A Wink & A Prayer!

away 10

I know the real saying is “a wing and a prayer” but it never hurts to give a saucy wink to the fates, does it?

On the wing of our successful trip to the Sierras to spend time with our loving families in January, we think we passed (with flying colors!) the test of our ability to travel a wee bit again while Albert enjoys a “good spell” in his cancer treatment. Soooooo–we’re off on another adventure!

away 7

If cancer teaches you nothing else, it teaches you the immense importance of being firmly planted in “NOW.” There are all sorts of other things pressing on us, jabbing us with sharp sticks, unsettling our world…but we’ve decided,

away 15


away 2

It’s hard for me, ya know? I’m the super responsible one, the always worried one, the cautious, sensible one (are you laughing?)…I had classes & clients, appointments & meetings inked in my day planner. I didn’t want to let you all down on a scheduled class. I was worried about the budget and the chance Albert may not be up to it. But…I’m learning a new way of being now. I’m listening for the siren song of “FUN” in the midst of all the chaos of cancer. My amazing Sweetheart is teaching me, through his illness, that we have new rules now, new ways of being.

away 8

Why didn’t I think of this earlier?

What the heck was I thinking, to let the idea of FUN be so often the carrot at the end of a very, very long stick of responsibilities & commitments? Why am I capable of filling the lives of others with joy, always ready to incite merriment, while denying myself those same healing hours of happiness? And why, in the name of “duty” or being a “good girl” (now I know you’re laughing–no one really thinks of me as a  good girl!), WHY have I waited soooo long in my life to just let loose and ENJOY?

escape 5

I can tell you one thing for sure…

away 9

Life is about sooo much more.

Making art, playing in the sprinklers, having a midnight picnic under a full moon. Family, friends, critters, and crazy-renegade- mischief-making sidekicks!

So we’re off on another adventure! New Mexico! The mountains. A funky little cabin. Nature. Stars. Quiet. We’re gonna unplug. Re-boot. Sleep in. Read. Make art. Stare off into space…smiling.

away 16

I’m not gonna worry about nuthin’ at all! The crazy, tragic, battered old world is gonna have to continue to spin without me. I’m skipping out for a few days, running away from home in broad daylight, playing hooky as I never did in school. I have my  Brave Girls badge that says “Closed For Renovation” pinned neatly to my “play clothes.”

And–I have a new mantra…


 I’m singing a new song…

away 4

Thanks for holding my place on the carousel (I like riding the shiny black, wild-eyed colt with the flowing mane please). I’ll be back soon  with all sorts of colorful stories to share and a very happy heart. I’m packing light, cuz remember…

away 5

Don’t forget about our awesome Soul-Full Bookmaking class with Teresa on Saturday the 17th–it’s gonna be epic!

Love from The Happy Adventuress Kait

© Copyright, Kaitlin Meadows, 2018. All Rights Reserved.



By Kaitlin Meadows

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