Happy Hibernation!



(image from spiritualevolution1111.tumblr)

The news is in. The planets have shifted. The stars have aligned.

The old year is gone and a new one peeks cautiously

from under a blanket of national darkness.

A new era is coming and it will require much of us.

It will demand our full attention.

It is either a clarion call to our higher selves

or a siren song of hopeless despair.

It will ask us to either evolve

or devolve.

We decide.

It’s up to us.


We need to be ready for its challenges and prepared for its setbacks.

It is time to assemble our tribe…(ask yourself who matters in your life? who has your back? who do you want to warrior and rest beside?)…


It is time to prepare our best tools…(we will need our wits and our wit, our strength and our softness, our wiles and our wisdom)…


It is time to reach into our deepest souls together

and divine new ways

to make our stand against hatred, ignorance, war, and death.

We must be up to the task. We must be




But, we must also be

funny and kind and full of love.


We have work to do.

Fences to mend.

Bridges to build.

People to feed.

Hearts in desperation to heal.

It is our calling, our sacred duty as wise women, to do this work,

to speak this truth,

to mend these wounds,

to stand for what is right,

to be the unrelenting voice of The Mother.


There is no shirking this.

No leaving it for someone else to do.

It will require everything we are made of.

And more.


Are you ready

for what will be fierce times to come?

I realize that in anticipation of the long, bumpy road ahead,

the intense journey on which we are about to embark,

I will need to hibernate for a few weeks…


I will take January off to prepare myself.

To rest myself.

To nurture myself.

To cultivate the strength I will need
for the work ahead.

I will take January off

to rebuild my strength,

to refine my focus,

to bolster my resolve

to be sure-footed on the perilous path ahead.


There will be no “official” classes at The Cottage

this month…

but I will offer several opportunities,

later in the month,

for us to gather at The Cottage,

to brainstorm,

to uplift each other,

to invent our personal survival strategies,

and to hold each other dear.

Meanwhile, I will be working on lots of new Cottage classes, workshops, artist dates, field trips, gatherings, and creative intentions for 2017.

I will be inventing new ways to deepen and intensify our practice at The Cottage

and I will be conjuring concrete ways we can make a positive difference in our broken world.


I will also be working to “release” (release is my word for the year!)

lots of “stuff”–

(possessions, responsibilities, expectations, worn-out old stories)

and, FINALLY, I hope to learn to gracefully accept your very kind offers of help.

Teresa has offered to help me build a website,

Marnie is inspiring me at clay class,

Anne is going to use her spatial skills to help me revamp my home studio,

Marilee will be taking over all the responsibilities of the Girlz,

Karen Z and I are sharing creative play days in Picture Rocks,

and many of you have offered to help with a big “spring cleaning” at the Cottage.

Thank You!

But, mostly, in this period of hibernation

 I will be following doctor’s orders

by taking a tiny, necessary respite for my heart

to continue mending,

to rebuild my stamina,

and to strengthen the muscles

I will need for the challenges ahead.

In a few days I will have more details…

but I didn’t want another moment to go by

with you worrying “What’s up with KaitieBug?”

I’m doing okay,

but I really, really, really need this time off

to honor the doctors who brought me back to the living

and to spend time with my darlin’ Albert,

who deserves a healthy, happy, inspired partner

to be his loving sidekick on the journey ahead.


(image from P. J. Crook)

So, I’ll see ya’ll soon…

stay tuned

and please remember Kaitlin loves you

and counts on you to continue to be

the wild, wonderful, wise, renegade wimmin

of our blessed Creative Cottage tribe.


© Kaitlin Meadows 2017. All Rights Reserved.





By thundermoonstudios

7 comments on “Happy Hibernation!

  1. Happy New Year to you my friend ❤ be well, enjoy your time with Albert and the travels…If you come this far west please give a call and come have tea in the garden with us ….we are so glad you are still with us on the planet….the world is a better place because you are in it. Thanks for being in our lives….peace out ❤ Love & hugs xxoo

    • O dear friends–you have been there for me on so many levels for soooo many years and your love is a radiant beacon I use to find my way past the obstacles of my life and back to the safe shore (where there is a little trailer perched above the sea and we are sharing our love forever!). Blessings and hope to see you in the coming months, Kait

  2. dear Kaitlin,
    What a beautiful and inspiring blog.
    Take as much time as you need. Let me know if you need anything. Thank you for letting us know you are okay.
    Sending loads of love, Audrey

  3. Kaitlin, you are just amazing!! How do you find all this stuff….the lovely illustrations, the time and ability to put it all together, your words of wisdom and encouragement. Thank you for who you are and what you do. Blessings to you and Albert this January as you pause to nourish yourself, your relationship and the life around you. Glad you have cultivated such a supportive group and they are stepping up in so many ways to give you a hand. Love and peace, health and healing! Kim


    • Kim, you are counted among those who do my heart such good! Thank you for the gifts of your friendship and the joy of knowing you. May we all find ways to cherish our friendships and help each other over the rough patches! Love Kait

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