My sister Kim is awesome!

She’s my Super Hero!

My crazy-wonderful, creative,-soul-full,

funny, kind, adventurous playmate and best friend.

sis 4

We’re so lucky to have found each other

after years and years and years apart!

She’s become a huge part of my life…

and a constant, loving presence in my heart.


So, maybe, you can you imagine how excited I am

to be off to visit her again?

Springtime is just arriving in the Sierras.

Last week they had a spot of snow on the peaks

on the same day 

Tucson was experiencing

95 degree heat!

I’m off to celebrate:

Gushing creeks,

blooming redbud,

and velvet-grassed mountains

a hundred shades of green!

The days will race by…

putzing in the garden…

sis 12

playing fairy sisters…

sis 13

and reading kids books

to each other

until we’re overcome

by “nap fever”…

sis 15

Just two sisters getting into all the mischief we can muster together!

kait & kim & redbud

Picture us

poking around in magical realms

of toadstools and fairies,

sis 14


tree woman

and Hobbit houses.

sprin 14

With a lot of just plain goofiness & joy mixed in!

happy 6

While we spend hours weeding & planting in the garden,


we’ll be talking about

our special dream

of somehow, some day

buying a funky old camp trailer

so we can go rambling around together

from sea coast to Yosemite

(and all points of adventure in between!)

sis 9

And, whatever we’re doing–

making art, foraging by the river, celebrating sweet niece Michelle’s birthday–

we’ll be talking and laughing

for hours and hours


’til our tummies ache

from laughing

and we’ve had a least three bouts

of shared tears.


sis 17

Because I’ve finally learned that

sis 2


(though I’m

a strong, independent, capable

old broad

“who don’t need no help”

(thank you very much),

sis 1

So off I go…

back in Tucson late on the 24th–

just in time to share all my adventures

with our amazing art-journaler’s circle on the 25th.

Thanks dear sister tribe,

for keeping the Cottage infused with love and creativity

while I’m away.

Thanks to Judy and Sarah for holding fun classes in my absence.

Thanks to Karen Z & Susan for helping keep WildHeart afloat (and my sweet critters lavished with love!)…

But, most of all,

thanks to my Beloved Albert for EVERYTHING

for being well enough for me to take this break

and for being

the dear sweet brave funny old garden gnome

that I love so much.

Off I go (hi-ho, hi-ho)…

back soon

with sooo many cool stories to share

and so much sister love in my heart

that I’ll have plenty to share

with you when I get home!

Take Good, Gentle Care Of One Another,

Love from Kaitlin, Sister of Kim

Off Adventuring!

sis 8

© Copyright, Kaitlin Meadows, 2018. All Rights Reserved.


By Kaitlin Meadows

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