Party, Party, Party!


Oh my gosh! What a BLAST!

Saturday we had such fun at The Creative Cottage celebrating my 70th birthday!


THANK YOU to the 30 fabulous folks who popped in for Sarah’s yummy ladybug cupcakes and the dozens of others who sent jolly well wishes & beautiful gifts to help create a very festive beginning for this exciting next chapter of my life!


I had such a marvelous time! Each of you added so much to my day!


My amazing Divas, Alice, Mary, & Dolores (and Thea who escaped without a picture)…


Lucy (who worked so hard to help me get over my fear of having a birthday party–I’m hooked now! Can’t wait for my 75th!)


Awesome arty sisters Barbara, Gogi, & Sarah (the cupcakes were sublime!)


Nancy S. who brought wonderful school supplies for the Girlz!


Chris who is one of my favorite writers.


Karen Z. who is my fabulous Picture Rocks pal.


Celeste and Cissie, sisters with sass!


Ellie & Morgan and the gang enjoying the fun.


Crazy-wonderful Judy and Anne (who made it such FUN!)


Smiling Berta.


Sweet Nancy K. (with Dolores looking over her shoulder)…


Adam from the studio next door.


Penny just back from three months in Alaska!

And the delightful surprise of sharing the day with an important mentor in my life

Rosemary & her pal Austin.


Thank you to ALL of you…and the many not pictured here but always in my heart!



I had the most amazing time and was utterly surprised by your exquisite gift of a handmade book embellished by so many of you into a keepsake I will treasure FOREVER!



And special thanks to my Beloved Albert who worked sooo hard to help me heal and embrace your outpouring of love.


It was an absolutely awesome party and I couldn’t have been more honored and humbled by your love & well-wishes!


It was a day I will always cherish!

THANK YOU with all my heart!


(P. S. Reality Check: Here I am on my 49th birthday at my dear friend’s Ski & Sandi’s home in San Diego!)


Blessings Abound!


Love Love Love From Kaitlin

©Kaitlin Meadows, 2016. All Rights Reserved.

By Kaitlin Meadows

8 comments on “Party, Party, Party!

  1. Could not make the birthday party. I appreciate the pictures and happy to know you had a great time.  I will be celebrating (God willing) my 80th birthday in 2 years and 4 months. And I am going to celebrate! Happy 70th Birthday!   Barbara-June Smith  

  2. Looks like it was a great party to celebrate you….thanks for sharing the party pics from a time long past……thanks for all the love and memories….keep on smiling…..So happy you were able to have some fun and lots off laughter….Hugs ❤ Ski & Sandi

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