up 4

In the wake of more bloody murders in our schools,  fear-mongering and blame in the mouths of our do-nothing leaders, and the awful daily grind of lies, greed, and hatred in our world, we must RISE UP! This is the day. This is the hour. This is the moment. Do it!

up 7

Don’t think you; single-handedly, all by your lonesome, YOU must do the impossible. Don’t think you; small, powerless, fragile YOU alone must make the world a more loving, tolerant, peaceful place. It will take ALL of us. Every single danged one of us with conscience. Every single one of us with heart. Every single one of us willing to step forward, holding hands, standing in solidarity together, willing to do the tiniest of things every single day.

up 6

Instead of letting the stupid ones win, DO SOMETHING!

Instead of claiming there is nothing you can do, instead of whining about your own problems, pointing to your own sad story, claiming you are too hobbled by your own dramas to help,

up 2

Instead of being sad and struck dumb by the horror, DO SOMETHING! 

Stop congratulating yourself for being on the “right side,” for being appropriately outraged, for sending a check so OTHERS can do the work, DO SOMETHING yourself.

up 3

The circumstances in the world make it impossible NOT to be wounded and overwhelmed! What kind of human being would you be if you just kept sitting in front of the television,  eating your junk food, watching the fray on CNN? Get up! DO SOMETHING!

up 1

Volunteer to help, share your skills, your resources, your HEART. Start small. Stop feeding the dragons of hopelessness and apathy. Stop letting the demons devour your spirit, your will, and your hope. Stop blaming the idiots in the White House and focus on helping the bleeding civilians in our school houses, our streets, our neighborhoods. Get off your ass, your phone, your high-horse, your couch, and DO SOMETHING!

up 10

It’s great that you’re a “nice person” and that you donate to a variety of great causes. But what about delivering some meals to folks in need, volunteering to help kids learn to read, or helping take care of abandoned animals at a shelter. It’s wonderful that you try to live a thoughtful, decent, loving life. But I’m calling on you to do more. The need is great. The time is now. DO SOMETHING!

up 5

Let’s help each other make the world a gentler place, a place where we learn to value each other’s gifts and colors and ideas. Let’s use our big brains to do amazing things to make kids feel safe and elders feel cherished and working class people feel supported in their work, their homes, and in their dreams to send their kids to college.

up 11

This is the day.

This is hour.

This is the moment.

Promise yourself today that you’ll DO SOMETHING!

With love and a commitment to keep on keepin’ on, doing what I can in my own way, with you and all good people of honorable intent, to DO SOMETHING!

All love,

From your friend Kaitlin: light bringer, medicine woman, activist, poet, artist, friend, & dedicated doer!

in our america

© Copyright, Kaitlin Meadows, 2018. All Rights Reserved.

By Kaitlin Meadows

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