Mud Woman!

mud woman

I love playing with clay!

I love the feel of it, the scent of it, the way it gets into your blood and connects you to the earth in a very primal way.

With a degree in archaeology and years of making detailed drawings and field notes of ancient ceramic sherds from around the world, I have great respect for the primordial art of combining water and earth into an object that is tempered by high heat and glazed with colors made from the artful combination of earth’s minerals and oxides.

mud woman 18

Playing with clay is a kind of spiritual therapy for me. It “grounds” me in patience and “fires” my core belief that creativity is healing.

When I play with clay, I am vibrantly connected to a long lineage of  women who made art from dirt.

mud woman 2

I’ve taken classes here and there for 30 years, but I especially love the ones I take now through Pima County Parks and Rec on Tuesday evenings with my friend Marnie and my teacher Brenda.

I’m not good at it…but I love it…and it endlessly teaches me to leave my inner critic at home and go with the spirit of the clay instead of the willfulness of my ego.

mud woman 17

I love that there are tools to learn about and skills to build.

I love that each kind of clay has a distinctive personality and must be fired within specific heat boundaries. 

I love that clay can become something exquisite

mud woman 9

or something whimsical.

mud woman 8

I love that when working with clay, I can think of nothing else.

mud woman 1

I love making things for my yard and garden

mud woman 11

mud woman 10

and just because it’s FUN!

mud woman 5

mud woman 4

Most of all, I LOVE getting dirty!

mud woman 19

I love the alchemy of earth, water, & fire.

I love all it teaches me about life.

mud woman 16

So, whatever it is for you–paintbrush or needle & thread, art journal or crochet hook, CELEBRATE IT! Let your hands connect you to the delicious, nurturing stew of creativity.

Make stuff!

mud woman 6

mud woman 7

Pour your whole heart and soul into it!

mud woman 3

And remember…

mud woman 15

Love and Alchemy,

Kaitie the Mud Lady

© Copyright, Kaitlin Meadows, 2018. All Rights Reserved.




By Kaitlin Meadows

2 comments on “Mud Woman!

  1. Oh, I miss you all soooo much. Wishing so that i could play in the mud with you.
    However, much growth here. Soon I will plant my garden and that will be mud enuf!
    Love you all,
    Nancy G

    • We miss you too dear Nancy and are so pleased you’ve found meaningful connections and work there. Today it’s 103 degrees so we envy you the cool green! Loads of love from Kaitie & the Cottage tribe

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