Fierce Optimism

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This has always been my philosophy.

Like you, I’ve dealt with many hard things in my life. I’ve suffered many setbacks. I’ve had much pain, experienced much loss, and known much heartbreak.

But I REFUSE to be defined, constrained, or hobbled by it. I always get back up, dust myself off, dry my tears, bandage my wounds, and get back at the task of LIFE and living it as fully and happily as I can.

Last week, I candidly shared with you a very low point on the journey. Today I am here to report that I have worked through that low point (with your help) and am, again, firmly standing on high ground, refueled and eager to move upward again.


I am grateful for my resilient spirit. I am humbled by my powerful sensitivity and all that it does to awaken me to positive action. I am proud of my fierce optimism.

Some of you were a little peeved at me (out of love and concern) and worried that I was “killing myself” in the commission of acts of conscience. Some of you mentioned my heart attack. Others of you said the odds were too heavily stacked against all of us in these horrendous times and it was silly to spend so much time & energy fighting the demons. Some said I was “too soft” and needed to “toughen up” if I was going to survive in this cruel world.

But I beg to differ. I had a heart attack because I pushed stuff down–NOT because I acted on what troubled me. I am made sick by what I do NOT donot what I feel compelled by conscience and heart TO do!

I am a fierce optimist! My way is to

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I am a believer that we can all do SOMETHING, every single day, to make the world a little kinder, a little more gentle, and a lot less hateful–just by our determined commitment to being global citizens on the path of peace.

I subscribe to the notion that…

op 6

but you DO have to show up when you are able and do what you can.

Last week, I was totally vulnerable and showed you my soft underbelly. I revealed my fear and sadness and exhaustion. I shared with you my very human low point in order to continue to inspire you that, even from that dark place, I could keep at the hard work of compassion and action.

My message, like Maya Angelou’s, is always…

op 7

And that is what helped me up and over the hurdles that were blocking my path. I have the wisdom gleaned from over 70 years on the planet that…

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So, do not be worried for me–do not think me imprudent to care so much, do so much, be so much. It is WHO I AM. It is my path. I’m a fierce optimist in the face of almost every challenge life has presented me with.

op 4

I REFUSE to think otherwise!

op 8

My plan to combat the rigors of being a fierce optimist in the midst of such perversity and pessimism in the world is to remember that…

op 10

and that…

op 2

So please, find your way up the mountain, sing and dance and laugh and play along the way (preferably at the Creative Cottage!) but GET UP THE MOUNTAIN!

Do it your own way…I will do it mine…and may we meet at the sweet summit together; share our stories of ascent (and descent), lay out a luscious picnic of celebration for our sisters and brothers still struggling mightily up the hill beside us, and may we always… 

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With Love & Fierce Optimism,


© Copyright, Kaitlin Meadows, 2018. All Rights Reserved.

By Kaitlin Meadows

8 comments on “Fierce Optimism

  1. Oh Kaitlin, you are a very special person and I love you.
    It’s good to see you happy again. Barbara

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