The “New Normal”

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Especially these days, I remind myself how precious and fleeting life is.

My Beloved, Albert, is bravely navigating a terrible illness and we are creating a new way of life, trying to find little moments of joy in each day, deepening our love, and learning to live totally in the present.

It has been a time of profound new insights.

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We are reviewing the many high points of our wonderful lives together, hugging our friends and family with more enthusiasm, and trying to celebrate the exquisite moments which used to get lost in the bustle of our too busy days.

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We are trying to make these days especially dear and sweet.

But there are challenges…chemo ain’t no picnic and pain ain’t no joke!

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We are trying to create a “new normal” that accommodates our new circumstances. This cancer is incurable and inoperable. Albert can no longer drive or work outdoors. We can’t manage camping or travel to somewhere other than chemo & doctor appointments.  The battle to stay alive takes every ounce of Albert’s energy and focus. So we try to make the best of what we can. Ice cream everyday! More naps! Words of love and gratitude spoken out loud more often!

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We have been swathed in love and caring…so many thoughtful cards and magical gifts! So many beautiful gestures of help and support! So many reasons to be thankful!

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The amazing women of our Creative Cottage tribe have been incredibly supportive and kind–helping me keep the Cottage rent paid and lavishing their love on us. They know…

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and when I am weary and scared and feeling extra vulnerable they hold me tight and whisper reassurances. Thank you! More than you can ever know, you help keep me afloat.

Here are some philosophies I am embracing with new gusto…

alb 20


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I am trying very hard to believe I can handle all this…

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and I am trying to remember to take better care of myself so I can take better care of Albert.

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Because my Sweetheart is being so brave, so loving, so much the  “New York street fighter” who has gotten through lots and lots of hard times in the past with sheer gumption and true grit…

and because I love him with all my heart and soul…

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Thank you for your love & support & for coming to play at The Creative Cottage so we can continue to share our stories, our tears, and, most especially, our laughter and joy!

Blessed Am I By You!

With Much Love and Appreciation From Kaitlin

© Copyright, Kaitlin Meadows, 2017. All Rights Reserved.

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