I love life!

Every single, danged moment that I’ve been blessed to enjoy since my heart attack two months ago has seemed sweeter & more precious.

Even the rough patches. Even the “off” days.

I love it all–the craziness and the peace.

The hard work and the leisure.

I feel so blessed to have any of it, ALL OF IT!


This was especially true last week as we spent several days on an autumnal camping trip at our favorite little Forest Service cabin.

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Days filled with reading, writing, hiking, napping, star-gazing, & fire-staring.


Days spent breathing in the luxury of  “free” time; unscripted & unfettered.

No schedule. No pressure. No electronics!

Complete peace & quiet.

Four hours working in my art journal!

Three new poems!

A pile of library books!



Plenty of time to observe this dashing red-naped sap sucker,


to enjoy brilliant Venus,

(with pals Mars and Jupiter)

rising early in the cool evening sky,

to hear a chorus of raucous coyotes

calling up the moon.


I’m learning to “be” instead of “do.” 

It’s a surprisingly hard process for a dedicated over-achiever!

But I’m getting the hang of it and I love practicing.

There are new priorities at WildHeart.

We start each morning on the front porch…(with a small tribe of busy hummingbirds, bunnies, and quail as companions) as the sun spills gold over the mountains.

Sunsets we sit out by our new little backyard pond with its tumble of musically falling water.


I’m finally learning to say

“thank you kindly, but no”

to being on boards, serving on committees, or needing to “help save” the world.

I am eschewing (isn’t that a cool word?) busyness.

I’m retiring from being “in charge” of anything.

I’m declining even the loveliest of invitations in order to make art and putter in the garden and enjoy a quiet life at home.

I’m filling my calendar with “wanna do” stuff rather than “gotta do” stuff these days.

 No more kerfuffles. No more angst, drama, or tizzy.

No more mostly self-imposed stress.

Life is too short. Trust me. 


It’s time for others to pitch in, pick up the gauntlet, and carry on.

I’m finding more nourishing ways to serve and discovering gentler ways to live with passion and purpose.


Life in the slow lane. I love it!

Going at about half speed these days and I can barely keep up!

I have the lingering fragrance of wood smoke in my hair,

a happy glitter in my eyes,

and a very, very happy heart!


Happy Autumn!


With Love and Gratitude,


Mistress of Merriment

P. S. New Cottage classes for November & December will be posted on Friday–I’ll have  all sorts of wonderful plans for your creative fun and several Creativity Chix excursions to share! stay tuned-we’re gonna have such FUN!!!

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By Kaitlin Meadows