Solstice for the Soul

sol 15

It has been a very long, challenging year and I will be so happy to see it gone…

I find myself burrowing down into the deeper realms of myself, discarding old, worn-out, dog-eared dreams, and tossing all the broken, sad, exhausted parts of myself into the blazing, healing Yule fire.

sol 17

I’ve learned so much this year.  I’ve expanded my soul–stretched and morphed and walked it through fire. I’ve learned to cherish every little moment and celebrate every little joy. 

sol 14

In this season that can get so crazy and busy and full of “to do’s” and “must have’s” and “gotta do’s”–I have decided, instead, to go simple and quiet and peaceful.

sol 19

I’ve decided to slow down and get a grip on pure joy.

sol 20

I’ve decided to hunker down with my Beloved and read books, listen to music, dance in the kitchen, and give myself permission to rest, refill, and replenish.

sol 7

In this season that can be so frazzled and fraught, I’ve decided to keep it simple and soft and as gentle as can be.

christmas jamma

I’ve decided to lighten-up on all the impossible demands I make on myself, to stop focusing on all the “what if’s” and “if only’s” and start congratulating myself on all I was able to accomplish this year, all the happy moments I enjoyed, and all the members of our wonderful medical team caring for my dear Sweetheart so he can continue to be my brave, funny, smart, loving, devoted life mate.

sol 4

It’s been a very rough year but I have been surrounded by love and caring and thoughtfulness. My tribe, near and far, has cushioned the blows and bandaged the wounds.

sol 9

Despite having to cancel some classes to take Albert to chemo treatments, feeling too pooped to be the lively social butterfly I have always been, and being prone to sudden gushes of tears; you have stood with me, stepping-in to teach classes, water the plants, keep the rent paid, make coffee, bring delicious snacks, and share so generously your fabulous stashes of talents & supplies. You have laughed with me and cried with me and made art with me and shared your hearts with me. I am eternally grateful for you in my life!

sol 2

You have been the fire that warms me and throws light on my path. It is because of you I’ve made it through this no-good, rotten, good riddance year and I thank you with all my heart for your love and tenderness!sol 21

Though the world is crazy, the politics of our time disgraceful, the state of the animal kingdom in grave peril, the souls and spirits of so many ravaged by war and hate and greed…please keep your own heart safe, your own spirit well-nourished, and keep at the proud, endless work of love and revolution!

sol 16

P. S. And go see the film “Jane” at The Loft if you want to be uplifted, encouraged, and given a little extra incentive to be your best self.

sol 3

P. S. Please come join us for our annual Winter Solstice Party!

Winter Solstice Holiday Party & General Merriment: Thursday, December 21, 10 to 12:30: We’ll have a jumble sale, an artist supply swap, a holiday card exchange, delicious food groups, much laughter, and many fine hi-jinx! Come let’s party together before Christmas. Bring food to share, items for the jumble sale, art supplies that need swapping, and a heart-full of joy!

And then come create a gratitude journal to start the New Year!

“Thanks A Bunch” Gratitude Journal: Saturday, December 30, 10 to 12:30:  Let’s focus on all we have to be grateful for and happy about! I’ll provide a small, spiral-bound book for you to collage, paint, and decorate. I’ll share prompts, dividers, and embellishments to make your book a special place to deposit all your gratitude. $20–all supplies included. 

Please check out Marnie’s new classes starting in January–click on the Marnie Is My Muse tab above.

Much Love and Many Blessings of The Season to You and Yours!

© Copyright, Kaitlin Meadows. All Rights Reserved.

Images from Pinterest with thanks.




By Kaitlin Meadows

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