Soul Sisters!


I am blessed.

The Creative Cottage has become a such beautiful oasis of friendship, creativity, and FUN!

All my life, I’ve been a rather shy, solitary, internal, independent sort of person with friends scattered far and near. Because I wear so many hats–artist, teacher, nurse, counselor, community organizer, mentor, grant writer, and all-around wild woman activist–I have friends in many realms. I have really wonderful comrades, cohorts, and creative chums. I have great working relationships and professional partnerships. 


But I firmly believe that it wasn’t until I conjured a new life in Tucson a dozen years ago that I began to build friendships based almost entirely on “soul connection.” Friendship-building is a big part of my “oasis” concept for the Cottage. I want the Cottage to be a creative incubator on so many levels–not the least of which is the amazing, loving, supportive network of friendships the members of the Cottage weave together.


At the Creative Cottage we make art–lots and lots of art–but, more importantly, we share stories, encourage each other over the bumpy parts of our lives, and uplift each other through compassionate listening and heart-felt sharing. We talk and laugh and cry and rage and commiserate. We celebrate and lament together. And we enthusiastically activate our inner wild woman together.


It is so heartening to experience how deeply and abundantly these friendships blossom. It is so moving to watch our members support each other through health, family, & LIFE crises. It is magical to see Cottage members help each other cope, manage, mitigate, mourn, and triumph. I believe with all my heart that…


Over the almost seven years I have kept the Creative Cottage afloat, I have been blessed to watch friendships build, bond, and bloom.  I have watched shy, broken, sad, worried, ill, muddled wimmin become more sure-footed and strong, eager to raise their voices and grow into their expanding souls. I have watched wimmin who have served and sacrificed and worked long years in careers that may (or may not) have been fulfilling, or lived lives of dedication to children, parents, and work responsibilities come to the Cottage and become wonderful artists with amazing new friends.

I firmly believe…


I am so proud of the wimmin of The Cottage who so generously love and support each other. I am proud of their dedication to the work of their souls–the healing of their hearts–the strengthening of their bonds. I am proud of the way the Cottage Tribe leaps in to help me when I am down or ill or just a tad bit overwhelmed by my Sweetheart’s cancer fight.


I love that we’ve decided to embrace the Wild Woman Creed..soul4

and that we, as a tribe, have come to passionately know that


I am, indeed, blessed to be the ring-leader of this wild, crazy, wonder-filled tribe!


Thank you, my beautiful tribe, for continuing to inspire, heal, celebrate, and activate your wild womaness!

You are what keeps me going on this adventure of holding sacred space. You are what makes my heart leap with compassion and my soul quiver with joy. You are the Soul Sisters–and together we are a mighty strong band of renegade wimmin who can change the world one day, one friend, one piece of art at a time.


Thanks for holding hands and howling under the full moon together–thank you for supporting the Creative Cottage–thank you for knowing and trusting and investing in the notion that…


Thank you dear Creative Cottage Soul Sisters for being such an amazing, loving, caring tribe! I am so honored to be your Mistress of Merriment Kait.

P. S. Check out remaining classes for January under the Creative Cottage classes tab and sign up for classes by emailing me at:

©Copyright, Kaitlin Meadows, 2018.  All rights Reserved.


Thank you to the Wild Woman Sisterhood and Pinterest for images.

By Kaitlin Meadows

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