Random Acts of Love (& Art)!


I’ve turned a corner, jumped a fence, run out of the dark alley that’s held me captive for a while as I’ve grappled with health issues and the terrible disappointment of our country’s politics.

But in this beautiful season of rebirth, renewal, and resurrection, I’ve re-emerged, out the other side, into the sunny balm of a new day and new passions.

It’s danged hard to keep me down! I’m determined to do some small good in the world and to keep my faith, my joy, and my heart alive & well. Despite all odds.

My philosophy has always been to…

random 12

And I wanted to include our beautiful little tribe of Creative Cottage sisters in my new passion. Last week we launched an exciting new adventure together. We call ourselves Art Givers Anonymous and we’ve fashioned a creative coven of inspired women artists who make art to give away. Yes! To give away!

I have a long history of random acts of art in my life…my first recollection is a May Day 60 years ago–a little woven basket of painted popsicle sticks and a rag-tag bouquet of flowers left anonymously on the doorknob of an elderly shut-in. 

I’ve always loved paying forward little random acts of kindness. In college I became a Guerrilla Girl, making passionate political art and doing performance art in the streets. Decades later, I became the founder of Tucson’s chapter of Code Pink, the act up/act out group of women determined to be visible in their beliefs, and I staged a very successful Creativity Boot Camp for inspired activists at the Quaker Meeting House.

random 5

And now, it’s come full circle. Our devoted gaggle of Creative Cottage women have joined me in scattering their art to the winds of hope as small acts of love.

It was a wee bit of a risk to venture it. I am, after all, in the business of providing creative technique and how-to classes for women to make artist books, embossed metals, and become empowered to be Girlz with Tools. To ask women to pay to make art to ultimately give away? Well. Crazy, huh?

But you responded with wild enthusiasm–the class filled in minutes of me posting it and now we have a committed group who will make this monthly practice an on-going part of their spiritual and artistic process. I‘m soooo thrilled!

This is what we made this month…



Little mini-canvases to leave around Tucson with uplifting messages of love and hope.  Sarah left hers at Arizona Oncology for patients dealing with chemo.

random sarah

Anne left hers at the Prison Camp Trailhead.

random anne 4 14 17

We have an email account:


so that those who find our art can leave a comment.

We keep a log of what we make, where and when we leave it, and the feedback we receive.

It’s exciting!

Look around–are there little bits of this and that you might be able to repurpose somehow as an ephemeral piece of art released with love into the universe?

It’s a tiny thing.

A little gesture.

A mere moment of pure magic shared.

But it matters.

And it says, “Here, take this little gift, you’re worthy, you’re blessed, and somewhere, someone is sending you love.”

Frankly, that’s about all I can think to do right now in the midst of these revolutionary times.

I gotta do SOMETHING!

And if, in any way what-so-ever, I can spread JOY and generosity and act with the utmost civility and grace, then that is what I can do.

And you can too.

Every day in tiny ways…be kind, be willing to share joy, lift your life up to the light!

Love Love Love From Kaitlin and the Art Givers

May You Be Inspired!

© Copyright, Kaitlin Meadows, 2017. All Rights Reserved.

By Kaitlin Meadows

4 comments on “Random Acts of Love (& Art)!

  1. So glad to hear you are feeling better, that your wild and crazy idea was so well received. Thanks again for saying “come anyway”. It didn’t work out that way. Still dealing with my little girl and trying to find a way to wellness for her. What a heartache and also a heart filling…weird. I suspect the Tin Books workshop is full by now. I thought about coming and then someone was supposedly going to come in for a visit and I am pretty sure they bailed. People are so reliable! Ha! I should know better by now! Will look to come for some fun next month. Keep on loving and healing. Kim


    • Hi Roberta–Yup! I ran with a wonderful group of wil renegade wimmin artists in California and we made all sorts of political art, created installations, and did street theater–I’m looking to form a small band of pranksters here–wanna join?

  2. Kitty is soooo lucky to have Nurse Kim to love & nurture her! So happy that you’re coming to Book In A Tin on Saturday so I can give you an enormous hug! Happy Day!

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