magic 10

Life is certainly a fascinating journey!

Just about the time you think you have a handle on it, there’s another freak rain storm and you realize you’ve forgotten your umbrella!

I was pretty danged sure I was almost, not quite, kinda-sorta, practically WELL again, thank you very much!

And then, BAM! knocked off my feet in another of Mr. Toad’s mad tumbles.

new year 14

If this sort of stuff is “character building”–I’m officially now QUITE the character!

Flat on my back, feeling like the universe inexplicably double-crossed me again, I could have chosen to stay down this time. Just give it up. Let it all go.

But there’s a wild Irish warrior woman who lives inside my soul and she’s still, apparently, got a lotta livin’ to do.

She just WOULDN’T allow me to cash it in yet.

Seems she’s got BIG plans for me.

Love to share, friends to enjoy, art to make, LIFE to LIVE.

So, I got back up and I decided to

magic 5

Sure I was scared.

Sure, for a moment there, I was pissed.

Sure I thought

how can this rickety old heart

keep going with soooo many setbacks?

How can I keep bouncing back?

What if, this time, I just can’t?

Well, heck. I gotta.

Too many people have loved and cared and been there for me.

Too many people have told me I could.

Too many people want to keep on hangin’ out at the Creative Cottage with me.

Too many people have been praying for me. 

This is what I realized about myself:

magic 2

There’s still work to be done.

There’s still joy & love & good tidings to share.

So I’m NOT giving up.

I’m NOT quitting.

I’m NOT gonna let this get me down.


So, I have a battered old heart.

So, I’m old and crotchety.

So, my stamina is mostly gone and my focus is a little blurry.

So I ain’t no spring chick.


I can still love and laugh and celebrate joy and make mischief and LIVE!


magic 11

I just gotta “keep on keepin’ on”

one day at a time,

minute by minute,

with as much gratitude and wonder and courage as I can muster.

I gotta keep at the task of being fully human,

immeasurably flawed,

and not a little scared by the way the world is going.

All I can do is hold my corner of it up.

All I can do is to stand for love,

work for peace,

and lavish myself in gratitude for every danged breath I still have.

magic 1

So here I go, back in the swing, up in the air,



ready for the next chapter!

Thanks for keeping me in your hearts,

for trusting that I wouldn’t give up,

and for being there,

on the other side of the dark & scary places,

with your own love & laughter & eagerness to LIVE!

magic 3

Let’s “keep on keepin’ on” TOGETHER!

Holding each other UP,

sharing each other’s tears,

celebrating each other’s victories,

and healing each other’s heart break.

I’m ready,

here is my hand,

let’s go!

With Love and Gratitude,


Mistress of Merriment

© Copyright Kaitlin Meadows, 2017. All Rights Reserved.




By Kaitlin Meadows

8 comments on “GOLLY GEEZ!

    • Thanks so much dear Morgan and for all your help on our big Arty Tarts Journal Extravaganza at the Book Stop on Sunday! You are such a dear friend & I so appreciate you! Love Kait

  1. Oh SWEET Kaitlin…. of all the people I know, you my dear have the most life inside of you. I’m so happy that the doctor’s were able to duct tape your heart back together again!

    • Yup–that’s me–held together with chewing gum, baling wire, duct tape, and the fabulous love of my friends! Thanks dear Marnie–is it beach time yet??? Love Mermaid Kait

  2. Thank you for sharing your wonderful pictures and blog!

    So glad you are feeling better and got fixed up.

    Love, Audrey


    • You’re so welcome dear Audrey! Love the Cottage and all our creative playmates there so need to stay well and keep the doors open and the laughter coming! Love Kait

    • Miss you Ms. Nancy! Hoping your retreat went beautifully and your heart is eased & happy about the exciting transitions coming into your life. Your Eldership book was a huge hit at the Book Stop event. Much Love From KaitieBug

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