibrate your life–throw out what no longer works for you or gives you pleasure or fills your heart with gratitude & wonder. Go eat a basket of strawberries with melted chocolate!

And remember, The Creative Cottage is a place to play, laugh, create, share, and delight your inner child…come on over…and bring some strawberries!

Wishing You Love & LIFE!


Mistress of Merriment

© Copyright, Kaitlin Meadows, 2018. All Rights Reserved.

Images with thanks from Pinterest.

By Kaitlin Meadows

8 comments on “Re-calibrating

    • Keep your chin up Buttercup and know the whole Cottage tribe is sending you love and healing vibes for your next medical adventure.Get well sooooon so we can have lots more FUN! Love you, KaitieBug

  1. enjoy each day as it unfolds….keep the love flowing….you are a very good person…..looking forward to seeing you soon? hugs Ski & Sandi

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