Up, Up, and Away!


Today’s the day…the day I’ve been dreaming about for months & months…

this is the day that begins a grand adventure with my sister Kim in the Sierras! sisters 2

After so many long, long, difficult , HOT months of worry & stress & chores & cancer treatments for my darlin’ Albert, I’m taking ten days off to refresh and refill! 


I almost talked myself out of it as too selfish.

I almost couldn’t allow myself the joy of it.

As recently as yesterday, I was sure I couldn’t go cuz of all the responsibilities and chores and plain old “good girl guilt.”

But I’m going! 

she decided

I’m going because you have given me the best send off, the most wonderful encouragement, and because I must. Really. I must. The tanks are drained empty. The head is just too full. The chores are never ending. I need nature. I need my sister. I need a break.

oct 2 3

And, aren’t you proud of me?

I’m going–despite all the challenges, despite all the fears and woes and worries. I’m going!

And I’m going to have so much fun! 

tree autumn

I’m going to go camping, make art, dabble my toes in the river, and  stand in utter awe of the colors of Yosemite in Autumn.


I’m going to be away from computers and email and cyber news and EVERYTHING for ten whole, glorious, soul-quenching days!

in the moment

I’m going! Because we need white space in our lives.

Because we need calm and quiet and peace.

Because we deserve it.

Because we are worthy.

Because unless we remind ourselves of the glorious world of nature and joy and REST we are lost.

sisters dancin'

I’m going to remind myself how to play and laugh and enjoy!

Thanks for all your love and well wishes. Thanks for supporting the Cottage in my absence. Thanks for sending me off with such love! See ya on the other side–full of news and photos, rested and restored! Much love and appreciation From KaitieBug

© Copyright, Kaitlin Meadows, 2017. All Rights Reserved.

Thanks to Pinterest for many beautiful pictures.


By Kaitlin Meadows

Never Give Up!

no give 1


it just seems too hard.

Too much.

Too sad.

Too overwhelming.


I get so angry

I’m surprised I don’t burst into flames.


I get so sad

I’m sure my battered old heart will shatter.


I feel so hopeless

I just want to give up.

I mean it.

Just give up.

But mostly,

I’m just deeply,



In my country.

In our leaders.

In all of us.

But I see this

as our clarion call…

we either wake up

or we die


our beautiful,


forgiving universe

down with us!)

I choose to wake up!

no give 10

I’m made of sturdy stock.

Irish & Swede.

Poor but proud.

Tain’t ever been easy for my kind…

but we don’t go down easy.

We stand our ground,

we speak up,

we strike,

we march,

we show up,

we lend a hand,

we share a meal,

we care.

no give 12

I have had a wonderful, difficult, challenging life.

I have lots of good reasons

to sit this one out…

my husband has terminal cancer,

I have Lyme Disease

and last year at this time

I had a heart attack.

I am weary,

my bones ache,

my nerves twitch,

my gait falters a wee bit…

but I’m IN IT

and I’m gonna stay


even as my mind unspools

and my heart stutters to a stop.

I will NOT give up.


no give 5

I am determined. I am focused. I am woman. I will persist.

How about you?

Can I count on you?

This image from Dorothea Lange, 

from the dust bowl era, has haunted me all my life.

no give 16

It inspired me to want to help co-create a world

where hunger and fear, war and hatred,

no longer existed.

I’ve worked all my life to help build that world.

It was good work. Solid work. Meaningful work.

It was work that mattered and made a difference.

I’m still at that work 50-plus years after I started.

This is no time to

give up.

Our world has gone mad…

no give 17

it is a world bathed in blood,

no give 15

a world where children are not safe,

no give 18

a world where hatred abounds,

no give 19

a world where Mother Earth

has to rage and spew,

shake and rumble,

flood and catch fire

to  humble us

and remind us who’s REALLY in charge!

no give 9

We are in the eye of a cataclysmic soul storm.

It is our time.

no give 14

Step up.

Speak out.

Stand strong.

We are the Earth Healers, the Soul Menders,

the wild, beating heart of Hope.

It is our time…

rise up

time to figure out what we stand for…

what we’re made of,

how we can best use

our gifts, our graces, and our fierce gentleness.

It is time for us to tighten our tribe,

batten down the hatches,

buckle up,

and unleash our wild woman powers.

This is my plan…

no give 6

What’s yours?

Let’s compare notes, make plans, build bridges not walls, and open the borders of our minds and hearts.

Let’s keep at the good work of peace, equality, compassion, and civility.

Don’t stop now.

Don’t lose heart.

No rest for the weary.

The world is counting on us!

Stand up! Speak out!

Reach deep and keep on being wild and wise and willing to hold up your corner of the universe with unflinching love and unwavering commitment.

Take my hand, hold up this banner, lift your eyes, begin to sing in a strong and loud and uncompromising voice…

“WE shall overcome, we SHALL overcome, We shall OVERCOME!”

and sing it until it is true!

I am sending you love and strength and HOPE!


P. S.

no give 8

© Copyright, Kaitlin Meadows, 2017. All Rights Reserved.