It’s amazing what a little “near death” experience does for your perspective!


It sure makes you pause.



Let the love in.

It sure makes some things seem really important

and other things, just plain silly.

It sure does slow you down.

And speed you up.

It sure makes a soul absolutely grateful for each day

and utterly determined to live with more joy every second.

autumn welcome (2)

And, is it my imagination, or does the changing season seem more colorful this year?

oct-2-10 (3)

Does the last sweet drench of monsoon seem more precious?

oct-2-12 (4)

Is there more time for lollygagging: lounging, lingering, loafing?

Do the days seem richer, deeper, and more soul-full?

oct-2-7 (5)

Is there more time to bask, to read, to nap…?

oct-2-6 (6)


I’m learning to lollygag,

to dawdle,

to take it all in,

slowly and with more grateful


Autumn is my season–both in life and in heart.

oct-2-5 (7)

This year I am celebrating it with absolute gusto

and an enormously enriched appreciation.

I am glad to be here…

despite the Shakespearian circus of politics,

and the dire state of man & beast,

I am happy to be here.

Thank you for joining me on the journey.

Life is beautiful

and challenging

and full of adventures

and setbacks

and miracles.

oct-2 (8)

May you,

like me,

fill your heart,

your soul,

your mind,

your hands,

and your life

with love and gratitude.

Happy Lollygagging!

Love Kait

© Kaitlin Meadows, 2016. All Rights Reserved.

Photo Credits:


(2) Kaitlin Meadows

(3) siedepreis@ Getty





(8) alfredo11 on Flickr





4 comments on “Lollygagging!

  1. Hey, hey…let’s hear it for Lollygagging! Glad you are learning the art of that. So happy you’re still with us, slowing down and feeding yourself with time to do what feels best, to not overburden yourself with the cares of others. To lounge a bit, set a spell, kick your feet up and just be. Look forward to finding my way down to the Cottage when things get rolling and I figure out which end is up! ❤

    • It’s addicting–this lovely sloth! I’ve read three books this week and made two big pieces of art and played with my sweet doggie Gus and now I’m going to see the new Tim Burton movie! Life is lovely! See you at Shenanigans next Friday dear Kim–can’t wait to catch up with each other and compare notes! Love KaitieBug

  2. Oh Kaitlin, I’m so glad you are now embracing the joy of just being! You deserve to lollygag, rest, and putz in your art space. Actually you are not only deserving some down time, but you are way overdue. I’m hoping you will apply all the love and care that you give your friends to include yourself first.

    • O Dear Marnie, this means more time for us to share pie and creative adventures! I don’t want to miss anymore time on stupid have-to’s or gotta-do’s or should-do’s when I could be giggling with my pal Marnie! Love Love Love from Lazybones Kait

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