Nature Calls!

de 16

It’s autumn in Arizona–time for camping! Made especially sweeter because I didn’t think my Sweetheart’s health would permit it. But we’re determined nature-buffs and we need nature as medicine for our much-stressed souls.

For a few days we’re done with blood tests and IV’s, chemo and fatigue. For a few days we’re out of the sad business of oncology.  

de 7

We need the medicine of the campfire

de 8

and the joy of rambling

de 9

and the fine art of:

de 21

For a few days you can

de 19

where I can stretch-out and read and write and make art and listen to stories and rest.

de 10

I know it’s time–because the “to do” list is three pages long. The appointment calendar is full-up. The holidays are coming…

de 17

And so we pack-up the truck, fill the ice chests with food, scramble up some fire wood, throw in the doggo, and race out of “real life” for a few days in favor of the woods.

de 13

Because it’s a well-known fact:

de 20

and we love it out where we can just “be” and not do.

I shall see you in a few days with an amazing December schedule of classes and great opportunities for fun…

I shall see you in a few days with wood smoke in my hair and big grin on my face.


de 18

With tremendous gratitude for the magic that is life!

Kaitlin, Mistress of Merriment will be back soon! Save my place in your life..

And please don’t forget…

de 4

Images with thanks to Pinterest.

© Copyright, Kaitlin Meadows, 2017. All Rights Reserved.



By Kaitlin Meadows

8 comments on “Nature Calls!

  1. beautiful…joy-filled camping. so happy for you both that you have this time to enjoy. weather is stunning! Hugs n blessings Kim


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